The Lovers in the Sun

Mary and Jane were the lovers in the sun.

The more they met the brighter was the light.

It was too much to swallow for those

Who could only dream about their warmth.

Jealousy filled the garden with the lying frogs

And rumors trod down their smiling rose.

When everything was ruined except the bodies

They rowed the boat behind the golden horizon

And they went down with the blessing sun.

© Yelling Rosa

27/8 –15

Lovers in the Sun

Lovers in the Sun2002 by Yelling Rosa

I drew this picture, Lovers in the Sun, in 2002. It was black and white but I added colors using Gimp 2.6 software and different filters in May 2015.


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There Is a Problem

There is a problem.
Humans use their hearts
for thinking
and brains
not at all.
© Yelling Rosa
29/7 –15

Il ha un problema.
Humanos usa lor cordes
quanto a pensar
e lor cerebros
non del toto.
© Yelling Rosa
© Traducite al interlingua
per Marcus Scrptor

If this were the other way round we would make love (read: to take care of your existing neighbours) and not babies because we are already too many for this planet. But surprisingly we thinking with the emotions and brains are just for justify our feelings and wants. The best I have heard so far is that there will be no lack in food as we can always start cultivating flies and other insects. The farming will be a success even earth doesn’t grow just much anymore. Luckily this person, who I cite here, doesn’t belong to my friends. I couldn’t take him everyday even for the million Euros a year.

The final trigger for this post was the debate on MP Olli Immonen’s FB Wall comment last Saturday. He writes:

I’m dreaming of a strong, brave nation that will defeat this nightmare called multiculturalism. This ugly bubble that our enemies live in, will soon enough burst into a million little pieces. Our lives are entwined in a very harsh times. These are the days, that will forever leave a mark on our nations future. I have strong belief in my fellow fighters. We will fight until the end for our homeland and one true Finnish nation. The victory will be ours.

There is no doubt about that he has used too much his heart and thought too little while writing this. Then, what about those who judge Immonen? They are not better than the one they are pointing out but sweeping the crumbs (the immigrations problem) under the carpet by announcing noble ideas of humanity and equality and brotherhood. In spite of their sanctimony no country in this world is able to take immigrants without controlling the migration. The left wing politicians who have attacked furiously against Immonen have fight against the capitalism in their political protocol and speeches for more than 100 years. Now they are critisising the same lyrical speech they use themselves.

The real issue here is that we are too many on earth. Moreover we are using resources like there weren’t a day after this. This way of life is impoverishing this planet and people are running away from the poorest countries. Of course among refuses are adventures but the distress is a real thing and growing every day most likely to the point of chaos. The globalism is a real time bomb but it is giving almost nothing for the most of us. It is true that China is capable of manufacturing products in cheap way but it causes unemployment in the western countries without saying how much transporting products pollutes air and use the oil.

The human kind is on the edge of the knife. Does it keep on denying the facts to the end of the times or do we pull ourselves together. The local food culture and exchange economy are in question. The wealth countries must help poorer countries to make the localism possible. The birth control is not an option but the imperative necessity. The tourism is not possible as long as it uses oil. Many of you might ask whether that kind of life is possible but to them I will answer what else we can do if we like to next generations to live here. Foretelling is impossible but better be sure than sorry. The less we are the more earth will love us.

All the best to all of us as we will need it!


In My Chamber

In this article I go even further with Interlingua than in my previous one. Now I don’t give you any kind of translation of my poem but only the vocabulary. I have picked up the words for the most part from Josu Lavin’s Dictionario Anglese-Interlingua. He also corrected my errors in my poem Cella. And my home is a modest 27 square meter apartment which has one room, a bathroom and pantry kitchen. In autumn the moon is visiting here being full of herself and, like all planets in the universe, it doesn’t pay attention to me. They know how small we humans are even though we try to prove otherwise. My grandmother said often that a bird on the windowsill means a bad luck. If there are spelling mistakes on the vocabulary I am to blame for them.

