On December 6, 2018

On December 6, 2018, Finland has been independent for 101 years. Here is a card to greet your family members and your friends on Independence Day.

01suomisatayksivuotta 01a

If you want to add your greetings to the card, below is the card without text.

01suomisatayksivuotta 02a

You can easily add text by using the free PhotoScape software, which you can download from: http://www.photoscape.org/ps/main/download.php The video below tells you how to do it.

You can find more my free postcards at: http://yellingrosa.com/Free%20Postcard%20Slideshow.htm#frp01 There is also the card which is in the video.

Remember the virus scanning …

PS Even though the video is in Finnish, you shouldn’t have any problems to understand how to use the free PhotoScape picture editor which you can download from the URL http://www.photoscape.org/ps/main/download.php You find more of my free postcards in English and Finnish at http://yellingrosa.com/Free%20Postcard%20Slideshow.htm#frp01

For the People of Karelia Something is Missing on Independent Day

Evakon laulu singing Anneli Saaristo, lyrics and melody Veikkko Lavi

This song tells how the people of Karelia was forced to leave their homes in 1944 when Finland made peace with the Soviet.

You’ll find the lyrics in English at: https://lyricstranslate.com/en/evakon-laulu-song-evacuee.html

As a result of the 1940 Moscow Peace Treaty that concluded the Winter War, Finland ceded the area of Finnish Karelia and other territories to the Soviet Union. As a result, about 410,000 Finnish Karelians,[1] or 12% of Finland’s population, were relocated to the remainder of Finland. You can read more about the destiny of Karelian People at: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Evacuation_of_Finnish_Karelia

My mother and her family was one of those poor people. Below the picture of one of the family houses in Karelia, Terijoki, twenty years after.

Family house in Terijoki in 70s

At that time nobody lived there, and the house was left without maintenance.

Värttinä (Spindle)

Performs Karelian folkmusic. The vocalists sing in the Karelian dialect of the Finnish language.

Ruskie neitsyt (Brown-Haired Maiden) is an Eastern-Karelian folksong.

Read more about Värttinä in English at https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/V%C3%A4rttin%C3%A4

Another Karelian Folksong performed by Pekka Kuusisto

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Angel Has Come to the Door – Angelus ad ianuam venit

Beautiful are the flowers in the vase
Smiling to me from the table desk.
Through the window comes
The sweet song of birds.
With the eyes closed
I feel the heaven.
Angel has come
to the door.
© Yelling Rosa
19/10 –18

I have got help from Julian Morgan, the Yorkshire Author, to make the Latin verse right. Julian has studied and taught Latin for many years, most recently at the European School of Karlsruhe in Germany.

He has stepped down recently from classroom teaching and is beginning to rediscover his great love of his native Yorkshire. Please feel free to read more about Julian at: http://www.yorkshireauthor.com/about.html

Angelus ad ianuam venit

Flores pulchri in vase sunt
et vas super mensa est.
Trans fenestram aves parvae
carmen dulcem cantant.
Oculos quiete clausis
caelum tranquillum sentio.
Angelus ad ianuam venit.
© Yelling Rosa
19/10 –18

I got a little help from a couple of my Italian WordPress friends with the Italian verse. Its feeling and touch come close to Latin one. I tried to put the verb at the end of the line, but my friends pointed me in the right direction. It is always a matter of aesthetical taste how much dialect can be worked up. I dropped out ‘Vi sono’ from the beginning of the first line and 4th line is not a perfectly orthodox Italian, but kindly disposed to me.

L’angelo è venuto al cancello

Fiori bellissimi in un vaso
e il vaso è sul tavolo.
Attraverso la finestra arriva
una canzone dolce di uccellini.
Quando chiudo gli occhi,
sento la tranquillità del paradiso.
L’angelo è venuto al cancello.
© Yelling Rosa
19/10 –18

If you like to read this poem in Finnish, you’ll find it at: https://yrosa.wordpress.com/2018/10/21/enkeli-tullut-portille-on/

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Once I Was Beautiful

Cut Down Mode of Art

If I were Vincent van Gogh today,

I wouldn’t need even one ear.

The acquisitiveness is packed the art

Into the shape of porcelain design

That is out of reach of poor

People’s hearing.

