More Action Less Talk

I watched the TV report young people against climate change this weekend in Finland. Reporters interviewed some of them, and it revealed that their knowledge was limited. They shifted responsibility to decision-makers. On the other hand, some journalists seemed amused by the energy of the youngsters. Then there was this Swedish environmental activist, Greta Thunberg, who gave a fiery speech at the United Nations Climate Change Conference on 23 September 2019. He openly accused adult people partly with reason, but the accusation is no more than a charge, whereby the goal itself is buried under the finger of the index.

The world is in a position where everyone has to give up comfort and come up with constructive suggestions to bring about change. Moreover, these changes must begin immediately. For example, when detecting the harmfulness of private motoring, governments could adjust the dates for prohibiting private motoring. These and other similar decisions would get people used to what purer living means instead of blaming.  In reality, very few people have to use a private car in Finland for business trips.

I wondered how goods are thrown into the trash when there is only one small broken particle. To reduce this, the European Union should develop standards defining standards for serial production parts. This way, all computer cases would be matched, all batteries would work on all similar devices, operating systems should work on all processors, so this incompatibility would not leave the devices in boxes or landfill. The ballpoint pen cartridges would fit into all pen cases, and the top and bottom of the pens would be standardized for twisted standards. These recyclables would create enormous jobs, and in the future would no longer necessarily sell whole equipment but only parts that a new profession would install. The consumer would not buy the device, but for a particular kind of overall service. As this increase in recycling would reduce manufacturers’ income, they should be allowed to implement this change.

The governments should regulate Holiday tourism by setting a kilometer or emission limit for an individual. Buying these kilometers from other people must also be made impossible. Otherwise the poor would sell them to the better-paid ones. The need for such restrictions would be eliminated if the vehicles became pollution-free. The device manufacturers’ promises of less polluting cars should not be taken as actions to slow down climate change. Global activity is almost criminal because it slows down and often also eliminates local production of services and products and recycling of parts.

While these suggestions may not be the best ones, they are a step in the right direction. Implementing change is the most challenging step in combating climate change. An action that everyone hates and accuses each other of taking more significant steps to combat practical steps. Sure, this is not a conscious activity, but in the face of change, emotions are on the surface so that excesses will come. Besides, an attack is the best defense. Now, however, the world is at the point that it cannot attack but merely defend the right of future generations to exist.

This writing started with a poem that marvels at human beings. It goes like this

I don’t know why human beings are so strange.
The world is in its death bed,
But human beings only invent excuses
Why changes are impossible to realize.
Juveniles accuse adults
And adults say youths are dreamers.
Both sides think that we should not save
The world as those people hurt earth more
Than us.
© Yelling Rosa
2/10 -10

PS Maybe one of the readers is wondering if that guy can afford to suggest more difficult things to people’s lives. He/she is right in the sense that we all are destroying our nest here. Don’t worry, yes, I love amenities and suffer the loss, but now we are in a situation where attitudes have to change.

The consumption virus

Olio 111019 E01 02 Signature 02

Do you know what this is?

It is a consumption virus that lives almost in every person’s veins in the world. It hates everything that stops consumption and whispers to master animal’s ear why people can’t hold down consumption. One of its most persuasive arguments is that you can’t go backward. In its view, increasing human resources is an absolute move into the Dark Ages. Even for the Stone Age, says the consumption virus.

Despite the efforts of responsible people, the impoverishment of the earth and the rape of the climate continue. The viruses tell to their disease carriers to call those environment activists as the modern-day destroyers. Every time the disease carrier manages to win the debate, the virus lays more eggs to master’s cells. However, I wonder whose greed and thoughtlessness these creatures drink when people have disappeared from the planet. Perhaps then they are happy and sit on the top of the hill, saying, “We are the last to ride to the sunset.”

The picture is an enlargement of the consumption virus.

PS Usually, viruses don’t lay eggs, but these are weird.

About Yelling Rosa

I am retired. In my spare time I read, write, play the guitar and hike. I have published three verse books in Finnish and recorded my songs. You can listen to them on YouTube. I have translated some of my poems on Yelling Rosa's Weblog. I also like to watch movies. Olen kiinnostunut lukemisesta, kirjoittamisesta, kitaransoitosta ja luonnossa vaeltamisesta. Olen julkaissut kolme runokirjaa ja laulujani on äänitteillä. Voit lukea runojani Yelling Rosan kotisivuilta ja kuunnella laulujani YouTubessa. Olen elokuvafriikki.
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41 Responses to More Action Less Talk

  1. Excellent post, more than demonstrations need to be done about the worlds situation we all have a responsibility. Our lifestyle, if you can call it that is destroying our Earth. There are many natural resources we can use there is no excuse for governments to use chemical, nuclear, coal to create the electricity. Solar Power can be done anywhere as the sun is everywhere.

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  2. good point on globalization driving climate change

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  3. GP Cox says:

    We don’t need demonstrations and speeches as much as we need each person taking some bit of responsibility and correcting the situation. Clean-up details, more recycling, etc. We all need to be part of the solution instead of the problem.
    I think after the Parkland kids got so much media time because of their shooting, that someone thought it an excellent idea to use Greta to do the same.

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  4. Silk Cords says:

    Computers were a bad example. Desktop PCs have standardized parts sizes. The main circuit board has what’s called an ATX form factor (shape and mounting pattern). I’ve been building my own computers since 1993, or rather upgrading the one I’ve got. I’ve never bought a complete new computer in all that time except for my laptop in 26 years.

