The Firing Line

The Firing Line 6.4.17 © Yelling Rosa

I don’t know where to go now
When the world is making faces to me.
I can’t hide from that where I live.
In the middle of the firing line I fume
Like a gunpowder echoing wounds
To my own beating heart.
© Yelling Rosa
6/4 –17

PS If you are interested in Latin, browse my Latin-English example phrases at: FlipBook by Yelling Rosa/

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The Better Place of the Silent Souls

Now I am a peculiar man who is left alone in the prison of madness.
I am a poet who has no strength to write normal text behind the bars
in order to get a few seconds acceptance from some reader
who never come to see me where I am kept.
I am a man who has been silenced to invisible
who is thinking of what to do with the physical
dust hut.

The odd call is talking to me about the better place of the silent souls
where I don’t have to be ashamed of myself or defend my existence.
I have urgent to gather what is left and fly high away.
Is that a sin or the end of people’s stabbing
the poor man’s back full of holes so that life
was able to turn into gas
that escapes from
the broken vessel?
© Yelling Rosa
21/3 –17

The bicycle 16.3.17 by © Yelling Rosa

Il posto migliore delle anime silenziose

Ora sono un uomo singolare che è lasciato solo nel carcere di follia.
Io sono un poeta che non ha la forza di scrivere il testo normale dietro le sbarre
al fine di ottenere alcuni secondi accettazione da qualche lettore
che non ha mai venuto a trovarmi dove sono mantenute.
Io sono un uomo che è stato messo a tacere da invisibile
che sta pensando a cosa fare con il fisico
capanna di polvere.

La chiamata dispari sta parlando con me circa il posto migliore delle anime silenziose
dove io non devo vergognarmi di me stesso o difendere la mia esistenza.
Urgente Ho raccogliere ciò che resta e volare alto via.
È un peccato o alla fine di accoltellamento di altre persone
schiena del povero pieno di fori in modo che la vita
sono stati in grado di trasformare in gas
che sfugge da
il vaso rotto.
© Yelling Rosa
21/3 –17

Note:  This verse is hypothetical.
The verses might have some errors because I didn’t have energy for proofreading.

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I Was Forced to

01 The Wall Clock 2017 by © Yelling Rosa

“Johanna, could I ask you something”?
“Why is it that all women are going in bed with Matthew? I don’t see anything special on him”.
“Just because of that. You can’t fall in love while you are at university. It would disturb the studies”.
“Pretty cruel, I might say”.
“Practical, I would defend”.
“All right, we can leave this behind us now. Unless, I’m also one of those one time commodities.”
She smiled and didn’t reply anything. I kind of like it even I wasn’t in the mood for having sex. Perhaps it would be bad for lessons.

“Well, I am now ready to drive you back to the university. We have an early call tomorrow morning”.
Despite my saying this she didn’t move the finger to get ready for going to quarters but begged me to tell more about those rock concerts I have visited in my early days. Of course it was strange to sit with someone at the table who actually has seen Jimi Hendrix alive without mention the others, less sensational. I had already told her how he played with flames on his guitar body but she didn’t mind to recall it again. I knew it was a plot in order to make me too tired for taking her back to institution and I played my part as I was supposed to, up till the moment she said:
“Let’s go to sleep”.
“All right” but it will be just for sleep”.
“I don’t know about that, man, our time at university is almost done. Or do you see it otherwise”.

Next evening Matthew came from one of his bed traveling adventures and he was filled with the urgent to tell me with whom he had slept this time. I guess that he took my silence as a sign of storytelling session. He was forced to do it, as usual, when the girl had taken off her jumper. According to him there was no exit after that maneuver.
“Matt, dying is the only thing we are forced to accomplish, of course after we have born. I met one flickering stranger last summer on the shore. She had smiled me before that moment on my regular jogging path for days. Now she came to sit with me on the park bench. She started to tell me her story, how she misses her husband who has been at sea and would be there still a couple of months.
“I don’t know why but my nipples are hard”, she said and looked at her breasts. Usually anything like this happens to me when I am sitting with a man except for my darling, of course”.
“I am sure that the yearning for your husband made you excited, or is it this chilly weather. No, no, it must be your man who makes your body on fire. It is good to see a faithful wife among us in these uncertain and rootless times”, I replied even her nipples stuck out like two erected fingers under her T-shirt. Then I underlined how I sensed the disappointment on her face but I wasn’t forced to touch her bosom or any other body parts.