In mi modeste cella
le luna es ballante
al longe del muro.
Un ave ha sedite
super le tabula del fenestra
durante numerose septimanas.
Il es un signo del morte,
dice le vetule gente.
Le luna non ascolta.
Illo se amusa.
Il es lo que illo ha facite
desde le prime die
usque le ultime.
© Per Yelling Rosa


in in (prep)
mi my
modeste modest
cella cell, small room, compartment
luna moon
es present of esser = to be
ballante present participle of ballar = to dance
al a + el = the to/at
al longe de along of
muro wall
un a/an (indefinite article)
ave bird
ha have/has
sedite past participle of sedir = to sit
super on (prep)
del de + el = of the
tabula del fenestra windowsill
durante during (prep)
numerose numerous
septimana week
signo sign
morte death
dice present of dicer = to say
le the (definite article)
vetule old, aged
populo; gente people
non no, not
ascolta present of ascoltar = to listen
amusa se present of  amusar se = to amuse oneself
illo it (neuter)
il it (so called dummy grammatical subject), cp. it is raining.
lo it (neuter, object form)
que what (rel and interog), that (rel pron)
facite past participle of facer  = to make, do
desde from, since (prep)
prime first
die day
fin al; usque until, up to
ultime last

Listen to Philologist Josu Lavin who reads Interligua:


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Three poems in Interlingua

This time I present you three of my poems translated in Interlingua, one of the many constructed languages. I have translated two of them and Stanley A. Mulaik1 has kindly translated one. He also helped me with two other poems. If they include any mistakes the blame falls on me. It is said that people who speak any of those Romance languages could understand Interlingua without difficulties and English speakers after a little while. I do hope that you don’t jump to the end of this post where I placed the English versions of my poems but try to understand on your own. Your comments are very welcome so that I could consider whether it’s a good idea to keep on studying Interlingua.

Un sonio que se realisa

Si le vita esseva un sonio
que se vermente realisa,
necuno necessitarea
fabulas con felice
© Yelling Rosa
14/11 –14


poema es nihil
que on pote comprender
ma in toto
perciper con
le sensos.
© Yelling Rosa
27/6 –15


Multes pote dicer que io es vacue
Proque io non face versos emotional
Del passion, le pelle e le corde de amor
Saltante felicemente de stagno a stagno
como un rana rosate e impatiente.
Mais al contrario: io es plen,
Plen del dolor que le romances
Non vide in iste mundo.
Si io scribeva un parola
De mi calide affaire de amor,
Io vomitarea le alimento,
a partir de mi ventre,
Un cosa que tote
De nos non pote facer.
© Per Yelling Rosa
© Traducite al interlingua per Stanley Mulaik

1 Read more about Stanley A. Mulaik here.
2 Further information on Interlingua:
Interlingua Grammar” by Alexander Gode and Hugh Blair, 1951. It’s free and you find it at:

 A Dream Come True

If life were a dream come true,
we wouldn’t need the fairy tales
with the happy endings.
© Yelling Rosa
14/11 -14


Poem is nothing
To be understood
But everything
To feel with
© Yelling Rosa
27/6 -15


Many may say I am empty
Because I don’t draw emotional verses
Of passion, skin and the heart in love
Jumping happily from pond to pond
Like a pink and impatient frog.
But on the contrary: I am full,
Full of the pain that romances
Don’t see in this world.
If I wrote one word
Of my hot love affair
I’d vomit the food,
out of my belly,
A thing that all
Of us can’t do.
© Yelling Rosa
23/5 -15


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Playing Shepherd

Playing Shepherd is a translation from a Finnish Folksong “Soittajapaimen”. Usually it is performed very vivacious and quite fast. It is a paradox because it is said in the song that the shepherd is playing when the night has fallen. How many of us start to jump like an electronic Duracell Bunny after being all day outdoors taking care of the cattle. I bet that even cows or sheep wouldn’t like that kind of parties but instead prefer to sleep. In former days the pasture sometimes was located far a away from the farm house and the cattle spent time under the sky while the shepherd could have some kind of small and modest cottage or shelter. It was due to agriculture and when the cattle had eaten grass from the one field they were moved to the next spot.

This video is most of all an arrangement demonstration. It might sound a little bit academically because I don’t have a piano or cello at home and sounds are digital. Anyway, you will get the picture of Finnish folk music which differs from Anglo-Saxon tradition as well from Slavic folk music. The music sheets of the song are at: On those notes you see the melody and accords.


Finnish Words:

Tein minä pillin pajupuusta,
toki vain pajupuusta.
;;Hei, soreasti, koreasti pillini soipi,
toki vain pajupuusta.;;

Metsässä soitan illan suussa,
toki vain illan suussa.
;;Hei, soreasti, koreasti pillini soipi,
toki vain illan suussa.;;

I hope you will enjoy yourself with this song.


