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Because I have used all my free space here, I will continue this  blog at:

I hope we will meet there again.

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Important Information for all 5373 Subscribers to This Blog

Important information for all 5373 subscribers to this blog:
Because I have used all my free space here, I will continue this  blog at:

I hope we will meet there again.

Signature 2016

2023-03-21 5373 Followers

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Free Xmas Card 2022

For years I have been designing a free Christmas cards for the pleasure of my readers. The card comes up well before Christmas, so you have time to add your own Christmas greeting to the textless card. Below you can see this  year’s 2022 card in English and its two versions.

You will find the Finnish version of this card at

I thank you, my readers, for this past year.

05 Merry Xmas 2022

06 Merry Xmas 2022

07 Merry Xmas 2022

08 Merry Xmas 2022

I wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2023.

PS Don’t hesitate to use this card to send your relatives and friends Christmas greetings. I have added the text to the card using the free version of PhotoScape. The name of the font is Julietta.

PPS More of my free postcards  at

The Finnish Christmas Carol, Sung in English

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Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star

Twinkle, Twinkle SG01

I have published a new YouTube video. I hope it will help children to play Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star with a four-hole diatonic harmonica.

Internet addresses related to the video


Free music composition and notation software

Sheet Music Book My songs book for four-hole harmonica Download
Hohner Speedy Harmonica for Beginners Download
Hohner Speedy in USA Hohner Kids PL-106 Musical Toys Play and Learn Harmonica. Download
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Only Those in the Same Boat

I sent this poem in response to you wishing me a smoother time. However, it is not possible to achieve them, but I can admit my limitations and it can be helpful when I do not strive for more than I can reasonably do.

Only Those in the Same Boat

Thank you for your answer and for your advice.
However, the balance is out of my reach.
Such is the life of a manic-depressed person.
Maybe the medications I eat cause insomnia,
Just perhaps low levels of melatonin.
The best thing to do is to admit own limitations
and find that sometimes even my own
Tongue is too heavy to move.

With using foreign languages I wanted to find
More readers to my particular thoughts
But only those who are in the same boat
Understand my rhymes
And they are not many.
People like me are
Ashamed and do
Their best
To be like
But I’m
© Yelling Rosa
21/10 –19

I have reached the point where I must admit that using all the languages I have used on this blog is too heavy for me. I am on my best when I am using Finnish, and those people who are on the same radio waves find me even when I use my language.

I leave this blog here because of UR- links and continued on my Website and my Finnish blog with Google Translator. I have been thinking of skipping the like buttons, but I don’t how else I can know who has visited my places. It is impossible for me to contra like all the people at least if there are so many likes in the future as it has been here on Yelling Rosa Weblog.


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More Action Less Talk

I watched the TV report young people against climate change this weekend in Finland. Reporters interviewed some of them, and it revealed that their knowledge was limited. They shifted responsibility to decision-makers. On the other hand, some journalists seemed amused by the energy of the youngsters. Then there was this Swedish environmental activist, Greta Thunberg, who gave a fiery speech at the United Nations Climate Change Conference on 23 September 2019. He openly accused adult people partly with reason, but the accusation is no more than a charge, whereby the goal itself is buried under the finger of the index.

The world is in a position where everyone has to give up comfort and come up with constructive suggestions to bring about change. Moreover, these changes must begin immediately. For example, when detecting the harmfulness of private motoring, governments could adjust the dates for prohibiting private motoring. These and other similar decisions would get people used to what purer living means instead of blaming.  In reality, very few people have to use a private car in Finland for business trips.

I wondered how goods are thrown into the trash when there is only one small broken particle. To reduce this, the European Union should develop standards defining standards for serial production parts. This way, all computer cases would be matched, all batteries would work on all similar devices, operating systems should work on all processors, so this incompatibility would not leave the devices in boxes or landfill. The ballpoint pen cartridges would fit into all pen cases, and the top and bottom of the pens would be standardized for twisted standards. These recyclables would create enormous jobs, and in the future would no longer necessarily sell whole equipment but only parts that a new profession would install. The consumer would not buy the device, but for a particular kind of overall service. As this increase in recycling would reduce manufacturers’ income, they should be allowed to implement this change.