I kept on telling him that Johanna was with me last night and we liked to have some sex but the condoms had vanished in the air.
“How this is possible Matthew? Have you rummaged my desk”?
“Definitely not, I just was once here in your room when you opened the drawer and I was forced to see the condoms. Then a couple days ago one girl was here” …
“And she took off some of her item of clothing, perhaps all of them”, I put in.
“Exactly, he said relieved and the reddish shame on his face got lighter but he couldn’t go on from the embarrassment. In the end it was he who stole those rubber things. After having him in pain a sufficient period of time I said: “And you were forced to take my condoms”. 
“Yes”, he said.
“Matt, but you weren’t forced to spare even one of those twelve condoms to your roommate”.
“Sorry Larry. I should have slowed down but you know how it is”.
“My name is not Larry”.
“I know, I know but it just rhymes like a disease”.
“I see”.
© Yelling Rosa
5/3 -17


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Free Valentine’s Card 2017


002a Happy Valentine's Day 2017 by © Yelling Rosa

If you wish to add your own wishes, please use the card where is no text.
Only for private use!

005a Bon San Valentino 2017 by © Yelling Rosa

Se si desidera aggiungere i propri desideri, si prega di utilizzare la scheda in cui nessun testo.
Solo per uso privato!

007a ¡Feliz día de San Valentín! 2017 by © Yelling Rosa

Si desea agregar sus deseos, por favor utilice la tarjeta postal en la que no hay texto.
Sólo para uso privado!

003b Hyvää Ystävänpäivää 2017 by © Yelling Rosa

From me to You:

Happy Valentine’s day 2017!


PS. This Card in Russian at:

And in Finnish at:

My Valentine’s Song at:

A Little Tip for getting the singular forms of “you” in Google Translator.

Tip for having the singular in the Google Translator 01 
You can use and share this picture in learning purposes.

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The Blue Forest

 Sininen metsä 01 © Yelling Rosa

The Blue Forest E004 © Yelling Rosa

The Blue Forest

The Blue forest examined me.
Did he saw a member of his family?
Undoubtedly, because he sent me
A flock of purple birds.
I didn’t ask where
The soul of the
© Yelling Rosa
11/1 -17

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He Talks to You

When the world
Turn its back on you
You’ll see the Lord in the sky.
Being alone isn’t the punishment
But the precious proof of uniqueness
Which the Creator doesn’t reject.
When your day grows dark
He talks to you like
The shining stars
In the night.
© Yelling Rosa
3/1 -17

Hän tuikkii sinulle

Kun maailma
kääntää selkänsä sinulle,
näet taivaalla kasvot Jumalan.
Ei ole rangaistusta yksinolevaisuus
vaan todistus ainutkertaisuudesta.
Kun päiväsi pimenee, hän tuikkii
sielussasi kuin tähdet öisen
© Yelling Rosa
3/1 –16

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Река переносит время

02 Tonio River 007 

Река переносит время только в глазах людей.
©Yelling Rosa
27/12 –16

02 Tonio River 00 SelfPortrait 

Joki kuljettaa historiaa vain ihmisten mielissä.
©Yelling Rosa
27/12 –16

02 Tonio River 03 

The river carries time only in the eyes of the people.
©Yelling Rosa
27/12 –16

Word Table

I did the sentence analysis with the help of online parser, Grammatica (see the picture below). If you are interested in getting to know Grammatica, you can use it free one week. You find it at: 
The responsibility for any remaining mistakes or misjudgments is, of course, my own. With that in mind, any comments or further corrections will be gratefully received by me.


If you are interested in knowing more about the Russian language, Eugenia Nekrasova has written a very good online book “A Basic Modern Russian Grammar”, and you find it at

Russian Alphabet

Letter Pronunciation Letter Pronunciation
Аа a Рр r
Бб b Сс s
Вв v Тт t
Гг g Уу u
Дд d Фф f
Ее ye Хх kh or h
Ёё y0 Цц ts
Жж zh Чч ch
Зз z Шш sh
Ии i or ee Щщ sch
Йй iy Ъъ hard sign
Кк k Ыы i
Лл l Ьь soft sign
Мм m Ээ e
Нн n Юю yu
Оо o Яя ya
Пп p    

More about the pronunciation at Russian ABC – Russian Alphabet, Youtube.