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Happened in the Woods

It is not easy to be a man, when you can not be beautiful and poetic, fairy boy was crying behind the stone. Oh holy deer, you’re thinking like me even though we are different species, I answered. I would not have otherwise bothered to open my mouth, it said. Then we walked hand in hand along the pathway, but the beds are just for girls.
© Yelling Rosa
25/6 -15

Ei ole helppoa olla mies, kun ei saa olla kaunis ja runollinen, itki keijupoika kiven takana. Sinähän puhut minun suullani, vaikka olemme eri lajit, minä vastasin. Enpä olisi muuten viitsinyt suutani avata, se sanoi. Sitten kävelimme käsikkäin pitkin metsäpolkua, mutta sängyt ovat tytöille.
© Yelling Rosa
25/6 -15

This is supposed to be a Fairy Boy

A Fairy Boy by Yelling Rosa




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Spanish Beat of the Heart Heels

I have life on the palm of my hand.
And when I had my first orgasm with
My beautiful animated Elizabeth
I saw the look and soul of magic ball.
It’s the pain and pleasure all the same
But never hurt or greed or evil beams.
It’s dancing on the wood parquet
With metal heels and suddenly
© Yelling Rosa
26/5 –15

Den trötta mänskan, mindre

When this picture was on GooglePlus one of my readers said that he looks like Spanish, like Cervantes. Well, perhaps so, anyway the clank of hooves was also there where Don Quixote rode. In Spain I always feel the immediate presence of life and death and the rhythm of their combinations. I call it The Beat of the Heart Heels. I draw often when I am waiting that Windows Operating System maintains itself. This man just jump from my subconscious.

In Spanish poetry heels are mentioned often. If my observations has already used, I will chainge heels to needs. The Beat of the Heart Needs is also quite distinctive.


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The Finnish Language

According to Kalevi Wiik, emertus professor, Finland has been habitated since 9,000-8,000 BC, when the ice started to smell. The migration happened from west, south and east. People spoke different languages from Indo-European languages to Finno-Ugric languages. The modern Finnish has developed from the latter group of languages. Wiik gives many explanations why Finno-Ugric languages were the most succesful ones but the common sense tells us that the most of the people spoke it. They were the majority of the population from the very beginning or they achieved that status in some later point.

The original home of the Finno-Ugrian is in Russia on the west side of the Urals where Ugrian people lived before Russians. At present time the Finno-Ugric languages have circa 24 million speakers. The population decreases all the time particular in Russian. The Finno-Ugric languages are not Indo-Europian languages. The Finns and Hungarians are the biggest groups of the Finno-Ugrians even though Finnish and Hungarian differ from one another a lot. In common they both have many cases and they are agglutinative languages.

The table of case declension for the word Kirja with 1st person genitive singular suffix -ni

Nominative kirjani my book
Accusative kirjani my book
Genitive kirjani of my book
Essive kirjanani as my book
Partitive kirjaani (some of) my book
Translative kirjakseni (for) my book
Inessive kirjassani in my book
Elative kirjastani from my book
Illative kirjaani into my book
Adessive kirjallani on my book
Ablative kirjaltani from my book
Allative kirjalleni to my book
Abessive kirjattani without my book
Comitative kirjoineni with my book
Instructive no personal pronoun form,
page 147, Finnish Grammar by Clemens Niemi, see the links at the end of this article

These translations don’t give the idea of the different nuances of these endings and they don’t  tell that the word order can be change in Finnish in order to emphasize some word without losing the main idea of the sentence.

In English you can say that A bird ate a worm but hardly that A worm ate a bird.

I Finnish you can say that Lintu söi madon. Then you only mention what had happened but if you say that Madon söi lintu you are concerned about the worm. Perhaps it was your best fishing bait of the day. Words agree with one another in cases and number.

Nominative singular of ”green book” is vihreä kirja
Genitive singular of ”of green book” is vihreän kirjan. But the possessive suffix is not repeated:
“of my green book” is vihreä kirjani.

In Finnish the syllables of the words change because of the consonant gradation which is taken part by letters k, p, t. It happens that words were easier to pronounce and write. Sometimes exceptions are just manners like in ”of my green book”.

I believe that by now everyone are convinced that it is impossible to translate Finnish into English word by word. I am telling this because I am often asked how I have a nerve to translate poems. Most times I don’t translate them at all. I do write my English poems in English in the first place. Sometimes I am very irritated because I don’t feel that I have a strong grasp of the language. What more I have learnt English less I know about it. On the other hand I have seen that even native speakers are sometimes lost with English. It has maimed itself by lopping off the cases and personal verb forms and substitutes them with articles and prepositional phrases. The logic of these idiomatical expressions are not always apparent for even natives. In the long run the English language get even more confused when it is spoken all over the world without the vigorous grammatical rules. The main meanings of the nouns are also inflamed, and this I heard from the English teacher long time ago. (She lives in Canada.)