The governments should regulate Holiday tourism by setting a kilometer or emission limit for an individual. Buying these kilometers from other people must also be made impossible. Otherwise the poor would sell them to the better-paid ones. The need for such restrictions would be eliminated if the vehicles became pollution-free. The device manufacturers’ promises of less polluting cars should not be taken as actions to slow down climate change. Global activity is almost criminal because it slows down and often also eliminates local production of services and products and recycling of parts.

While these suggestions may not be the best ones, they are a step in the right direction. Implementing change is the most challenging step in combating climate change. An action that everyone hates and accuses each other of taking more significant steps to combat practical steps. Sure, this is not a conscious activity, but in the face of change, emotions are on the surface so that excesses will come. Besides, an attack is the best defense. Now, however, the world is at the point that it cannot attack but merely defend the right of future generations to exist.

This writing started with a poem that marvels at human beings. It goes like this

I don’t know why human beings are so strange.
The world is in its death bed,
But human beings only invent excuses
Why changes are impossible to realize.
Juveniles accuse adults
And adults say youths are dreamers.
Both sides think that we should not save
The world as those people hurt earth more
Than us.
© Yelling Rosa
2/10 -10

PS Maybe one of the readers is wondering if that guy can afford to suggest more difficult things to people’s lives. He/she is right in the sense that we all are destroying our nest here. Don’t worry, yes, I love amenities and suffer the loss, but now we are in a situation where attitudes have to change.

The consumption virus

Olio 111019 E01 02 Signature 02

Do you know what this is?

It is a consumption virus that lives almost in every person’s veins in the world. It hates everything that stops consumption and whispers to master animal’s ear why people can’t hold down consumption. One of its most persuasive arguments is that you can’t go backward. In its view, increasing human resources is an absolute move into the Dark Ages. Even for the Stone Age, says the consumption virus.

Despite the efforts of responsible people, the impoverishment of the earth and the rape of the climate continue. The viruses tell to their disease carriers to call those environment activists as the modern-day destroyers. Every time the disease carrier manages to win the debate, the virus lays more eggs to master’s cells. However, I wonder whose greed and thoughtlessness these creatures drink when people have disappeared from the planet. Perhaps then they are happy and sit on the top of the hill, saying, “We are the last to ride to the sunset.”

The picture is an enlargement of the consumption virus.

PS Usually, viruses don’t lay eggs, but these are weird.

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Oletko sinä valoni–Es tu lux mea-Are You My Light

Oletko sinä valoni (in Finnish)

Oletko sinä tähti,
oletko sinä valoni,
joka ei koskaan sammu,
sillä rakkaus maallinen
kaipaa tulen lämpöä.
© Yelling Rosa
19/9 -19

Music, words and recitation by Yelling Rosa

Es tu mea lux (in Latin)

Es tu stella mea,
es tu mea lux,
quae numquam
exstinguit quod
amor humanus
ignis indiget.
© Yelling Rosa
19/9 –19

Firing Warmth of Love © Yelling Rosa 2017 (2)
Firing Warmth of love © Yelling Rosa 2017. (Enlarge by clicking the picture).

Are You My Light (in English)

Are you my star,
Are you my light,
That never extinguishes,
Because of earthly love.
It needs the warmth
Of the fire.
© Yelling Rosa
19/9 –19

200 Posts


Now Yelling Rosa Weblog has 200 posts

PS If you like to watch the video where this poem has English subtitles click this.

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Alone – Один – Sam


I am sitting in a cafe with a book in my hand.
I see everything, and I can do everything
But no one taught me to know you.
Perhaps that is why I am crying alone.
© Yelling Rosa
3/9 -19

The unconfessed confusion of the Book-learned

Alone © Yelling Rosa 2019
Alone by © Yelling Rosa


Я сижу в кафе книга в руке.
Я вижу все, я все умею,
А никто же меня не учил знать тебя.
Возможно, поэтому я плачу один.
© Yelling Rosa
3/9 –19


Siedzę w kawiarni z książką w ręku.
Widzę wszystko, mogę wszystko
Ale nikt mnie nie nauczył poznać ciebie.
Być może dlatego płaczę sam.
© Yelling Rosa
3/9 –19
Korekta tekstu Marcus Scriptor

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When The World Doesn’t Fit You

When the world doesn’t fit you
Nothing much you can do.
Because the ball huge it is
just face yourself.
© Yelling Rosa
12/8 –19

