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Yelling Rosa’s Forums in 2018

The WordPress English column tells you that Yelling Rosa’s Weblog is viewed 17.600 times in 2018. This is more than I expected because I tried to lead you, my readers to my Finnish WordPress blog “Yelling Rosan Blogi”. I have … Continue reading

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The Final Bang

Wholeness slipped from the hands of Gods And dissolution stirring up the unity of the holiness, The warmth of dwelling tight against the strong walls of reason. What was before the big bang is praying for move to revolve almost … Continue reading

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A Man Alone Is Small

Small SmallIs a man aloneIn this world.© Yelling Rosa26/12-14 Parvus ParvusHomo est solumIn hoc mundo.© Yelling Rosa26/12 -14 I thought about the word order here a lot but I feel that this is the best one for the Latin version. … Continue reading

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Lullaby Ancestorsrise up from the swamplaughing in their beards:Don’t sniff yet,last-born child.We are followedBy Mr. Methane.Spare your faceFor him.© Yelling Rosa24.1.16 Esi-isät nousevat Esi-isätnousevat suostaja partaansa nauravat:Älä vielä nyrpistele.Meidän jälkeen täältäpulpahtaa metaani.Säästä sille naamasi.© Yelling Rosa24.1.16 The Kalevala The Finnish … Continue reading

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Templum and 2015 in Review

Templum Silva templum meum est. Ibi tranquillitatem sentio. © Yelling Rosa 26.12-15 Auxiliavit Tea Pelkonen ad: Temple The forest is my temple. There I dissolve in tranquility. © Yelling Rosa 26.12 -15 2015 in Review The stats helper … Continue reading

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Anyone Who Says

Anyone who says That injustice can’t be stopped Signs its endless continuity. © Yelling Rosa15.11.2015 I have closed the comments this time because I am too tired to hear explanations why everything is too complicated for common people to make … Continue reading

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Swedish minister raps Finland over refugees

Forewords to this post If anyone of readers thinks that I am a racist he/she is wrong. At the moment I am a single but my latest girlfriend was a beautiful black woman. Our story ended because she didn’t want … Continue reading

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There Is a Problem

There is a problem.Humans use their heartsfor thinkingand brains not at all.© Yelling Rosa29/7 –15 Il ha un problema.Humanos usa lor cordesquanto a pensare lor cerebrosnon del toto.© Yelling Rosa© Traducite al interlinguaper Marcus Scriptor If this were the other … Continue reading

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In My Chamber

In this article I go even further with Interlingua than in my previous one. Now I don’t give you any kind of translation of my poem but only the vocabulary. I have picked up the words for the most part … Continue reading

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The Door into the Summer

Please, click any of these photos in order to open viewer. I took these summer photos in years 2011 to 2014 with my Sony Cyber Shot, 10 mega pixels. At the moment we have still some snow on the ground … Continue reading

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Not a Member of the Human Race

Mentallysick human beingis not a loserbut the personwho points him outwith the forefinger,and even worse,that person is nota member ofthe humanrace.© Yelling Rosa25/3 -15 Afterwords: I uploaded these words here because I have seen so much intolerance towards all sorts … Continue reading

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Little Big Miracle

The house was passed on from father to son for generationsBut I felt myself older than its aged plank floors and stone walls.The extra heater glowed like a giant burning cigarette head.I was planning my transfer from time to timelessnesswhen … Continue reading

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I Am Nothing

I am a relatively old man And I am nothing even If I were Picasso or Shakespeare. Only those who are about to come Are something and then nothing When they are on earth But those who will come next. … Continue reading

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Yelling Rosa’s Weblog Statistics

Last year was the busiest year so far here on Yelling Rosa’s Weblog. I published 20 posts in 2014. I don’t expect to have the equal traffic this year because last year was really exceptionally comparing to my history here. … Continue reading

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