Hide and Seek

Are getting bigger
Than my pockets or
My pockets are getting
Smaller than things.
Aging is playing
Hide and seek.
© Yelling Rosa
2/8 –16

Un Affabile Septimana © Yelling Rosa 2017

What a Motivator

Some celebrity tweets:
“It’s a long way to the distant place”,1)
Being liked by 500.000 twitters,
Is one hell of a motivator
For Unknown writer.
© Yelling Rosa
20/1 –18

1) PS “Kauas on pitkä matka” (It’s a long way to far away/to the distant place) is a Finnish saying which means that someone is telling the self-evident truths (facts) (or truisms). When someone is famous he can say almost anything and gets credit from that, cp. The Emperor’s New Clothes by Hans Christian Andersen

PPS Ha un Affabile Septimana = Have a Pleasant Week ❤

paper_texture narrow 02 
This year you’ll find me more often at my Finnish Blog:  https://yrosa.wordpress.com/
than here.

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Impossible to Empathize

Pain is impossible to empathize.
It looks through its own glasses.
It causes jealousy because others
Have paid less and absolutely it
Demands credit to the bearer
Who forced it to fall.
© Yelling Rosa
14/1 -18

Because there are differences of opinions about the size of pain, the sufferer doesn’t get sympathy and a winner is left without credit. Actually, it’s a miracle that I have gotten along this well with my broken memory and smashed brains. And this helps me more to know that there will be no understanding from others because they don’t know what I have gone through like I don’t know their pain. Bigger or less, make no difference, I can only row my boat with my own oars on the common lake. It’s a totally other game which I don’t take part in here. If my boat is rocked by others, there’s very little I can do about.

When I was ten years old I was at the secondary school admission test. At this time pupils were supposed to know how to write from dictation. I dropped out during the first sentence because my short time memory has been always weak. When the second sentence started my game was over. The participants were forced to be at present till the school bell rang. I came home after the admission like I were sold my country. My parents were at work and I knew that I had to be alone a couple of hours. It didn’t help me. For some reason, I went to the medicine cabinet and looked at the small bottles, at the time there weren’t nothing but glass packages for drugs. I got goose-flesh when I saw one particular bottle in my hand.

My best friend has said a couple of months ago that the bottle content sleeping pills and if someone took all of them he would kick off. I don’t remember how I felt, was I afraid or sad, but in any event I swallowed the whole content. Quite fast afterwards I started to feel dizzy, fever and my stomach was sick. Not many times anyone can say that they are relieved while vomiting but I did. I just forgot what was coming up, or I thought was coming. After being for some time in the other world, I realized that I am not going to die and in the mirror, I saw a fellow with heavy fever and head cold. My eyes were reddish from intense coughing, blowing the nose and vomiting. I was disappointed with being alive, but happy because I could say to my mother that I have got cold and the symptoms will back me up.

Since starting elementary school, I had been trouble with the reading and writing. In the fourth grade I started keeping up with other pupils. Perhaps that’s why I was so shocked to fail at admission test. I was depressed the whole summer, but I believe that nobody noticed it because I was a lot on my own, anything new in my case. At the end of the summer I went again to the test. This time the participants didn’t have to write from dictation. I passed the test and started my secondary school on the first of September.

My troubles with memorizing things have not stopped. I am still pushing things in my mind, but I have invented tricks which help me. Now, when I am getting old, I have been very worried about if my long time memory gets bad. I have survived with its help. Many may wonder why I am studying so many language with my background, but somehow I learn one thing better by feeding it with other things. Perhaps the thing is nothing else but repeating the learning stuff, but I like it this way. Anyway, I have drawn the conclusion it’s better for me to concentrate on fewer subjects for now on.

Because writing in English causes me a lot of stress I have decided to concentrate more on Finnish. I see that I have to continue here because anyone here shows the lightest intention to favor my Finnish blog at https://yrosa.wordpress.com/ but you will pay the price. I won’t check up every sentence I’ll publish here but concentrate only on the orthography of my poems. This time I made some spell check but not much.

I close the comments here this time because I am not begging for sympathy or pity. I have written this to myself. Now when my shortage is not private knowledge, I hope that I feel myself free. I have confessed that I can’t ever come a brilliant prosaist because I lack the resources. Short poems are available mostly in Finnish but also a bit in English because I can see them before my eyes all together on the paper. This doesn’t happen with the large memorizing quantities. I hope that this confession helps me to get better sleep.

