001 Lullaby by Yelling Rosa 26.1.16 E001


rise up from
the swamp
in their beards:
Don’t sniff yet,
last-born child.
We are followed
By Mr. Methane.
Spare your face
For him.
© Yelling Rosa

001 Ornamentti by Yelling Rosa

Esi-isät nousevat

nousevat suosta
ja partaansa nauravat:
Älä vielä nyrpistele.
Meidän jälkeen täältä
pulpahtaa metaani.
Säästä sille naamasi.
© Yelling Rosa

001 Ornamentti by Yelling Rosa

The Kalevala

The Finnish National Epic Kalevala, translated by Keith Bosley, has been a great support for me every time I have lost the real idea of poetry and started to think my own good. We all know that we, people, accept only that truth we can go along with but the real epic rises up from the social basic. It has been the forum where also unpleasant sides of life are revealed. It was a good tradition that helped villagers live in peace among themselves. This modern time thinks much of itself and sniff at the wisdom of generations gone. This arrogance has caused a lot of damage to earth and humanity making a man more an object than a living creature.

I am happy that I have Keith’s permission to attach one of the verses he has translated, namely the song of unknown Ingrian bard performing in 1858 (Finnish Folk Poetry: Epic, 26:141-5). This verse is not a part of the Kalevala but it describes the Kalevala spirit brilliantly and Keith chose it in the introduction.

Of what use are we singers
what good we cuckoo-callers
if no fire spurts from our mouths
no brand from beneath our tongues
no smoke after our words!

Upton-cum-Chalvey, K.B
© Keith Bosley

Every time I have read these lines I am aware of walking mostly on a right path. As I wrote in my second collection: “No need to fight. Children win every time”. This main thread, the red thread as we say in Finland, is often lost from me but thanks to its color it can be found again.

I hope that I have at least a drop of my Karelian ancestors’ blood and my words will leave a tiny little smoke to warm your heart for a real epic and traditions of mankind.

The Kaleva, Oxford World’s Classics

 001 Ornamentti by Yelling Rosa

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Along the Duckboard

Along the Duckboard[1]

Along the duckboard
Over the graves of ancestors
To skin[2] men and reindeers
crazy people are writing poems
I am told
How much they are paid
In the museums shamans’ drums
And in the Holy Land they sell
Linear meters of timber
In the name of Jesus Cross
© Yelling Rosa

[1] From my first Poem Collection, Valkoinen vitsa, 1989
[2] In Finnish the verb ‘nylkeä’ can be used also figuratively in sense of ”exploit”.

The Dream of poet: money for living by writing


The possibility of poet


The reality of poet


The Poem in Finnish:

Pitkospuita pitkin

Pitkospuita pitkin
esi-isien luiden yli
nylkemään lähimmäisiä ja poroja
hullut täällä runoja kirjoittavat
minua opastetaan
paljonko niistä saa
museoissa noitarummut
ja Pyhällä Maalla myydään
joka vuosi satoja metrejä puuta
Jeesuksen ristin nimissä
© Yelling Rosa


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Templum and 2015 in Review

001 Templum 26.12.15 by Yelling Rosa Parvula


Silva templum meum est.
Ibi tranquillitatem sentio.
© Yelling Rosa
Auxiliavit Tea Pelkonen ad:


The forest is my temple.
There I dissolve in tranquility.
© Yelling Rosa
26.12 -15

2015 in Review

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2015 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

The concert hall at the Sydney Opera House holds 2,700 people. This blog was viewed about 11,000 times in 2015. If it were a concert at Sydney Opera House, it would take about 4 sold-out performances for that many people to see it.

Click here to see the complete report.

Thanks for being here. Let’s hope that this year give us peace and harmony, and new experiences.


Love for a Little While

Foreword to the song

My song named Love for a Little While (Keskustelu motellissa) is on the background of my Xmas Card by Yelling Rosa Video. Video tells how we can add own greetings to the postcard using PhotoScape Photo Editor. Many may wonder what that song has to do with Christmas. The relation is temporal. I was on tour before Christmas Season in 1980s. There and here were bigger or smaller conflicts which didn’t respect at all the Christmas spirit. Radio, television and newspapers told about the violent conflicts in the world. At that same time I met a soul mate at one of those taverns where I stayed overnight. We talked about violence on earth. Our conversation and news popped up on the paper and my song saw the daylight.

