Angel Has Come to the Door – Angelus ad ianuam venit

Beautiful are the flowers in the vase
Smiling to me from the table desk.
Through the window comes
The sweet song of birds.
With the eyes closed
I feel the heaven.
Angel has come
to the door.
© Yelling Rosa
19/10 –18

I have got help from Julian Morgan, the Yorkshire Author, to make the Latin verse right. Julian has studied and taught Latin for many years, most recently at the European School of Karlsruhe in Germany.

He has stepped down recently from classroom teaching and is beginning to rediscover his great love of his native Yorkshire. Please feel free to read more about Julian at:

Angelus ad ianuam venit

Flores pulchri in vase sunt
et vas super mensa est.
Trans fenestram aves parvae
carmen dulcem cantant.
Oculos quiete clausis
caelum tranquillum sentio.
Angelus ad ianuam venit.
© Yelling Rosa
19/10 –18

I got a little help from a couple of my Italian WordPress friends with the Italian verse. Its feeling and touch come close to Latin one. I tried to put the verb at the end of the line, but my friends pointed me in the right direction. It is always a matter of aesthetical taste how much dialect can be worked up. I dropped out ‘Vi sono’ from the beginning of the first line and 4th line is not a perfectly orthodox Italian, but kindly disposed to me.

L’angelo è venuto al cancello

Fiori bellissimi in un vaso
e il vaso è sul tavolo.
Attraverso la finestra arriva
una canzone dolce di uccellini.
Quando chiudo gli occhi,
sento la tranquillità del paradiso.
L’angelo è venuto al cancello.
© Yelling Rosa
19/10 –18

If you like to read this poem in Finnish, you’ll find it at:

About Yelling Rosa

I am retired. In my spare time I read, write, play the guitar and hike. I have published three verse books in Finnish and recorded my songs. You can listen to them on YouTube. I have translated some of my poems on Yelling Rosa's Weblog. I also like to watch movies. Olen kiinnostunut lukemisesta, kirjoittamisesta, kitaransoitosta ja luonnossa vaeltamisesta. Olen julkaissut kolme runokirjaa ja laulujani on äänitteillä. Voit lukea runojani Yelling Rosan kotisivuilta ja kuunnella laulujani YouTubessa. Olen elokuvafriikki.
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22 Responses to Angel Has Come to the Door – Angelus ad ianuam venit

  1. Oh my! To be able to write in Latin and translate into English. I marvel at your linguistic ability. I also marvel at the beauty of your poem. Yes, an angel came to your door, if by angel you mean one of the beauties of nature around us.

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    • Yelling Rosa says:

      Thank you for commenting, but don’t count your chickens before they are hatched. I haven’t got a license from any of Latinists, but more or less I believe that the Latin version is all right. Lately, I have read professor Tuomo Pekkanen’s translation from Eino Leino’s Helkavirsiä, Carmina Sacra. He has used a very popular language. It encouraged me.
      All the best to you and nice starting week 🙂

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  2. Carolyn Page says:

    Beautifully written… The feeling is extremely heartfelt.. 🙂


  3. smilecalm says:

    that open door
    appears so
    welcoming 🙂


  4. This scene does sound like a slice of heaven!


  5. ivor20 says:

    Beautiful words….
    “With the eyes closed
    I feel the heaven”


  6. newwhitebear says:

    sei veramente versatile nei tuoi post sempre ricchi di novità


  7. I love your words, their softness, we need more angels in our world. Thanks to be one of them.


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