Of course it is funny to click the like button when someone is lacking something which normally is at present 100 pro cent, but you can like this article if you have liked my poems and because I have been able to write them and perhaps because you hope that I can still write them. The only thing I wish is that you could visit my Finnish blog at least once.

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The Gospels in Anglish

I have uploaded this article also at: https://yrosa.wordpress.com/2018/01/07/gospels-in-anglish/https://yrosa.wordpress.com/2018/01/07/gospels-in-anglish/ and there you’ll find the translator. Here you won’t find the translator because this blog is going to be a place where I’ll publish mainly the English poems from now on.

Otsikko tulee Julian Montinaro kirjoittamasta kirjasta “The Gospels in Anglish”, jonka posteljooni pudotti luukustani 29.12.2017. Tilasin kirjan osoitteesta Amazon.de. Se maksoi 10, 49 euroa, minkä päälle tulivat vielä toimituskulut. Raamatun evankeliumit (The Gospels) on kirjoitettu englannilla, joka pyrkii korvaamaan latinalais- ja kreikkalaisperäiset sanat mahdollisella germaanisilla vastineilla. Lue Anglish –ilmiöstä enemmän täältä.

The Gospels in Anglish © Yelling Rosa 2018 Smaller
Kuva The Gospels in Anglish –kirjan kansikuvasta (ISBN 978-0-557-83132-6) ja kaksikielisestä Uudesta testamentistani

Kirjan takaosassa on Anglish – English WORDBOOK, ei siis dictionary. Sanasto, vaikka tässä puhutaankin sanakirjasta, perustuu suurimmaksi osaksi osoitteessa ednewenglish.tripod.com olevaan sanastoon.



Suomen kieli

Matt. 5

Matthew 5, New King James Version

Matteus 5, vuonna 1992 käyttöön otettu suomennus

1. And seeing the droves, he went up into a barrow: and when he was set, his loreknights came unto him:

And seeing the multitudes, He went up on a mountain, and when He was seated His disciples came to Him.

Nähdessään kansanjoukot Jeesus nousi vuorelle. Hän istuutui, ja opetuslapset tulivat hänen luokseen.

2. And he opened his mouth, and taught them, saying,

Then He opened His mouth and taught them, saying:

Silloin hän alkoi puhua ja opetti heitä näin:

3. Blessed are the arm in ferth: for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.

“Blessed are the poor in spirit, For theirs is the kingdom of heaven.

“Autuaita ovat hengessään köyhät, sillä heidän on taivasten valtakunta.

4. Blessed are they that mourn: for they shall be frovered.

Blessed are those who mourn, For they shall be comforted.

Autuaita murheelliset: he saavat lohdutuksen.

5. Blessed are the meek: for they shall erve the earth.

Blessed are the meek, For they shall inherit the earth.

Autuaita kärsivälliset: he perivät maan.

6. Blessed are they which do hunger and thirst after rightsomeness: for they shall be filled.

Blessed are those who hunger and thirst righteousness, For they shall be filled.

Autuaita ne, joilla on vanhurskauden nälkä ja jano: heidät ravitaan.

7. Blessed are the ruthful: for they shall underfang ruth.

Blessed are the merciful, For they shall obtain mercy.

Autuaita ne, jotka toisia armahtavat: heidät armahdetaan.

8. Blessed are the siver in heart:  for they shall see God.

Blessed art the pure in heart, For they shall see God.

Autuaita puhdassydämiset: he saavat nähdä Jumalan.

9. Blessed are the frithmakers: for they shall be called the children of God.

Blessed are the peacemakers, For they shall be called sons of God.

Autuaita ovat rauhantekijät: he saavat Jumalan lapsen nimen.

10. Blessed are they which are dretched for rightsomeness’ sake: for theirs is the kingdom of heaven.

Blessed are those who are persecuted for righteousness’ sake, For theirs is the kingdom of heaven.

Autuaita ovat ne, joita vanhurskauden vuoksi vainotaan: heidän on taivasten valtakunta.