We, a man and a woman, are confused about situation. Somehow it seems to us that we don’t have a right for a personal happiness when there is so much sorrow around us. Finally we decide to give a chance for intimacy and let the candle of love light. Words follow a stream of consciousness in order to keep the knotty context alive simultaneously with the flame of tenderness. Below words like they are on the video. The song is recorded in 1992 at my friend’s studio in Tornio. Aaron Anttoni and I had a duo called Forelli. I sing the song and Aaron accompanies me and sings a second voice. You can read more about us in Finnish at

More about the postcard at

Keskustelu motellissa (Yelling Rosa)

Love for a Little While (Yelling Rosa)

1. 1.
Olen kiertänyt majatalot, I have gone through the taverns,
likaa lattioilla, dirt on the floors,
ryppyisiä lehtiä, iltauutisia, wrinkled newspapers, evening news,
verta kaikkialla: blood everywhere;
verta asvaltilla, verta kaakeleilla, blood on the asphalt, blood on the tiled walls,
verta hietikolla blood on the sand
ja sinä kysyt, kuka osaa and you’re asking me who knows
rakastaa. How to love.
Kertosäe Chorus
Mä vastaan sulle, ei kukaan, I’m telling you, nobody,
mä vastaan sulle, ei kukaan. I’m telling you nobody.
Kukaan ei osaa täällä Nobody here knows
rakastaa. How to love.
2. 2.
Se estä ei sua riisumasta It won’t stop you from undressing
iltapukuasi, your evening gown,
meitä yhdessä sytyttämästä us together from lightning a candle
pöydällä kynttilää. On the table.
vai tahdotko meille maailman luoda or do you want to create the world
ilman vääryyksiä without injustices
ja minä sanon, sellaista ei and I’m telling you, there’s not
olekaan. Such a thing.
Kertosäe Chorus
Sä puhut mulle maailmaa You’re talking about the world,
aivan omaa maailmaa, your very own world,
jossa voisit hetken aikaa where you could love
rakastaa. For a little while.
© Yelling Rosa Production  

I thank all of my readers for sharing this year with me and I hope that we will meet again in 2016.


Peace and Light for Christmas and Happy New Year !!!

<3 <3 <3 <3


Peano’s Interlingua

Something about Peano’s Interlingua which is also called Latino sine flexione. It was heavily criticized by Langelot Hogben. According to Hogben the biggest shortages were a lack of articles and a chance of mixing up verbs with nouns. It is true that nouns has 5 different endings and verbs could have been derived in more explicit way but why linguists did built up the whole new artificial Latin based language instead of revising Peano’s Interlingua.

Peano’ principles of formatting inflexible Latin:


Latin nominative Latin genitive Latino English
1st rosa ros|ae => a rosa rose
2nd laurus laur|i => o lauro laurel
3rd pax pac|is => e pace peace
4th casus cas|us => u casu case
5th series seri|ei => e serie series


  • basic form: ama (loves)
  • infinitive: amare (to love)
  • past participle: amato (loved)
  • present participle: amante (loving)


Number Singular Plural  
1st person me nos  
2nd person te vos  
3rd person Illo (male), illa (female), id (neutral) illos  
Rexlive se se  

Adjectives and adverbs

The rule of building adjectives and adverbs is so obscure that it is best to browse the Peano’s wordlist at:

Then let’s play with the idea that Peano’s Interlingua has the articles. There are no genders in his language so we have to invent only an indefinite and definite article. I thought first that they could be “un” and “la” but la is problematic because Italian articulated prepositions demand that all the articles are linked to prepositions. In Spanish that happens only with de + el and a + el and in Gode’s and Blair’s Interlingua with de + le  and a + le. That’s why I chose “un” and “le” .

Moreover I am not at home with that me-pronoun because it is also the object form in Peano’s Latino. It should be “ego” because we are dealing with simplified Latin. Unfortunately it doesn’t sound good in my ear at least. “Io” is more melodic. The same goes with “te” and we need “tu”. (Perhaps it is the case but this table is deficient.)

Ego da un rosa ad te. dare = to give; ad = to (preposition)
Tu ama rosas. amare = to love, like
Le albo rosas es bello. albo = white; bello = beautiful
Le terra postula pace. terra = earth, world; postulare = to need, demand, ask
Crea amore non bello. make love not war

Here the articles are used as in English.