    “Planned obsolescence” on just about everything else is a serious problem though. Nothing is made to last any length of time nowadays. Manufacturers want the cheapest prices so they build the cheapest products. They also know if they sell something that will fall apart in a year, they will have another sale that much sooner. Everything from major appliances to dish towels. I have my grandmother’s dish towels that are as old as I am and still in perfect shape. Compare that to ones I have purchased recently and had them start to fall apart the first time they went through the washing machine.

    Restricting travel though… There are some DARK elements in governments that would LOVE that. We’re right back to feudalism at that point. You’re a slave trapped on land with no right to go elsewhere and doubtless little hope of any change either. You can’t move to some place better, you can’t see relatives that moved far away, etc.. A better answer is to find greener methods of travel. Jets in particular are a filthy dirty mode of transportation, and always overlooked by environmentalists.

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    • Yelling Rosa says:

      Thank you for correcting me. Perhaps tablets are still an issue. At least I haven’t been able to use any other operating system in my Windows tablet. I didn’t say that people can’t travel at all but more wisely.
      Take care 🙂

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  5. usfman says:

    As long as our governments resonate from top to bottom rather than bottom to top, the people seem powerless to enact solutions to climate change. Any suggestions to empower the people to enact change makes most sense

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  6. With everything we are doing to one another and to our fellow creatures and our earth, I think less and less of humans as “marvels.” We are the worst that has ever happened to this wonderful planet.

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  7. jfwknifton says:

    Clumsy husband “helping”, I broke the door of the microwave. The answer? Throw it away and buy another microwave. We absolutely must find a solution for this madness!

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  8. newwhitebear says:

    a good post on climate change. You are right: more action and less talk

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  9. moraglucy says:

    Thanks for this thought provoking post. We are certainly living in remarkable times. I think Greta and other young people who are protesting for governments to change their ways and declare a climate and ecological crisis that is happening to our planet is commendable. Governments and the huge corporations have known about global warming for years and have continued to do nothing to reduce the impact of carbon emissions. Sadly they have ignored the environmental scientists and some world leaders continue to deny the facts. Peaceful non-violent civil disobedience is our best hope to create a system change. Let’s hope it works before the tipping points are reached.

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  10. Wow good quality of thoughts 🚩

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  11. Excellent post! Computer/device parts should be standardised. Every gadget needs a different charger and then everything becomes obsolete so quickly. A complete waste of resources and money. Yes to more action, less talk!

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  12. I couldn’t agree more with all that you’ve expressed. Your suggestions are a great start. For those of us, myself included, who enjoy the comforts of modern, urban living, we have to make radical changes in consumer behavior. Attacking the messengers will get us nowhere.

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  13. K E Garland says:

    I recently read something that suggested no one in the world but anything else. It seems like a radical idea, but quite honestly, as you’ve shown with one of your examples, we throw things away quickly even when there’s just one problem.

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    • Yelling Rosa says:

      Old habits die hard, and people are not ready to give up on their way of living. On the other hand, everyone sees that our way in the Western World is mad. So to make these two live together, people’s imagination has been unlimited. For example, some people are talking about how humankind can survive by eating flies and beetles. They, bugs, can be grown even over our needs. These bugs let us fill our fields with trees that fresh the air 😉 Some people say that there are so many people in this world that we have to kill all cows and bigs without thinking that there should be fewer people because the world can not feed this much human beings in the long run even we were half less. The only way to lessen the world’s population is by sharing wellness all over the world fair. Now the poor guarantee their old days by making a lot of children.

      But even this try to have a nice weekend 🙂 ❤ 🙂

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  14. That was my biggest objection to Thornburg’s approach. It was focused on laying blame rather than taking responsibility personally.

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  15. RMW says:

    Demonstrations are important for raising awareness and getting the attention of politicians and the general public for a variety of causes, and I commend people who take time out of their lives to join in. But individual responsibility is of the utmost importance, of course! I do my part in many ways. Unfortunately, my example doesn’t rub off on friends or neighbors who continue on with their bad habits. I’ve been saying for decades that human beings are the worst pest to ever inhabit the planet and it may already be too late to make enough changes to save our earth. I just hope the cockroaches can do a better job when we humans are gone!

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    • Yelling Rosa says:

      Thank you for commenting. YEP, it’s good at people are doing something to make things right. As same as you, I am afraid that this all is too little too late. In my opinion, things started to get wrong when we learn agricultural land. Because of a new efficient way of getting food, there was more to eat, and the population began to grow. The new community moved house to cities and kept growing more.

      At the same time, the common control loosened so that nowadays nobody takes care of even the closest relatives. People are the small herd animals, like our closest relatives chimpanzees. In those small groups, the control is very intense, and it is impossible to act against the interests of the herd.

      Now when we have tasted the honey of individualism, nobody wants to take one step back for being able to take two steps ahead. People torpedo every good rescue suggestion by saying that we can’t go back to the stone age. I disagree with these arguments by saying if life disappeared from this planet, we have gone 4 billion years backward.

      The only solution is to support localism as much as possible. The local regiment would reduce the need for traveling and transporting goods around the world and make better the controlling people’s acts wisely, but this is what most people don’t want. So, this doesn’t look good.

      Anyway, have a pleasant and rewarding weekend 🙂 🐻 ❤ 🐻 🙂

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  16. smilecalm says:

    i look around as i ride my bike,
    most others are driving,
    eating meat and consuming
    just like they have been doing.
    mother earth has spoken,
    modern human ways have broken
    the thermostat which allowed life to thrive.
    despite this, may you day be well 🙂

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  17. Henry Lewis says:

    Agree. Consumption is the biggest enemy of our planet and we all must take the lead in this battle.

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