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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2017

I like to thank all of you who have visited on Yelling Rosa’s Weblog in 2016 and wish to see you again next year. This year seems to be a little livelier than the year 2015.  The reviews in 2015 were 11.411 and in 2016 13.289 so far. The best year here on Yelling Rosas’s Weblog until so far has been the year 2014 when this blog was reviewed 21.516 times.

I have designed also this year a free Christmas card with wishes and without text. I hope that you used the one with the text as it is designed and added your own wishes to the textless one. The cards are for private use only. You will find the previous Christmas card at:

Christmas 2016 by Yelling Rosa 01

Christmas 2016 by Yelling Rosa 02

PhotoScape is a free and easy to use graphics editing program. You will find it at:
With the help of it it’s easy to add own wishes and/or reduce the picture size.
The video below show you how

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


PS A New poem in English published 10/12 –16 at:

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Necuno del Élite

The elite has revealed its attitude towards the poor, uneducated people who happens to be the majority in many cases. In spite of that the elite keeps on pointing out the poor: they don’t have permission to have own opinion, at least in it can not be found anything positive. Funny how much there are those people who are good for nothing, like those who said yes to Brexit, more than 50 percent of the population in Britain, and voted for Trump, half of the population in U.S.A. My verse is this media accusing phenomenon in a nutshell. Please read the Afterword.

Necuno del Élite

Necuno del élite
face attention al pena
ubi le povre gente vive.
Illes es solmente indolente,
racial o alteremente maligne,
conforme al opulente,
e stupide illes es post que
non comprende
que le globalismo
salvarea ab le
©Yelling Rosa
11/11 –16

None of the Elite

None of the elite
Pay attention to shortage
Where the poor people live.
They are simply lazy,
Racial or otherwise evil,
According to the wealthy,
And stupid they are because
They don’t realize
How globalism rescues
Them from
The poverty.
©Yelling Rosa
11/11 -16







Of, from

De + le = del



Face attention a

Pay attention to

A + le = al










To live

Vive => present tense



Plural masculine => males and females


Is, are


Only, merely


Averse to toil or exertion









Conforme a

According to

A + le = al





E … e = as well … as, both … and



Post que





To comprehend

Comprende => present tense







To rescue

Salvarea => conditional



Also: de




I have been very much surprised how some people have not been able to see the core of “Necuno del Élite” –post. It only asks how the barefooted poor are named racists when they ask how the governments are able to find money to foreigners but not natives. I don’t agree with Mr. Trump’s statements but I don’t see that all people who voted for him can be evil as the media often expresses. Mr. Trump was the only candidate who at least promised some help to the poor. Same way people in Britain see that Brexit might be solution for better and it is very cheap to call them with names or deny the result of the democratic election in any way at least before there is evidence otherwise.

When I am talking about the elite I mean less than 2 pro cent of the population in the world. I have nothing against them but I am afraid that there will be vast chaos if this global policy keeps going on. These coming riots will hurt also them (the elite) at least in some proportion. The havoc can be so huge and deep that rising from that hole can take decades. When the media, which is owned by the elite, look down the native poor, it stirs up the social disconnect among the people who are on the low economical level. In Finland more than 10 pro cent of population live under the poverty line and counting. In spite of that the government is doing cuts while it is taking immigrants in. If you belonged to that 10 pro cent, wouldn’t you be worried? How would you feel if you were called racist if you open your mouth? Please think this without adding anything sentimental to it.

I am relative old person and it’s more than likely that I am not going to see the might-come final match. In spite of that I wish that those educated people who are talking against the disadvantaged native people thought where it might lead. When we see things in 360 degrees angle we are able to save this world that is full of unsolved issues. The real and lasting solutions should help everyone. You who have a life ahead, please think about this and live in peace without calling people with names in vain.

Yelling Rosa

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Yelling Rosa’s Free Postcards

I have uploaded all my free Xmas Cards to my own website because Picasa service doesn’t work anymore. I came up with some difficulties earlier when I tried to download the zip folder from my site. Now this should be all right but if there’s something wrong, let me know that. I appreciate also if someone tells me that thing works like a train toilet.

Click this to download all my free Xmas postcards, 15 all together, in zip format. You can also download cards to your own computer from here one by one. In order to do so open the card on the new browser tab and copy it from there to your computer. If you copy it from the Slide show you will get the Thumbnail. Cards are free for private use.

Remember always to virus check all the downloaded material.