What about if the verbs inflected after all

We all see that our sentences are in somewhat clumsy when we compare them with modern Romance languages. The Latin verb system is difficult but we don’t have to copy it literally. I think that we can ignore subjunctive and build up present and past perfect using to -ending and habere -verb. At this point I will skip the conditional and future because I haven’t figured anything handy for them.

Present Participle Past Participle
(Ego) habeo + -to (Ego) habebam + -to
(Tu) habes + -to (Tu) habebas + -to
(Illo) habet + -to (Illa) habebat + -to
(Nos) habemus + -to (Nos) habebamus + -to
(Vos) habetis + -to (Vos) habebatis + -to
(Illos) habent + -to (Illos) habebant + -to

Habes (tu) videto le novo domo?
Certe, (ego) habeo videto id. Id habet esseto ibi aliquamdiu.
Cum (ego) habeo venito (le) domo, super le mensa erant flores.
Matre emebat illos.
Ego habeo apportato flores etiam. Non sciebam ut matre habebat emeto illos.
Non problema!

Have you seen the new house?
Sure, I have seen it. It has been there for some time.
When I came home there were flowers on the table.
Mother bought them.
I brought also flowers. I didn’t know that mother had bought them.
No harm done!

PS There might be some mistakes in my post because I haven’t found much information on Peano’s Interlingua. I saw that some of Peano’s articles are on the Internet but it would be too much to ask that I read them through in order to find a couple of words. For example “Matre emebat illos” could be wrong because the new Interlingua has the object form for illos. It is “los”. The rest of the sentences are quite all right. Anyway, I believe that I have showed my point that Peano’s Interlingua could have been revised instead of inventing the whole new Interlingua. Somehow I feel that it would have been better to stick with Latin but what do I know. This kind of simplified Latin would be a good aid in learning the Classical Latin. On the other hand, when linguists decided to build up a new artificial language there was no Internet and English hasn’t the influence it has today, and thus there were a demand for the global language.

It’s great
When we think
© Yelling Rosa
19/11 –15

in Peano’s Interlingua with flexible verbs:

Id est grande
cum nos cogitamus
© Yelling Rosa
19/11 –15


PS Wow, this was fun ;)


Only One Heart

Only One Heart by Yelling Rosa

Only one heart

There are so many books
That guide you
But only one heart
That knows you.
© Yelling Rosa
24/11 –15

Solo un cuore

Ci sono tanti libri
che ti guidano
ma solo un cuore
che ti conosce.
© Yelling Rosa
24/11 -15
Tradotto da
Giorgina Busca Gernetti

Bara ett hjärta

Det finns många böcker
som ge råd till dig,
men bara ett hjärta
Som vet vad du vill.
© Yelling Rosa
24/11 –15

Vain yksi sydän

Monet ovat kirjat
neuvoja täynnä,
mutta vain yksi
on sydän,
joka tuntee
© Yelling Rosa
24/11 –15


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Anyone Who Says

Anyone who says
That injustice can’t be stopped
Signs its endless continuity.
© Yelling Rosa

I have closed the comments this time because I am too tired to hear explanations why everything is too complicated for common people to make better. Believe or not, but at the end it is us who makes this world going around. Past knows many examples where common men have forced politicians to change things. In the sixties Martin Luther King jr and his followers made the government of the USA stop the racial segregation in the southern states. This has never happened if people hadn’t believed themselves.

I see that all our troubles in this world are connected to the unfair income policy. No matter what is your political trend, you must admit that, as long as some people are so poorly paid that they must use extreme action, the world can’t be in balance. Equal pay for equal job worldwide makes every home land the best one and stops the heartbreaking migrations and prevents the birth of extreme movements.

Yes, we must really give a change to people all over the world instead of giving them refuge asylum. Equal pay for equal job is something which happens nonstop and which mankind must project. When we are ready to pay the same prices of products no matter where they are made dictators can’t brainwash people so easily as it is possible now. What these leaders do if not promise the better life to their followers now or in the future.

The majority of people want to live in peace in their home countries. Let’s make this possible by being really global and innovative. When products are made locally this planet suffers less.

Let’s pull together and justice will move on making better life for this planet.

This article is written in memory of all people of the world who suffer from injustice, specially for Paris because of last friday.

