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Angel Has Come to the Door – Angelus ad ianum venit

Beautiful are the flowers in the vaseSmiling to me from the table desk.Through the window comesThe sweet song of birds.With the eyes closedI feel the heaven.Angel has cometo the door.© Yelling Rosa19/10 –18 Angelus ad ianuam venit Flores pulchri in … Continue reading

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The Gospels in Anglish

I have uploaded this article also at: and there you’ll find the translator. Here you won’t find the translator because this blog is going to be a place where I’ll publish mainly the English poems from now on. Otsikko … Continue reading

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Selvitä, missä tämä biokätkö sijaitsee. Vinkkinä, että se on lähemmällä kuin uskotkaan. Muuta sinun ei tarvitse kuin keskustella puiden kanssa. Find out, where this biocache is lurking. The tip: it’s closer than you can expect. You have to only speak … Continue reading

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Fortune Is Blind

Without luckYou won’t surviveEven from yourself.© Yelling Rosa22/5 -15 Ilman hyvää onneaei selviä edesitsestään.© Yelling Rosa22/5 -15 Fortuna caeca est =’Onnetar on sokea’ tai ‘Kohtalo on sokea’ (Fin)’Fortune is blind’ or ‘Destiny is blind’ (UK) Even so let’s wish a … Continue reading

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Open like love

O’ Woman O’ Woman,You are a roseBelow my belt.© Yelling Rosa15/6 -16 O’ Femina O’ femina,tu es un rosasub micinctura.© Yelling Rosa15/6 –16 ProofreaderMarcrus Scriptor Cogito, ergo sum Latin English Interlingua Finnish Cogito, I think, Io cogita, Ajattelen, ergo therefore … Continue reading

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Templum and 2015 in Review

Templum Silva templum meum est. Ibi tranquillitatem sentio. © Yelling Rosa 26.12-15 Auxiliavit Tea Pelkonen ad: Temple The forest is my temple. There I dissolve in tranquility. © Yelling Rosa 26.12 -15 2015 in Review The stats helper … Continue reading

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Peano’s Interlingua

Something about Peano’s Interlingua which is also called Latino sine flexione. It was heavily criticized by Langelot Hogben. According to Hogben the biggest shortages were a lack of articles and a chance of mixing up verbs with nouns. It is … Continue reading

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