Englannin kielen harmonisointi on loistava idea, jota tällä hetkellä toteutetaan lähinnä vapaaehtoisvoimin. Näin jotkin sanaehdotukset ovat, ainakin minun mielestäni, melko kankeita. Anglish –idea kaipaisi taakseen kielitieteilijöitä ja suuria yliopistoja, jotta germaanispohjaiset sanat ja sanajohdokset olisivat yhtenäisiä ja idiomaattisia. Latinalais- ja kreikkalais- ja muista ei germaanisista lainoista luopuminen on perustelua, koska englannin kielen perusrakenne on germaaninen. Katso aiheesta oleva video.

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Happy to the Core


When the evening

Arrives into the world

I am happy to the core.

The darkness doesn’t flirt nor boast

But consoles in the silent voice

My modest needed heart.

It predicts the coming of the royal


And the stars on the ballroom’s roof

With the pillars called trees,

And most of all, free entrance

For creatures which the day hasn’t

The faintest clue like the light

Doesn’t know the ambiguity

Who teaches the dance steps.

© Yelling Rosa

1/1 -18

Read by digital human voice


This year I will concentrate more on my Finnish WordPress blog at: https://yrosa.wordpress.com/
I have added the translator to my Finnish blog. It comes handy to them who cannot speak Finnish. This blog is going to be a place where I publish my poems in English every now and then. I hope that this arrangement gives me a peace to learn more not only Finnish but also English when I can use the time to poetry and not the English columns here.

Welcome to Yelling Rosan Blogiin

Yelling Rosa Signature

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Мечта, Dream, Unelma

The table below was my starting point where I started to translate my aphorism “Unelma”. It is from my second poem collection, “Paljon on meneillään“, published in 1994, ISBN 951-97103-0-2. As you can see that I haven’t conjugated Russian verbs neither inflected nouns.









который не

katoryj ne

joka ei

which don’t









моя жизнь, f

maja žyznj


my life

которая не летает,
несёт мою жизнь.
© Yelling Rosa

This is the result I have got using dictionaries, grammar books, Google translator and search.

joka ei lennä,
kantaa elämääni.
© Yelling Rosa

The dream,
Which doesn’t fly,
Carries my life.
© Yelling Rosa

Even though there are a few unsolved questions. Firstly, I’m not sure does the word “мечта» mean both “unelma” (dream) and “haave” (dream). In Finnish these words have different meanings. “Unelma” is something which can be realized but “haave” is a castle in the air. Perhaps this is the case in Russian as well.

Secondly, I am not sure if I have inflected the feminine word “жизнь” (life) correctly. The Google search gave me the sentence: Я читал газету. = I read my newspaper => This tells me that nominative is not the same than accusative at least when we talk about the feminine word “газета” (newspaper).

On the other hand, I found the video “Юрий Антонов Несёт меня течение” where the accusative of the word “течение” (current) is the same as the nominative. Perhaps this is the case with the word “жизнь” (life).

If I had a good luck everything is in order, otherwise not. I feel that i have at least 55 % chance to have a correct translation. I would appreciate if there is someone who could give more information on this. In this case I can speak about the translation because the text runs without figure of speech and has no idiomatic language. The birds fly everywhere in a same way and we carry things in only one way. Still, even I say it myself, this aphorism has a message. In fact, it was my style to hide a surprise inside the most common phrases. Many people, who have read the book, say that the method works. I am not saying this in order to show off, but to tell the original idea of the expression. Sometimes any kind of translation is impossible from one language into another.

Moreover, perhaps the English version doesn’t work. I have mostly written my English poems using English because translating is a dangerous business.

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Free Christmas Card 2017 and Finnish Christmas Song

The card below is free for private use.

Xmas Final E01 © Yelling Rosa

If you like to add your own wishes, please use the card without text. You’ll find it here:

Giv meg ej glans, Music Jean Sibelius and Words Zacharias Topelius.
Performed by Kammarkören Sångkraft

Giv mig ej glans

Giv mig ej glans, ej guld, ej prakt
i signad juletid.
Giv mig Guds ära, änglavakt
och över jorden frid.
Giv mig en fest, som gläder mest
den Konung jag har bett till gäst.
Giv mig ej glans, ej guld, ej prakt,
giv mig en änglavakt.