001 Surunauha

Equal pay for equal job worldwide makes every home land the best one and stops the heartbreaking migration. 
PS Please share this slogan if agree,

Sama palkka samasta työstä maailmanlaajuisesti tekee jokaisesta valtiosta maailman parhaan ja poistaa syyn ryhtyä maastamuuttajaksi.
JK Lähetä ystävillesi, jos koet samoin

Lika lön för lika arbete världen rund gör varje hemland bäst och stoppar den hjärtskärande migrationen.
PS Dela denna slogan om du godkänner.

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Paola legit linguam latinam

Nobody knows how Latin was pronounced but because it was one of the languages that was spoken in Italian peninsula it would be natural that it sounded a little bit like Italian today. Like mother like daughter or like we say: no apple drops far away from the tree. On my video Paola, digital human voice, reads Latin using Italian accent.

Moreover like Finns can play with the word order in sentence today I believe Latin could do the same 2000 years ago. That’s why I am very skeptic that Latin was never spoken on the streets like Cicero and other boys wrote it in the books. That manner is due to the poetical metrics. Because every word inflects depending on mode, time, gender and/or person, it was difficult to get syllables in the patterns otherwise. This is a common trick also in the older Finnish poetry as our words also inflect. On the other hand the traditional Finnish song poetry didn’t behave in that way because it used its own metrics. The Kalevala, Finnish National epic, has strongly impact on J.R.R. Tolkien.

Without that clinical usage Latin might have survived for us to speak. Perhaps Latin speakers on the streets placed adjectives after the main word as it happens in Romance languages even today. In some idioms the place of object was at the beginning of the sentence but was it always the case. More likely the different word orders in sentence had different nuances, like it is in Finnish, and sometimes even different meanings.

By the way, the title of this post is grammatically incorrect because it doesn’t follow the SOV rule,which requires that the verb is after the object in the sentence. It should be Paola linguam latinam legit according to grammar books. 

On my video Paola, digital human voice, reads Latin using Italian accent.

Paola legit linguam latinam Paola reads Latin
Eius latina bona est. Her Latin sounds good.
Paola quaerit: Paola asks:
”Quid agis?” ”How are you?”
Tu respondes: You reply:
”Bene, gratia, ”I’m well, thanks,
Et tu?” And you”?
Paola: Paola:
”Bene valeo etiam.” ”I feel fine too.”
Tu: You:
”Nunc mihi eundum est.” ”Now I must go.”
Paola: Paola:
”Omnia bona tibi exopto.” ”I wish you all the best.”
Tu: You:
”Gratia, et similiter, vale!” ”Thank you, and likewise, bye for now!”
Paola: Paola:
”Vale!” ”Bye, bye!

Habetis diem bonam!

Your Homework

003 Sol de Mea Vita

Please print this postcard and give it to your special one. If you don’t understand the message you are going to get a splendid quality time when you translate it together ;)


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I Look to Eternity

in memory of a friend

061015 by Yelling Tosa

I Look to Eternity

She was hanging from the neck
Alone in the dark and gloomy room.
When the news was broken to me
I was ashamed to think of myself.
But how otherwise could it be
When her spirit lives inside me
As long as I look to eternity
Where I put her very soul.
© Yelling Rosa

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Swedish minister raps Finland over refugees

Forewords to this post

If anyone of readers thinks that I am a racist he/she is wrong. At the moment I am a single but my latest girlfriend was a beautiful black woman. Our story ended because she didn’t want to leave her European homeland and I didn’t want to leave mine but the situation in Europe is absurd at the moment. It forced me to publish this post. European Union has messed up almost everything it could. It has signed agreements (Schengen Agreement) that make it possible to come here almost without any kind of control and at the same time it supports free trade which is the cause of great unemployment in Europe. The youth unemployment in Euro area was in 2014 23.8 percent and in Spain 53.2 percent. All the Mediterranean countries are under the heavy pressure of immigration. The policy of EU must be changed or this continent will sink down. I don’t believe that many of Euro area’s citizens are willing to do work cheaper than workers in the cheap labor Asian countries. In this situation it is the only chance to get rid of the unemployment, if EU doesn’t start to protect its own industry (protective duties) and at the same time pushing for the equal pay for equal job worldwide so that there is no need for migration.

The other reason aside from the statistics was that some European politicians make things worse and more obscure by adding all kind of sentimental crap to this situation. This is not the racial question and this situation can’t be solved out by referring to the historical events. Those references are nothing else but burying the heads into the sand. This situation is too much those people or they are afraid of losing their faces if they admit that they have made mistakes which have caused this hurl-burly where the right hand doesn’t know where the left hand is.