© Yelling Rosa

14/10 -18

Once I was Beautifule by Yelling Rosa 2011

Olin minäkin kerran kaunis – Once I Was Beautiful © Yelling Rosa 2011

He said to me “Once I was beautiful drawing was a distressed one. You shouldn’t upload it to your blog.” I was a law-abiding and did what he said.
Tonight I watched the television document on Irish painter Francis Bacon. He gave one fucking damn to fine aesthetic folks. “Go ahead ugly little creature and distress people around the world,” I say now.

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Raiskattu olo

You most likely wonder what’s going on now. Why that dude has uploaded a Finnish poem here. The reason for this is my will to use more my own native language, because I know it best. Moreover, I hope that you guys would adopt also my Finnish blog. Yelling Rosan Blogi has a translator so that you’re not totally lost in the deep forest with my articles. I like to keep this blog, Yelling Rosa’s Weblog, mainly in English, but when it comes to build up essays and such, I lean on my own language.

Raiskattu olo

Tuo nainen, psykiatri, vähätteli jokaista sanaani ja elettäni
aivan kuin valehtelisin hänelle tai olisin vastaanotolla
ilman syytä ja tarkoitusta, kuluttaisin viekoitellen
hänen kallisarvoista aikaansa suurentelemalla
Koskaan ei minua ole raiskattu,
mutta jotain tällaista se lienee:
tulla kohdeltua kaltoin ja vielä tunnettava
syyllisyyttä kohtalostansa,
niin ettei viha pelasta ahdingosta
ja suru tuntuu vääryydeltä itseään
© Yelling Rosa
11/9 –18

I have explained the background for this poem at

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The Taste of Death

Everyting I carried
I bore alone.
© Yelling Rosa
29/9 -18

A Bird or a Stump © Yelling Rosa 2011

A Bird or a Stump © Yelling Rosa 2011

Over the Heads of Scientists

It goes over the heads of scientists
That the straight line will return
To the starting point and too much light
Into the black holes makes an explosion.
It’s too much for them to speak about
The vast nature of the creation
And they’re minimizing it
Into the one point.
© Yelling Rosa
23/9 -18

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Don’t be afraid – Älä pelkää – Не бойся

Don’t be afraid;
Angels have
© Yelling Rosa
25/8 -18

Älä pelkää

Älä pelkää;
enkelit lentävät.
© Yelling Rosa
25/8 –18

Не бойся

Не бойся;
Ангелы летят.
© Yelling Rosa
25/8 –18

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Le ruinate lamina

Le ruinate lamina

Quando io ambulava al strata, 
Io videva un vagabundo folle,
Qui credeva in commatrages.
Ille voleva colpar su falce
In le cranio del victima,
Sed su stupiditate
Ruinava le lamina.

Al fin del ponte
Io incontrava un femina
Insan qui diceva a me:
Tu non trovara un tanto
Fatue persona del qual
Tu non poterea apprender
Alique utile.
© Yelling Rosa
8/7 -18













Al strata

In the street







Epämääräinen artikkeli










Credeva in commatrages

Believed in gossips

Uskoi kuulopuheisiin



Hän (maskuliini)


Wanted to



To strike









Of + the

De -genetiivi ja määrätty artikkeli















On turmellut







Al fin del ponte

At the end of the bridge




Kohtasin, ‘törmäsin’





Of unsound mind








A me

(to) me


Tu non trovara un tanto

You will not find so

Et ole löytävä niin


Fatuous, silly

Hölmö, ymmärtämätön


Human being


Del qual

From who

Jolta (kirjaimellisesti: häneltä)




















Con assistentia de Marcus Scriptor


You can listen to the recitation also here

This poem is written in Interlingua

The Interlingua article at https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Interlingua gives you more information on this Italic international auxiliary language (IAL).

A Few Sayings in Four Languages:





Festina lente!

Hasta te lentemente!

Hasten Slowly!

Kiiruhda hitaasti!

Non scholae, sed vitae discimus.

Nos non apprende pro schola, sed pro vita.

We don’t learn for school but for life.

Emme opi koulua, vaan elämää varten.

Historia magistra vitae. Cicero

Le historia es le maestro del vita.

History, the teacher of life.

Historia on elämän opettaja.

Vita est tempus optimum hominis. Anonymus

Le vita es le tempore optime del homine.

Life is the best time for human beings.

Elämä on ihmisen parasta aikaa.

Si vis pacem, para bellum.