I would use only Finnish if the digital translators could translate it better. Because of its many conjugations and cases the translation is messed up too much for English readers to make head or tail out of it. This is not case with Spanish or German bloggers as they can just add the translation buttons on their blog and it is settled. To show what I am talking about I add one of my Finnish poems here.


kysymyksiä tutkii,
hourailee siellä,
missä houretta ei ole.
Vesi liikkuu tynnyreissä,
joiden päällä on kansi.
Sitä ei silmä näe.
© Yelling Rosa
9/11 –14

Google Translation:


Poetry unanswered
examines the issues,
delirious there,
what hour would not have.
The water moves in barrels,
covered with a lid.
It is not the eye can not see.
© Yelling Rosa
9/11 -14

Should be something like this:


Poetry examines
The open questions.
It is hallucinating there
Where is no hallucinations.
The water is in the barrels
Under the lids. It is the eye
Which doesn’t see it.
© Yelling Rosa
9/11 -14

But as I said it is impossible to translate poems from Finnish into English.

Read more about an agglutinative language:

More about Kalevi Wiik Professor emeritus of phonetics at the University of Turku:

A Finnish Grammar by Clemens Niemi

A Finnish Grammar by Clemens Niemi


In preparing this book my aim has not been to write a complete Finnish grammar. I have sought to present only the fundamental principles in the briefest possible way necessary for the study of the Finnish language. The student should thoroughly master the sound values of each letter before taking any advanced steps. In doing so he is able to acquire accuracy in pronunciation.

It should be remembered that Finnish, as its cognate Finno-Ugric languages, is an agglutinative language, that is to say, the words are formed of roots by adding certain suffixes or endings to the stem. In this process of appending, the changes of letters for euphony or harmony occur. The rules for these changes should be carefully observed in connection with each lesson as they come.

Each lesson consists of a statement of grammatical principles, a vocabulary, exercises, and in some cases, a brief reading lesson. The vocabulary at the head of the lesson will help the student to understand the sentences which follow. The exercises have been developed in such a way that each lesson brings out the grammatical principles at hand. The rules of syntax as well as grammatical questions have been scattered throughout a long series of lessons for the purpose of leading the student gradually to a thorough understanding of the rules. The case-endings and the use of the cases are particularly emphasized, as they form a very difficult and essential part in the study of the Finnish language. The reading lessons are so arranged as to give an early acquaintance with real Finnish, and they continually add new words to the student’s vocabulary.

Fully aware of many defects, I hope that this book, the only Finnish grammar of its kind in English, will be of some aid to the learner of the Finnish language.

I wish here, also, to express my indebtedness to my fellow teachers for their valuable help and suggestions which have aided me in perfecting this book.


Suomi College, February, 1917.

You can get this book for free at:
When you sign up you can choose one ebook freely. After that you will be offered one free book a day.
I bought my paper copy on for 8 dollars price

PS Listen to my poems in English at:

I am sorry that my Windows Live Writer closed the comments but now they should work.
5/18 -15


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The Door into the Summer

Please, click any of these photos in order to open viewer.

I took these summer photos in years 2011 to 2014 with my Sony Cyber Shot, 10 mega pixels. At the moment we have still some snow on the ground here in Southern Lapland and The Tornio River looks like it did last December, cp. photo below.


Not a Member of the Human Race

sick human being
is not a loser
but the person
who points him out
with the forefinger,
and even worse,
that person is not
a member of
the human
© Yelling Rosa
25/3 -15


I uploaded these words here because I have seen so much intolerance towards all sorts of human shortage at work and in my private life. Lately, I have noticed that attitudes towards the sick and handicapped people are getting even more disapproving. Hard liners are champions to invent explanations why this is necessary. One of the arguments is that in the nature herds don’t take care of losers but just left them on their own. It may sound as a good argument but those people who use that kind of weapons are just saying that human beings are on the same level as animals. This kind of thinking can’t be a sign of the humanity because it whips away thousands and thousands years of the civilization away. It looks down all the religions we have respected during the years. It also underestimates our brains. Other living species don’t take care of their nonstandard individuals because they don’t know how. They don’t have hospitals and surgeons.

And more of that I uploaded these words here because I have seen so much suffering around me and in me. Incapable people feel themselves guilty because they can’t fill up the normal standards of the society. This is exactly what those hard liners want because it gives them more influence over where the world is going to. And think about what will happen after the incapable people have ignored. Inhumanity doesn’t stop there where it is happy at the moment. Perhaps the color of the skin will be next on the line.

I wish all the best to all and don’t let hard liners make us shame ourselves whatsoever. It is their duty to find something where also human emotions and intelligence are involved. I hope that they hear something beyond their own ideas as well. In the end the inhumanity destroy itself because of its warlike nature. It will collapse when there is anything to conquer anymore.


