SINSY – Singing Voice Synthesis System

Sinsy 01

I have been interested in purchasing the singing synthesizer but controlled myself because the starter pack of the only real option, Vocaloid, costs over 200 Euros. After looking for the free software on the Internet for some time I came up with Sinsy, the online HMM-based Singing Voice Synthesis System (see the picture above). It converts xml.files into wav.files. In order to do this you can write the notes and lyrics in MuseScore, which is free notation software. When you are ready with your song you export it in an xml form to your hardware and from there you upload it to Sinsy by clicking the Selaa –button. When you have picked up your  song you should click the Send button. If you are happy with the result you’ll save it in a wave form by clicking the wav-title.

The Lyrics Made with MuseScore

School Dentist Final

This song is an old Finnish folksong in which K. Rautio has written the lyrics. It was very popular song at school and it begins: “I know the place dear, tranquil and wonderful”. We, the pupils of the Vartiokylä Elementary School in Helsinki, sang it with our own words while transporting to the school dentist clinic. At least then we felt that school dentist were too rough because we suffered even from pain and bloodshed. Perhaps it was only a question of drills which didn’t use water at those days but some water was needed so that the drill bits didn’t run hot. You can rely on that we waited those swigs of water while sitting in the chair of the school dentist.

The Result on YouTube

I know the place terrible,
The chair of the school dentist.
He will destroy your sweet teeth
And your gums eradicate.

Melody in Parts

Sinsy is a very good aid also when you want to test voices. In that case you must convert every voice to xml format separately with MuseScore. If you try this with the score Sinsy will do the job by putting voices on the one line and do them in a row. The cutting those in parts won’t be easy in any studio program that you need to play many voices at the same time. I have Sonar Home Studio which is not an expensive program and which you can test 30 days free. Because it is a cheap program it has its limitation, of course.

Sonar Home Studio 01

For some reason Sinsy leaves the empty gap at the beginning of the wave files. I found it very hard to cut off so I left it there because the silent gaps don’t bother when every track has such. Don’t become disheartened with all this information. In the long run it will save you from wasting energy and lots of time. Please view YouTube videos to get more information when needed. I wish you happy times with your songs.

Listen to what you see on the picture above


Making music

Software Purpose Download
MuseScore (free) Scorewriter
Sinsy (free) Singing Voice Synthesis System
Cadencii (free) Multi-track piano roll editor
Vocaloid (commercial) Singing synthesizer
Band-in-a-Box (commercial) This software has the Sinsy Plug-in

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  1. ivors20 says:

    Absolutely fascinating, don’t think I’m quite clever enough with a computer, but my clever computerman brother might give me a hand. Thanks for the information.

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  2. That would be much too complicated for me but I did enjoy viewing it on You Tube. I could use the sheet music to play it on the piano though. Dentists were really scary for children back then. I remember those days well and appreciate my gentle dentist with wonderful equipment today!


  3. newwhitebear says:

    I downloaded both Sinsy and Musescore. You made us a nice gift


  4. mitchteemley says:

    Scary. Fascinating. Cool. Did I mention Scary?


  5. kutukamus says:

    Scary scary chair
    Let’s all now go
    To the dentist’s lair 🙂


  6. sherazade says:

    Just fantastic and you so clever !!!!



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  8. How interesting! I must show my husband – a guitarist who I used to sing with ( but seem to have lost my voice)


  9. Rosa this is fascinating software. I never thought about something like it existing. Now I’m very curious. Hugs.


    • Yelling Rosa says:

      Thank you for commenting. I am happy that you are excited about Sinsy.
      I add more information about Sinsy and polyphonic to my post.
      Please read from the Melody in Parts title downwards.
      I wish you happy times with music 🙂


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