I hope that you send the postcards with message as they are and use postcards without text for your own greetings.

The Most of My Christmas Cards

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Happy times while sending cards to your relatives and friends.

PS This is not my Xmas post but I wanted to upload this one in good time so that there is time for you to download, pick up the card(s) and write greetings, perhaps to have paper prints as well. Please, watch XmasCardBy YellingRosa video if you like to know how to add own greetings using free photo editing software PhotoScape.

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The Moment of the Life

The Death

The fate
ring out in
the word: death.
The death, the death,
its bell tolls the poem
of the Spaniard world.
The clang of the drum
Creates the deep touch
Of the truth, of the moment’s
value which otherwise
like the delirium runs down
along the leg into the soil
Where nothing exists.
©Yelling Rosa
17/3 –14

001 Hetki elämän 2012 by © Yelling Rosa

La morte

Il destino
risuona nella parola:
La morte, la morte
la tua campana suona
la poesia del mondo latino.
Il rumore del tamburo
crea il tocco profondo
della verità, il momento,
il valore, che in caso contrario
come il delirio cade il basso
lungo la gamba nel terreno nero
dove nulla esiste.
© Yelling Rosa
17/3 –14

001b Elämän hetki © Yelling Rosa 2014

PS You can enlarge the pictures by clicking them with the mouse cursor.

PPS A New poem in English published at here 30/10 -16

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4 Language Table Part 03



I, pron





Am, sv, 1 pers

[əm strong æm ]


Sono, sv


Glad, adj

[glæd ]


Contento, -a


Sad, adj



Triste, m & f


Tired, adj



Stanco, -a


Active, adj



Attivo, -a

Aktiivinen, toimelias

Modest, adj



Modesto, -a





Forte, m & f


Shy, adj

[ʃai ]


Timido, -a





Ottobre, m


Ripe, adj

[raip] Matur

Maturo, -a


Rowanberry, n



La sorba, f


In the previous blog post 4 Language Table Part 02 I spoke about the noun and now we study a bit the adjectives and the first person, indicative present of the be verb. Verbs of being are called linking verbs because they link the subject and the predicative together, for example I (subject) am sensitive (predicative). The adjectives might have own attributes like very, briefly, much and so on. Attributes are most likely adverbs which don’t agree with the gender, number or case of the subject.

In English and Interlingua adjectives don’t take part in the agreement, in other words, adjectives are not in the same number, gender and case as the noun they refer. None of these languages have these 3 qualitities. In Italian adjectives are in the same number and gender but there are no cases. In Finnish adjectives are in the same number and case as nouns but there are no genders. 

Anyway, now you don’t have to think about much the agreement because I hope that you use the linking verb to be in the 1st person, indicative present, for example “I am shy“, “Io es timide“, “(Io) sono timido (if you’re a male); (Io) sono timida (if a female)” and “(Minä) olen ujo.” For further knowledge pick up the words from the table and build up own sentences. If you are not sure about your sentence put it in the quatation marks and copy the whole sentence with the quatation marks and paste it in the Google’s Search Field. If your sentence is correct you will get many articles where this sentence is showed to you in bold.

October Greetings to all of you from Us

Rowanberries 2016 by © Yelling Rosa
We are the rowanberries in October (UK), Nos es le sorbas matur in octobre (IL), Noi siamo le sorbe mature in ottobre (IT), Me olemme lokakuun kypsät pihlajanmarjat (FI).

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Fortune Is Blind

Without luck
You won’t survive
Even from yourself.
© Yelling Rosa
22/5 -15

Ilman hyvää onnea
ei selviä edes
© Yelling Rosa
22/5 -15

001 Pystytukka by Yelling Rosa 2015

Fortuna caeca est =
’Onnetar on sokea’ tai ‘Kohtalo on sokea’ (Fin)
’Fortune is blind’ or ‘Destiny is blind’ (UK)

Even so let’s wish a good luck for everyone
and pass it on every time we can.

Yelling Rosa Signature

PS This post is from my Finnish Blog at: 

PPS Four Languages table post, see below

4 Languages 

42 words and counting

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Does not come and

Knock on the door of your heart.

It has always lived within you 

But one day you have to continue

Without it.

It is your inner voice,

Which is in vain misjudged

And accused of being the end of life.

The truth, however,

Is that if it put an end to life

It would kill himself.

©Yelling Rosa

13/9 -16

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