Award Free Blog


Please, don’t nominate me for any award. I am very much content with your visits and comments.

Thank you.
Yelling Rosa

PS If your issue needs privacy, you can email me at yellingrosa(at)gmail(dot)com.

32 Responses to Award Free Blog

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  2. walt walker says:

    I like your “Award Free Blog” disclaimer!

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  3. Mashal says:

    Love this. I somehow feel award nominations are spam. But again, that’s just me. And you. High five.

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  4. Judy Amy says:

    Well said! I’ve been looking for a way to politely decline awards but haven’t figured out how to do this. Perhaps a simple statement at the top of the page like you have is the way to go. Also, thanks for the like on my blog about children, pornography, and sex education. Hope to see you again! Cheers!

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    • Yelling Rosa says:

      Thank you for being here. Liking your blog was a great pleasure. You write about important issues. If my way to say no for awards help you, it is all right with me. Perhaps you will come up with something extra. I hope also that we meet again. Have a nice and rewarding weekend 🙂


  5. olganm says:

    I’ve borrowed another blogger’s image to add to the blog and I’ve been intending to write a post about it, but yours is an excellent idea

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    • Yelling Rosa says:

      Thank you for the comment. I also thought how I could express that I prefer other things to the awards on my blog and ended up to this explanatory page. If you find it useful, please be my quest. On the specific page you can say things using your own style. Take care


  6. Good idea! I added this to my website too! I hope you don’t mind… Thanks for the good idea!

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  7. Agreed! A group of loyal followers who provide positive comments and advice are a kind of reward and award all in one. I had to be more blunt at my blogs but it’s worked. I don’t even permit the “award” notices to hit the comment section. I don’t understand the appeal of awards like “The Liebster”. It makes me cringe to think that I’d have to tag 10 unsuspecting bloggers with the burdensome task of answering so many questions and then having to find another ten bloggers to tag. All that time just to display that ugly Liebster graphic on one’s blog. Some people feel differently and enjoy the activity and attention. I just think of time as a precious commodity and when you don’t have much to spare something like this can be burdensome and wasteful.

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    • Yelling Rosa says:

      Thank you for commenting. I haven’t been thinking of that much. I just saw that award thing is too time consuming for me as it to you. I wish all the best to you including rewarding journeys with the pen and notebook, 😀

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  8. voulaah says:

    that’s good idea
    Thank you for sharing iy


  9. AJ says:

    Agree. Real followers are award enough. 🙂


  10. Mr Nothing says:

    I have been in a quandary about the very same thing, stupid as it may sound. When I found this on your site I knew it was the answer. I have now added a page in my blog that expresses my sentiment and have modelled it very closely on yours and credited your idea.
    Thank you also for visiting all the way down here in South Africa. My goodness, we are far apart and yet have some commonality.


  11. herrmomonews says:

    …beautiful idea.


  12. usfman says:

    I never envisioned anyone from faraway Lapland would ever read my blog. Thanks for proving me wrong.


    • Yelling Rosa says:

      Thank you for visiting and commenting.
      By the way, I have been much to South Florida, because my parents moved there in the early seventies. Now they are gone, but my two brothers still live there on the East Coast.
      Take care and feel fine 🙂


  13. darellphilip says:

    Thanks for the like on my blog. All the best with your blog! 😊


  14. kevinashton says:

    Meaningless blog awards are something that quite a few new bloggers find attractive, and perhaps it does encourage them to continue. But in the end the motivation for blogging has to come from inside ourselves, and hopefully if what we write is interesting others will read along. With over 600 million blogs in the world, it becomes impossible to compare create an award system similar to the ones we have for books or films. I also steer clear of newspapers or magazines that create the 20 best blogs you must read etc, because these lists are very subjective, and even worse it makes other bloggers mimic the style and content of the blogs on the list in the hope of recognition.

    Best Wishes


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