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The Message of Easter


The Son of the Sun

This I tell to them
Who don’t understand him.
He is the privileged son of the sun
And those who resent his happiness
blind their own eyes in the end.
© Yelling Rosa

Lapsi auringon

Tämän kerron niille,
jotka eivät häntä käsitä,
että hän on lapsi auringon,
ja kuka häntä kadehtii,
vain itsensä sokaisee.
© Yelling Rosa

Easter Card 2015

002JoyfulEasterE01 2015

This card is free for private use. Please don’t distribute or sale it. More of my free postcards in English at:

Peace of Mind at Easter …


Little Big Miracle

The house was passed on from father to son for generations
But I felt myself older than its aged plank floors and stone walls.
The extra heater glowed like a giant burning cigarette head.
I was planning my transfer from time to timelessness
when the sudden rustle awaked me up.
I charmed the light to the room from the switch.
In the middle of the floor was a mouse with its
forelimbs up like it was caught red-handed.
I took pity on it and immediately turned the light off.

After that I didn’t reveal my pattering roommate.
I was taken a fancy to and fallen in love with
when it started to eat a tiny piece of cheese
I set for it between the wall and the oven,
first far away into the hole but step by step in sight.
Our life turned into my wanting for tomorrow
even without the spouse.

When my last semester was almost done
I found my friend’s lifeless body on the living room floor.
Its scarlet fur flamed in the sunbeams
which came from the little gap between the curtains.
I put it into the big matchbox and carried the coffin
across the waving meadow to the edge of the forest.
I dug the grave where the ground was full of wood anemones.
I was a qualified culture secretary and it was in the heart
of the earth remaining as my little big miracle.
© Yelling Rosa
2/5 –15

PS Happened in the eighties

Our Level

All the miracles come from the heaven
Except those who already are here.
They can be seen at our level.
Yelling Rosa
© Yelling Rosa
2/20 –15


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Happy Valentine’s Day Fanfare

This year I made Happy Valentine’s Day Fanfare instead of designing a postcard. It would be nice if you learnt this song and sang it to your special one at the same time you are giving her/him card and/or flowers. You can also make your own lyrics and use my melody or, best of all, make the whole Happy Valentine’s Day Fanfare by yourself.

Happy Valentine’s Day Fanfare 2015 by © Yelling Rosa


On the video I present the song slightly varying the beat and melody. You can take that approach or learn the song as I have written it on the music sheet.

The Music Sheet

00 Valentine's Day Final
Enlarge this music sheet by clicking it with the mouse cursor

I used a free notation editor called MuseScore. It works on Windows, Mac and Linux computers. Most likely, it knows your language because it knows Finnish which is quite rare. I recorded the melody by using a free Audacity editor.  The melody and lyrics are free for private use only.

Valentine’s Day Card 2013


This card is free for private use only. More of my Valentine’s Card you will find here.

I Wish All of You a Happy Valentine’s Day


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I Am Nothing

I am a relatively old man
And I am nothing even
If I were Picasso or Shakespeare.
Only those who are about to come
Are something and then nothing
When they are on earth
But those who will come next.
I don’t mind if I am disliked by
Other people because I tell the
Truth as long as I can
Hope that one soul in this world
Will hear what I have said
And speak the way I did
At the evening of life:
People are stupid
When they are smart
Because they forget
To love and hand over
And keep places clean.

Every generation must muzzle
The egoism and egoists
Or the cock of honor won’t
Sing for them and they will be
Despised long after their death.
Every spoiled cornfield
And murdered nation are
On their shoulder and their
Children will be hated
Till the third generation.
Everything is not possible
But nothing is impossible.
The only certainty between
Those two unknown edges
Is love not isms, things
Or hollow arguments.
The all hearts know it
And ask us to give up from
The selfishness for the sake
Of unborn creatures.
© Yelling Rosa

Something about the background of this poem

When I taught about this subject I pondered if I am the right person to speak about these things. I have many shortages. Still of what use it would be, if I kept my mouth shut? If we expected that only the perfect people could speak about virtues, there wouldn’t be very much talk about them and less hope. First we have to have an idea, and after that we know where to go.

I was strengthened to write this poem by a Roman proverb, namely: Inhumanitas omni aetate molesta est (Cicero). Which means, more or less, that Inhumanity is troublesome in every generation? This proverb encourages us to fight against the inhumanity and it must do all over again from the generation to the generation.

I know that I might be disliked because of this poem but there are so many bloggers on Internet who write about leisure time activities that I don’t have to do that. It is not my thing.

Tornio 25.1.2015

Cicero (106-43 AD), Roman Statesman and Orator. Read more about him here.


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