Swedish Minister Raps Finland over Regugees

Swedish minister Margot Wallström has sharply criticized Finland’s refugee policy, noting that Sweden took in more than 70,000 Finnish war children during the Second World War. The comment shows that she remembers the history very selectively. She doesn’t remember that Finland has been the bumper between Russian and Sweden beginning from the year 1150 and we are here even today. Every since till year 1809 that country has done nothing but took advantage of Finland soil and its citizens. Shortly Finland was Sweden’s colony. It also seems to me that some Swedes still take us like we were their subjects who should show endlessly respect to our masters.

During the Second World Sweden indeed took those 70000 Finnish children there but what we had been needed in 1939 against Red Army was their army even this once for almost 800 years when we did mostly all their fighting. (A great part of the soldiers in Swedish army has always been Finns. The famous of them are Hakkapelitans). The high and pure Sweden didn’t do that but stayed out of the war and in order to be in good terms with Nazis let them use Swedish metals (1939-40) for the German bombs. We can only imagine how many children died alone in London because of Swedish iron ore. After the Winter War when Finland tried to get back its soil in Karelia by allying with German some Swedish blamed Finns for Nazism. These kind of pompous words show again how every now and then some Swedes thinks that they are on the much higher level than Finns in a way which comes very close to racism. Still the truth is that if Sweden hadn’t avoided the responsibility during the Second World War all Scandinavian countries would have suffered less. The most important thing to them was to protect their own sweet country.

Against this historical background, it is very odd that Minister Wallström refers to the history. It looks like the emotion has placed the brains. I wonder could this unwise behavior rise up from the truth that Sweden is indecisive: it can’t admit that their uncontrolled immigration policy is a mistake because it might sound racist. In this dead end, some Swedish politicians and celebrities like Blondinbella doesn’t make up anything but accusing other countries. Now in their teeth is Finland, because they short sided thought that Finland owes them something. If Minister Margot Wallström were really concerned about refugees and not Sweden she would pick up her words more carefully.

After all this pulls, let’s come back to this day. The fact, at least in my opinion, is that Europe can’t take anymore immigrants without jeopardizing the decent life for its citizens. This statement has nothing racist because more crowds will jeopardize also those immigrants’ lives that already are in Europe. The controlled immigration policy means that we can unite families and accept only those people who really are in danger. On the other hand we must realize that there are countries where the living is so painful that people want to leave their homes. The immigration is a result not a reason. If we only deal with the result, the reason, inhumanity, flourishes freely. Of course, there are many reasons for people being on move but I think that the globalism is the worst of all. The globalism is a misleading term because the question is about the fewbalism. The handful of people transfers their factories into the cheap labor countries. Unfortunately some countries are ready for coercive means in order to make workers work almost without any wage.

Now some of you might think that we are talking about socialism but democracy doesn’t mean that. Actually democracy is a thing that missed in socialist countries. The democracy is the only principle that can guarantee people’s happiness just where they are. This means that all over the world people must be paid decently for what they are doing. Against this background taking immigrants is a child’s play. When we want equal salary for equal work worldwide our opponent is the most powerful one. It might look overwhelming but in the long run also the richest people will gain from the human dignity. People’s happiness might cost more money but happy people are the most productive workers.

Minister Margot Wallström how about this instead of accusing others. I wouldn’t be surprised if you got a friend from Mr Bill Gates. Yes, I am in as well millions and millions other every day silent humans. By the way, I am a child of refugee’s by myself. While you took some of our children in Sweden Russia took my family’s home and fields. I have always felt that I don’t live in my homeland so much Karelia differs from the Actual Finland. Just thought about the situation where over 400.000 Karelians were leaving their homes, after lived there over a thousand years, having with them what they have gathered in only a few hours. Some of them had a cow and a cart, many even that. Even I wasn’t born in Karelia I always see this pain in my late mother, grandmother and uncles and other relatives’ eyes. The farm house which was their first stop in Finland they lived in a warehouse and the first served dinner was the frozen apples.

