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The Better Place of the Silent Souls

Now I am a peculiar man who is left alone in the prison of madness. I am a poet who has no strength to write normal text behind the bars in order to get a few seconds acceptance from some … Continue reading

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Necuno del Élite

The elite has revealed its attitude towards the poor, uneducated people who happens to be the majority in many cases. In spite of that the elite keeps on pointing out the poor: they don’t have permission to have own opinion, … Continue reading

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Open like love

O’ Woman O’ Woman,You are a roseBelow my belt.© Yelling Rosa15/6 -16 O’ Femina O’ femina,tu es un rosasub micinctura.© Yelling Rosa15/6 –16 ProofreaderMarcrus Scriptor Cogito, ergo sum Latin English Interlingua Finnish Cogito, I think, Io cogita, Ajattelen, ergo therefore … Continue reading

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Peano’s Interlingua

Something about Peano’s Interlingua which is also called Latino sine flexione. It was heavily criticized by Langelot Hogben. According to Hogben the biggest shortages were a lack of articles and a chance of mixing up verbs with nouns. It is … Continue reading

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Three poems in Interlingua

This time I present you three of my poems translated in Interlingua, one of the many constructed languages. I have translated two of them and Stanley A. Mulaik1 has kindly translated one. He also helped me with two other poems. … Continue reading

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