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A Man Alone Is Small

Small SmallIs a man aloneIn this world.© Yelling Rosa26/12-14 Parvus ParvusHomo est solumIn hoc mundo.© Yelling Rosa26/12 -14 I thought about the word order here a lot but I feel that this is the best one for the Latin version. … Continue reading

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Lullaby Ancestorsrise up from the swamplaughing in their beards:Don’t sniff yet,last-born child.We are followedBy Mr. Methane.Spare your faceFor him.© Yelling Rosa24.1.16 Esi-isät nousevat Esi-isätnousevat suostaja partaansa nauravat:Älä vielä nyrpistele.Meidän jälkeen täältäpulpahtaa metaani.Säästä sille naamasi.© Yelling Rosa24.1.16 The Kalevala The Finnish … Continue reading

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Templum and 2015 in Review

Templum Silva templum meum est. Ibi tranquillitatem sentio. © Yelling Rosa 26.12-15 Auxiliavit Tea Pelkonen ad: Temple The forest is my temple. There I dissolve in tranquility. © Yelling Rosa 26.12 -15 2015 in Review The stats helper … Continue reading

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Anyone Who Says

Anyone who says That injustice can’t be stopped Signs its endless continuity. © Yelling Rosa15.11.2015 I have closed the comments this time because I am too tired to hear explanations why everything is too complicated for common people to make … Continue reading

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Swedish minister raps Finland over refugees

Forewords to this post If anyone of readers thinks that I am a racist he/she is wrong. At the moment I am a single but my latest girlfriend was a beautiful black woman. Our story ended because she didn’t want … Continue reading

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There Is a Problem

There is a problem.Humans use their heartsfor thinkingand brains not at all.© Yelling Rosa29/7 –15 Il ha un problema.Humanos usa lor cordesquanto a pensare lor cerebrosnon del toto.© Yelling Rosa© Traducite al interlinguaper Marcus Scriptor If this were the other … Continue reading

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In My Chamber

In this article I go even further with Interlingua than in my previous one. Now I don’t give you any kind of translation of my poem but only the vocabulary. I have picked up the words for the most part … Continue reading

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The Door into the Summer

Please, click any of these photos in order to open viewer. I took these summer photos in years 2011 to 2014 with my Sony Cyber Shot, 10 mega pixels. At the moment we have still some snow on the ground … Continue reading

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Not a Member of the Human Race

Mentallysick human beingis not a loserbut the personwho points him outwith the forefinger,and even worse,that person is nota member ofthe humanrace.© Yelling Rosa25/3 -15 Afterwords: I uploaded these words here because I have seen so much intolerance towards all sorts … Continue reading

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Little Big Miracle

The house was passed on from father to son for generationsBut I felt myself older than its aged plank floors and stone walls.The extra heater glowed like a giant burning cigarette head.I was planning my transfer from time to timelessnesswhen … Continue reading

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I Am Nothing

I am a relatively old man And I am nothing even If I were Picasso or Shakespeare. Only those who are about to come Are something and then nothing When they are on earth But those who will come next. … Continue reading

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Yelling Rosa’s Weblog Statistics

Last year was the busiest year so far here on Yelling Rosa’s Weblog. I published 20 posts in 2014. I don’t expect to have the equal traffic this year because last year was really exceptionally comparing to my history here. … Continue reading

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Yellingrosa’s Weblog has 1000 followers

Yesterday I was informed by that Yellingrosa’s Weblog has 1000 followers. It really made my day not so that I haven’t been delighted every time when I have got a new follower. The followers are like the icing on … Continue reading

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Like the Radiance of Phoshporus

Like the radiance of phosphorus glows a fireweed on the clean-cutting square. Its love joins together to the darkening night of wood. Yelling Rosa 17/8 -87 Here below is embedded mp3 file A Fireweed from my Website. It might come … Continue reading

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