Finland under Swedish rule
Grand Duchy of Finland
Finnish Declaration of Independence
The Winter War
Swedish iron-ore mining during World War II
Battle of Tali-Ihantala
Evacuation of Finnish Karelia

PS As of 2010, 1.33 million people or 14.3% of the inhabitants in Sweden were foreign-born, source: These people have children who are born in Sweden so that every fourth citizen most likely is not a Swede at the moment. Of course it is their own decision how many immigrants they take in but it doesn’t give them right to accuse any other country. If Swedes are in peace with their own policy they should keep on taking people in but if they are unhappy with their policy, they have to do what a man has to do instead of asking others keep on doing something they can’t do anymore, as it looks like now.


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About My Post Common People Anecdotes


It is impossible to translate the title of my third verse collection in English word by word. Postrahavasta –jutturunokokoelma (2012) is a collection of the sarcastically humorous verses which are typical of the common people. They are swords that cut in pieces the sophisticated arguments and the elitist decisions that the government makes from time to time. I added the post prefix to the title because nowadays it is often said that vulgarism (the common people’s [nationwide] culture) is dead and the globalism with the help of Internet has taken its place. People, who are saying this, are ignorant or they are misleading common people in order to manipulate them better. The folklore is dead, long live what the leading politicians and stockholders said is not bought by the common man. The folklore is only following the time and getting more cunning but its roots are in the common mind.

Some of the stories are straight from the vulgar horse’s mouth and some of them I have made up being loyal to folk culture. The common anecdotes can be sometimes cruel but their mission is a good one. They make life easier for ordinary men. After you have given a good laugh to something or someone it is easier to live with that nuisance. Easy Customer (Helppo asiakas) verse has also an example in real life. That person is a master of manipulating people next to him. After telling about this prosperous middle age man to one of my friend we were first angry. It appeared that he has to deal also with one bully at times. Later on at the coffee table we start to make fun of the situation and ended up with the idea how easy it is to live when you don’t have to think but just follow these all-knowledgeable leaders. Next day Easy Customer verse saw the light of the day after popped out from my pen. I have also followed the guidance of my verse and found that the easiest way is just let him be the leader. It saves me from listening to his lecture and from spending a minute longer with him than necessary.

001 Mies300602 E017c

Easy Customer

It is easy to deal with that customer
as you don’t have to negotiate.
He will tell you when, where and what
… and who.
© Yelling Rosa

In Finnish:

Helppo asiakas

Sen miehen kanssa
on helppo asioida,
kun ei tarvitse neuvotella.
Se kyllä sanoo
milloin, missä ja mitä
… niin ja kuka.
© Yelling Rosa

Earlier I have translated to you another poem from my collection, namely Fooling Around (Hulluttelu on vakava asia).

Fooling Around

Fooling around is a damn serious thing
Without it you will become a fool
Or at least an ass hole.
© Yelling Rosa
Autumn 2013

If any of you are interested in reading more of my verses you’ll find some examples at: On that page you are able to find also the link to buy my book and two YouTube video links where I read my verses. Poems are written in Finnish so you’re supposed to be interested in language if not understand it.

A couple of consultatives for a road1:

Jutturunoja, means literally Story poems
Postrahavasta, means post vulgar. Even I know that this word has a more negative aspect in English than in Finnish, it is still the best candidate here.

1In Finland we say that it is better ottaa neuvoa-antavat = to take consultatives. We don’t usually add the attendant noun such as a drink (ryyppy) or gulp (kulaus). Most likely, this is the manner because also our adjectives tell us the number of object and/or subject. Your might not say that “it is better to take a consultative or consultatives before anything else”, or could you?


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The Lovers in the Sun

Mary and Jane were the lovers in the sun.

The more they met the brighter was the light.

It was too much to swallow for those

Who could only dream about their warmth.

Jealousy filled the garden with the lying frogs

And rumors trod down their smiling rose.

When everything was ruined except the bodies

They rowed the boat behind the golden horizon

And they went down with the blessing sun.

© Yelling Rosa

27/8 –15

Lovers in the Sun

Lovers in the Sun2002 by Yelling Rosa

I drew this picture, Lovers in the Sun, in 2002. It was black and white but I added colors using Gimp 2.6 software and different filters in May 2015.