Si tu vole le pace, prepara al guerra.

If you want peace, prepare for war.

Jos haluat rauhaa, varustaudu sotaan.


Con assistentia de Marcus Scriptor



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I Look Up

Predator © Yelling Rosa 2011

I look up to
The mountain top.
I will roll the stone
There. They call it
A life.
© Yelling Rosa
22/6 -18

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Not Bad, Not Good

I’m not bad, I’m not good,
even though I crucified Jesus,
I am a human being.
© Yelling Rosa

En ole paha, en ole hyvä,
vaikka ristiinnaulitsin Jeesuksen;
olen ihminen.
© Yelling Rosa

Yelling Rosa Drawning

Not Bad, Not Good © Yelling Rosa 1991

Jag är inte ond, jag är inte god,
även fast jag korsfäste Jesus,
jag är en människa.
© Yelling Rosa

Nie jestem zły ani dobry,
mimo że ukrzyżowałem Jezusa,
jestem człowiekiem.
© Yelling Rosa
Tłumaczenie z języka angielskiego na język polski
autorstwa Marcus Scriptor

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My Affection

My Affection

The cosmos is smiling at me.
It thinks I’m all right.
The joy of God
Is my affection.
© Yelling Rosa

Words, Music, Recitation and Instruments by Yelling Rosa


Avaruus hymyilee minulle.
Sen mielestä olen mukava.
Ilo Jumalan on rakkauteni.
© Yelling Rosa

This poem in Russian and Interlingua at:

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Silky Like A Leaf

Silky Like A Leaf

I am silky like a leaf in the branch,
And like a leaf I have a meaning,
But it’s ignored by accusing me
of being exaggerative and weak.
But is it really me to blame
When the human eyes
Don’t see the tree?
© Yelling Rosa
24/3 -18

Silky As A Tree 01 © Yelling Rosa

Silky As A Tree 02 © Yelling Rosa

Read about Teosto at: https://www.teosto.fi/en

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The Name of the Game

The Name of the Game

Is this always the name of the game,
That those who don´t hear,
Are bellowing.
© Yelling Rosa
13/8 -17

Recited by digital human voice from iTranslate app, the background music played by Yelling Rosa.
This same poem in Finnish at: https://yrosa.wordpress.com/2018/03/02/macminin-kimpussa-2/

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Back room Came Suddenly

The back room 1)
Came suddenly.
It laughs at me
As I am looking
For the window
In the bricked
Up chamber.
© Yelling Rosa
7/2 -18

1) A backroom is a room that is situated at the back of a building, especially a private room.
2) You can use backroom to refer to people in an organization who do important work but are not seen or known about by the public.
3) If you refer to a deal made by someone such as a politician as a backroom deal, you disapprove of it because it has been made in a secret, dishonest way.
Collins Cobuild Advanced Learner’s English Dictionary, p. 89-90

Panic © Yelling Rosa 2012
Panic by © Yelling Rosa 2012

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Versión Revisada

Mi padre era gitano en el pueblo.
A los dieciséis años abandonó su hogar.
Cambió su sangre roja por el traje de negocios
del hombre blanco.
El corazón de mi hermana llora.
Ya no se le permite bailar
intenso latido
de vagabundos.
Mi guitarra arde en el fuego,
y las partituras están mojadas.
© Yelling Rosa
16/6 –17

Below you see the table where my version is revised. The translator who did these corrections doesn’t want her name to be published. You’ll find the unrevised version at: https://yellingrosa.wordpress.com/2017/06/17/mi-padre-era-un-gitano/

Mi padre era gitano © Yelling Rosa

Pequeña gitana por Yelling Rosa:

Pequeña gitana por Yelling Rosa

Marcus Scriptor translated the poem in Interlingua: You can read his poems in Interlingua at: http://poemasepensatas.blogspot.fi/

Mi patre esseva un tsigano

Mi patre esseva un tsigano in le village.
In le etate de dece-sex annos ille lassava su domo.
Ille cambiava su rubie sanguine
al costume commercial del homine blanc.
Le corde de mi soror plora.
On non la permitte ballar le flamenco,
le intense rhythmo del vagabundos.
Mi guitarra arde in le foco
e le partitura es molle.
© Yelling Rosa
16/6 -17

Interlingua is an international auxiliary language developed by professional linguists. Read more about it at: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Interlingua

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