The Trinity 03 © Yelling Rosa

Cum mundus non fit (in Latin)

Cum mundus non fit
nihil potes tu facere.
Quod is ingens est
verum ipsum vince.
© Yelling Rosa
12/8 –19

The Trinity 04 © Yelling Rosa

När världen passar inte dig (in Swedish)

När världen passar inte dig
det finns ingenting att göra.
Eftersom bollen är enorm,
möta bara dig själv.
© Yelling Rosa
12/8 -19

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A Sparrow On The Window Ledge

The day before yesterday I was down by the blue river side and didn’t know how to pull myself together. Finally I prayed that Lord relieved me from the pain that was tearing me into pieces. I fell asleep without getting any help. After a while I waked up because I felt that a bird was singing in my room. It was on the window ledge but the window was open. I peeped behind the curtain and I saw a little sparrow who sang from the bottom its heart. It was slightly downy so that it has stared its first summer and everything was new for it. I knocked gently the window to get its attention but it didn’t respond. When I added the volume it almost fell down from the ledge before flew away. I managed to snap many pictures but only reached its back.

Young Sparrow 280619 E 03 © Yelling Rosa

This incident helped me but only a moment. The dark clouds started to gather around me again. I creeped back to my bed even it was a sunny noon. I was on the twilight light zone when I heard a muffle bump. “Too heavy approaching”, I smiled and checked that everything was all right. Yes, my saviour from the heaven sat again on the window ledge and perhaps thought: “What was that. I didn’t see anything”. I dressed myself and went out saying to myself: “If that small creature has strength to move on, I can’t be worse”.

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Yelling Rosa Weblog Viewed over 100.000 times

Yelling Rosa Weblog was viewed over 100.008 times on Thursday, May 30, 2019 and I was as happy as I was when I played Hörvelö with my good friend Jouni Juola. Hörvelö was one song on the album Hiljaisia lauluja (1996). Even the song is hilarious enough we didn’t find a suitable name for a long time. Finally, Jouni said that it is Hörvelö. Unfortunately, Jouni passed away last fall, and I can’t ask him what does that word mean. He said back then that it seems to be such one. Perhaps he would have had something more for that word. Hörvelo brings to my mind a word “hyrrä (spinning top)”. This one is very fast and seems to climb also on the walls without saying from the floor to the tables.

(Yelling Rosa)

If you like to listen more from Hiljaisia lauluja album click this. The music links are on the table. Jouni sings all songs. Arrangements we did together as well played the instruments. However Jouni is on all guitars. Only my songs are available there but every track is listed.

I thank you all my readers and the photo below shows my happiness just at the moment.


THAAANKS MATES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yelling Rosa Weblog 30.5.19

The Sun Is Smiling Between The Leaves

07 Lehvistö 24.6.19 © Yelling Rosa 02

The sun loves all living beings.

Enlarge by clicking.

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The Sled of Death

My tears are running
Like a stream in the river.
Once more the sled of
Death launched me
Back in life and yelled:
Don’t blame me:
If the destiny has
trampled you
© Yelling Rosa
27/5 -19

In English, the story is the same as in a Finnish version but I express it more abruptly, almost in a rude way. Luckily,  I didn’t start to explain this verse though I didn’t immediately get its logic. Next day it was clear to me. Death is angry because it has been exploited.  A human didn’t endure life. Of course, this is only my view. You might invent something else.

Kuoleman vaunut

Minun kyyneleeni juoksevat
kuin hengästynyt virta joessa.
Vielä kaatui kuoleman kelkka
mutkassa ja minut sinkosi
tykinkuulana taivaalle.
Perääni hihkaista ehti:
”Jos on elämä sinua
potkinut minua
älä syytä.”
© Yelling Rosa
27/5 –19



Minun kyyneleeni

My tears


are running



hengästynyt virta

a winded stream


in the river.


One more time


fell down/did fall down

kuoleman kelkka/vaunut

the carriage of death/death


in the curve/corner

ja minut sinkosi

and launched me


like I were a cannonball


in the sky/into the clouds

hihkaista ehti:

Still it (death) has time
to yell:

Jos on elämä sinua

If life has

päähän potkinut

kicked you to head => to kick to head (saying) = to treat cruelly

älä minua syytä.

don’t blame me.