Giv mig ett hem på fosterjord,
en gran med barn i ring.
En kväll i ljus med Herrens ord
och mörker däromkring.
Giv mig ett bo med samvetsro,
med glad förtröstan, hopp och tro.
Giv mig ett hem på fosterjord:
och ljus av Herrens ord.

Till hög, till låg, till rik, till arm
kom, helga julefrid.
Kom barnaglad, kom hjärtevarm
i världens vintertid.
Du ende, som ej skiftar om,
min Herre och min Konung, kom.
Till hög, till låg, till rik, till arm
kom glad och hjärtevarm.

Zacharias Topelius (1887).

Merry Xmas to Everyone

Yelling Rosa Signature 02

Christmas Card Video: Xmas Cards by Yelling Rosa

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Freedom Anyway

Friheten i alla fall

I ekonomiskogen
finns inte utrymmet för
alm eller vide.
Friheten där finns i alla fall
att sätta ringen i näsan
och slita hål i sina jeans
om man råkar vara
en oförfalskad
fura eller gran.
©Yelling Rosa
9/5 –14

Freedom Anyway 2017 © Yelling Rosa
Freedom Anyway 2017 © Yelling Rosa

Read by Digital Human Voice

swedish english
friheten freedom
i alla fall anyway, at least
i in
ekonomiskogen => ekonomiskog commercial forest
finns => finnas to exist, be
inte not
utrymmet => utrymme space, room
för for
alm elm
eller or
vide willow
där there; where
att to
sätta to put, place
ringen => ring ring, circle
näsan => näsa nose
och and
slita to wear out; tear, pull
hål holes
sina => sin his/her/its (0wn)
jeans jeans
om if
man human being
råkar => råka to happen to
vara be
en a/an
oförfalskad genuine, pure; unadulterated
fura pine
gran spruce
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The Final Bang

Wholeness slipped from the hands of Gods

And dissolution stirring up the unity of the holiness,

The warmth of dwelling tight against the strong walls of reason.

What was before the big bang is praying for move to revolve almost an endless

Circle returning into the pre-existing womb without running away as they now know

The parting is not the beginning of new spirits but removing farther off the cordiality of life.

© Yelling Rosa

29/10 -17

Loppurajahdus © Yelling Rosa 
Loppuräjähdys (The Final Bang) © Yelling Rosa 2017

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I don’t get the people
And I am called autistic.
They don’t understand me
But they are not called autistic.
They don’t know am I an exception
But I know they take all for granted.
“The unbearable lightness of being”,
Says Milan Kundera, still not true here.
Something is maturing in its own broth
To love the taste of the marinated soup.
© Yelling Rosa
2/2 –17

Readiness © Yelling Rosa
Valmius (Readiness) © Yelling Rosa


Mä en hiffaa jengii
ja ne kutsuu mua himmeeks.
Ei nekään bonjaa mua
mut ei niit pamlata pimeiks.
Ei ne tsennaa ooks mä oikku,
mut mä snaijaan ett ei ne riskaa.
”Olemisen sietämätön keveys”,
skrivas Kundera mut se on skeidaa.
Jotkut keittää vaan omaa soppaa
niinku ett ois jotain mikä synkkää.
© Yelling Rosa
2/2 -17

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I Have Uploaded Free Postcards to My Homesite

anigif © Yelling Rosa 
Some of my aphorisms on the cards.

Father's Day 
In Finland we have Father’s Day 11/12 –17.

I hope that you use the cards with text as they are and add your own wishes on textless ones. You will find the download links for this card at: https://yrosa.wordpress.com/2017/10/19/ilmainen-isnpivkortti/ 

At the moment categories are: Aphorisms, Christmas, Father’s Day and Valentine’s Day. The free PhotoScape Editor is a good tool to add own wishes. I have video how this happened at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I9MWCEECxIc

I hope you like my cards and also add your wishes to the card templates.

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Selvitä, missä tämä biokätkö sijaitsee. Vinkkinä, että se on lähemmällä kuin uskotkaan. Muuta sinun ei tarvitse kuin keskustella puiden kanssa.

Find out, where this biocache is lurking. The tip: it’s closer than you can expect. You have to only speak with the trees.