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There Is a Problem

There is a problem.
Humans use their hearts
for thinking
and brains
not at all.
© Yelling Rosa
29/7 –15

Il ha un problema.
Humanos usa lor cordes
quanto a pensar
e lor cerebros
non del toto.
© Yelling Rosa
© Traducite al interlingua
per Marcus Scriptor

If this were the other way round we would make love (read: to take care of your existing neighbours) and not babies because we are already too many for this planet. But surprisingly we thinking with the emotions and brains are just for justify our feelings and wants. The best I have heard so far is that there will be no lack in food as we can always start cultivating flies and other insects. The farming will be a success even earth doesn’t grow just much anymore. Luckily this person, who I cite here, doesn’t belong to my friends. I couldn’t take him everyday even for the million Euros a year.

The final trigger for this post was the debate on MP Olli Immonen’s FB Wall comment last Saturday. He writes:

I’m dreaming of a strong, brave nation that will defeat this nightmare called multiculturalism. This ugly bubble that our enemies live in, will soon enough burst into a million little pieces. Our lives are entwined in a very harsh times. These are the days, that will forever leave a mark on our nations future. I have strong belief in my fellow fighters. We will fight until the end for our homeland and one true Finnish nation. The victory will be ours.

There is no doubt about that he has used too much his heart and thought too little while writing this. Then, what about those who judge Immonen? They are not better than the one they are pointing out but sweeping the crumbs (the immigrations problem) under the carpet by announcing noble ideas of humanity and equality and brotherhood. In spite of their sanctimony no country in this world is able to take immigrants without controlling the migration. The left wing politicians who have attacked furiously against Immonen have fight against the capitalism in their political protocol and speeches for more than 100 years. Now they are critisising the same lyrical speech they use themselves.

The real issue here is that we are too many on earth. Moreover we are using resources like there weren’t a day after this. This way of life is impoverishing this planet and people are running away from the poorest countries. Of course among refuses are adventures but the distress is a real thing and growing every day most likely to the point of chaos. The globalism is a real time bomb but it is giving almost nothing for the most of us. It is true that China is capable of manufacturing products in cheap way but it causes unemployment in the western countries without saying how much transporting products pollutes air and use the oil.

The human kind is on the edge of the knife. Does it keep on denying the facts to the end of the times or do we pull ourselves together. The local food culture and exchange economy are in question. The wealth countries must help poorer countries to make the localism possible. The birth control is not an option but the imperative necessity. The tourism is not possible as long as it uses oil. Many of you might ask whether that kind of life is possible but to them I will answer what else we can do if we like to next generations to live here. Foretelling is impossible but better be sure than sorry. The less we are the more earth will love us.

All the best to all of us as we will need it!


In My Chamber

In this article I go even further with Interlingua than in my previous one. Now I don’t give you any kind of translation of my poem but only the vocabulary. I have picked up the words for the most part from Josu Lavin’s Dictionario Anglese-Interlingua. He also corrected my errors in my poem Cella. And my home is a modest 27 square meter apartment which has one room, a bathroom and pantry kitchen. In autumn the moon is visiting here being full of herself and, like all planets in the universe, it doesn’t pay attention to me. They know how small we humans are even though we try to prove otherwise. My grandmother said often that a bird on the windowsill means a bad luck. If there are spelling mistakes on the vocabulary I am to blame for them.

In mi modeste cella
le luna es ballante
al longe del muro.
Un ave ha sedite
super le tabula del fenestra
durante numerose septimanas.
Il es un signo del morte,
dice le vetule gente.
Le luna non ascolta.
Illo se amusa.
Il es lo que illo ha facite
desde le prime die
usque le ultime.
© Per Yelling Rosa


in in (prep)
mi my
modeste modest
cella cell, small room, compartment
luna moon
es present of esser = to be
ballante present participle of ballar = to dance
al a + el = the to/at
al longe de along of
muro wall
un a/an (indefinite article)
ave bird
ha have/has
sedite past participle of sedir = to sit
super on (prep)
del de + el = of the
tabula del fenestra windowsill
durante during (prep)
numerose numerous
septimana week
signo sign
morte death
dice present of dicer = to say
le the (definite article)
vetule old, aged
populo; gente people
non no, not
ascolta present of ascoltar = to listen
amusa se present of  amusar se = to amuse oneself
illo it (neuter)
il it (so called dummy grammatical subject), cp. it is raining.
lo it (neuter, object form)
que what (rel and interog), that (rel pron)
facite past participle of facer  = to make, do
desde from, since (prep)
prime first
die day
fin al; usque until, up to
ultime last

Listen to Philologist Josu Lavin who reads Interligua:


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