This poem recited in Finnish by me

You can read this verse in Interlingua here.

PS Please read my new poem in English, Russian and Finnish here.

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Hurry slowly – Festina lente – Торопись медленно

These days when people are running like headless hens it’s good to take a break and slow down as the ancient Romans already told us. We in Finland have a saying “hosumalla ei tule kuin kusipäisiä mukuloita”. It could be translated “By hurrying you’re doing nothing but give birth to assholes … and English people have a saying “haste makes waste”. These cards are spreading the message against wicked results.

As the Ancient Romans said:

Hurry Slowly 003

You can also add your message on the cards without text. These cards are free for private use.

Hurry Slowly 00a

And like the English people:
“Haste Makes Waste”

Hurry Slowly 02

You can also add your message on the cards without text. These cards are free for private use.

Hurry Slowly Empty 01

And in Russia:

Festina Lente 05

Открытка бесплатно для частного использования!

Hurry Slowly 000e

Вы можете добавить свое собственное сообщение на карточках без текста.

Hurry Slowly 000f

Have a relaxing week – Хорошей недели

Yelling Rosa Signature

PS I was about to upload something here on my blog even it was almost giving me a nervous breakdown. Fortunately, I was cunning like a fox tail and designed this card, and even enjoyed it.

PPS You can read more from me at Like about this video

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Today Is My Birthday

Today, 11.03.19, is my birthday. I would be happy if you celebrated it with me by listening while I’m singing my song “Läpi näiden vuosien (Experienced in TheseYears)” at the concert. It is the first song I ever have sung on the record, and if you like it, sent the link to your friend. Below the link and lyrics in English

Experienced in these years

Listen to:

Too much, I have experienced in these years,
Too many are those who owe me tears.
I remember that gray platform
Where the rain carried a friend.


Then do not bloom
My dear apple trees,
Neither anyone whispered in my ear:
Darling, do not forget me.

Never I have been afraid
Yet on this trip until tomorrow.
Little boy has avoided the dangers
side by side the kind woman reflection.

The refrain

I know mothers weeping eyelids
Do not explain the words out loud,
They just give their love for guidance
and prayers for protection.

The final two times:

Now bloom my dear
Sacred apple trees.
They have the heavenly scent,
The fragrance that never go away.

Music and Lyrics by Ilkka Pakarinen 1982,
record out in 1983.

The Break In the Studio in 1982

Tänään on minun syntymäpäiväni

Tänään maanantaina 11.03.2019 on syntymäpäiväni. Olisin onnellinen, jos juhlisit sitä kanssani käymällä katsomassa “Läpi näiden vuosien” –videoni, jossa laulan konsertissa ensimmäisen singleni nimikkokappaleen, ja jos se miellyttää sinua lähettäisit linkin kaverillesi.

Videon linkki ja sen jälkeen suomenkieliset sanat:

Läpi näiden vuosien


Liian paljon näen läpi näiden vuosien,
liian monet ovat kyyneleitä velkaa.
Muistan sen harmaan lähtöni laiturin,
jolle vesisade kantoi ystävää.


Ei silloin kukkineet
rakkaat omenapuut,
Ei korvaani kuiskattu:
rakkaani muista mua.

En koskaan ole peloissani ollut
silti tällä matkalla huomiseen.
Pieni poika on vaaroista vaeltanut
lempeät naisen kasvot rinnallaan.


Tiedän äitien raskaat itkevät luomet,
eivät ne ääneen sanoja julista,
evääksi vain rakkautensa antavat,
pojillensa suojaksi rukouksensa.

Loppusäe kaksi kertaa:

Nyt kukkivat rakkaat
pyhät omenapuut.
Niissä hurskas tuoksu on,
tuoksu sammumaton.

Sävel ja sanat Ilkka Pakarinen 1982,
levy myyntiin 1983


New song “On My Own Path” Here: Uploaded 12.4.19.
Welcome to listen to it!

Сегодня мой день рождения

Сегодня мой день рождения, и я был бы очень рад, если бы вы отпраздновали это со мной, слушая, пока я пою свою песню ”Paljon on meneillään” на концерте. Это первая песня, которую я когда-либо пел на альбоме. Слова на английском языке выше и ссылка ниже


At the age of one
Me most likely in 1953 when the apple was a very big thing to know.

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