Anima Arboris copyright Yelling Rosa 2017

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SINSY – Singing Voice Synthesis System

Sinsy 01

I have been interested in purchasing the singing synthesizer but controlled myself because the starter pack of the only real option, Vocaloid, costs over 200 Euros. After looking for the free software on the Internet for some time I came up with Sinsy, the online HMM-based Singing Voice Synthesis System (see the picture above). It converts xml.files into wav.files. In order to do this you can write the notes and lyrics in MuseScore, which is free notation software. When you are ready with your song you export it in an xml form to your hardware and from there you upload it to Sinsy by clicking the Selaa –button. When you have picked up your  song you should click the Send button. If you are happy with the result you’ll save it in a wave form by clicking the wav-title.

The Lyrics Made with MuseScore

School Dentist Final

This song is an old Finnish folksong in which K. Rautio has written the lyrics. It was very popular song at school and it begins: “I know the place dear, tranquil and wonderful”. We, the pupils of the Vartiokylä Elementary School in Helsinki, sang it with our own words while transporting to the school dentist clinic. At least then we felt that school dentist were too rough because we suffered even from pain and bloodshed. Perhaps it was only a question of drills which didn’t use water at those days but some water was needed so that the drill bits didn’t run hot. You can rely on that we waited those swigs of water while sitting in the chair of the school dentist.

The Result on YouTube

I know the place terrible,
The chair of the school dentist.
He will destroy your sweet teeth
And your gums eradicate.

Melody in Parts

Sinsy is a very good aid also when you want to test voices. In that case you must convert every voice to xml format separately with MuseScore. If you try this with the score Sinsy will do the job by putting voices on the one line and do them in a row. The cutting those in parts won’t be easy in any studio program that you need to play many voices at the same time. I have Sonar Home Studio which is not an expensive program and which you can test 30 days free. Because it is a cheap program it has its limitation, of course.

Sonar Home Studio 01

For some reason Sinsy leaves the empty gap at the beginning of the wave files. I found it very hard to cut off so I left it there because the silent gaps don’t bother when every track has such. Don’t become disheartened with all this information. In the long run it will save you from wasting energy and lots of time. Please view YouTube videos to get more information when needed. I wish you happy times with your songs.

Listen to what you see on the picture above


Making music

Software Purpose Download
MuseScore (free) Scorewriter https://musescore.org/en/download
Sinsy (free) Singing Voice Synthesis System http://www.sinsy.jp/
Cadencii (free) Multi-track piano roll editor https://osdn.net/projects/cadencii/images/
Vocaloid (commercial) Singing synthesizer https://www.vocaloid.com/en/
Band-in-a-Box (commercial) This software has the Sinsy Plug-in http://www.pgmusic.com/bbwin.htm

You’ll find the Finnish words at: https://yrosa.wordpress.com/2017/09/02/sinsy-singing-voice-synthesis-system/

My Videos in English

Video Introduction Uploaded
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My 22 videos are viewed 30140 times during 2012-2017.
You’ll find all my video links here: http://www.yellingrosa.com/videot01.htm
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Thanks for Viewing Yelling Rosa’s Weblog over 70.000 Times

On the 30th of August 2017 Yelling Rosa’s Weblog has viewed 70.000 times. At the end of this Thursday the figure is 70.106. The blog has 4.504 followers and 3493 comments. Your attendance has given me strength to upload posts here. I thank you 70.106 times and I hope we’ll will stay in touch with each others in the future as well.

Yelling Rosa's Weblog at the end of 8.31.17 by Yelling Rosa 
Viewed 70106 times, 3493 comments and 4.504 followers.

Yelling Rosa’s Weblog since 2008

Yelling Rosa's Weblog 31.7.2017

Thank you from the Bottom of My Heart

Thank You from the Bottom of My Heart © Yelling Rosa 2017

This card is free for private use.

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Vanishing Point

Self-Potrait 001 by © Yelling Rosa

People break into me,
Fill the corridors of my mind with their stuff.
They throw objects upside down.
I blunder in my thoughts.
The connection to my soul breaks.
The core runs in the forest,
Is all alone and miserable.
I scream.
My spirit doesn’t hear.
The chatter of the crowd eats my voice.
I am in the social circuit.
I shun arguing.
I vanish.
© Yelling Rosa

Self-Potrait 002 by © Yelling Rosa

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