Reverse Side


Reverse Side 8.8.2016 © Yelling Rosa

En Esperanto:


Ĉiu venko
Signifas faligon de
Almenaŭ unu homo.
Vi batas iun survizaĝen
Kien estos portita
La vundito?
© Yelling Rosa
7/8 –16
Tuomo Grundström,
Esperanto-Asocio de Finnlando

Esperanto English Finnish
ALIFLANKE Here: Reverse Side Kääntöpuoli
Ĉiu Each Jokainen
Venko Win Voitto
Signifi To mean Merkitä
Faligon Lost, defeat Tappio
De almenaŭ unu At least one of Vähintään yhden
Homo Human being Ihminen
Bati To hit, beat Lyödä
Iun Someone’s Jonkun
Survizaĝe; –n against face Kasvoilla; tässä: kasvoihin
Kien Where Mihin
Estos portita is taken Viedään
Vundito Wounded Loukkaantunut fyysisesti; “ofendi” loukata henkisesti tai kunniaa: “esti ofendita”
Oni One Persoonaton pronomiin, vastaa passiivia

Esperanto has these special characters ĉ, ĝ, ĥ, ĵ, ŝ. You can type them online at:


You find the spellchecker at:

“Esperanto (/ˌɛspəˈræntoʊ/ or /-ˈrɑː-/;[5][6] [espeˈranto] About this sound listen (help·info)) is a constructed international auxiliary language. It is the most widely spoken constructed language in the world.[7] The Polish-Jewish ophthalmologist L. L. Zamenhof published the first book detailing Esperanto, Unua Libro, on 26 July 1887. The name of Esperanto derives from Doktoro Esperanto (“Esperanto” translates as “one who hopes”), the pseudonym under which Zamenhof published Unua Libro”. Wikipedia at:

All the best to all of you in every languages


PS I appreciate the help I got from Finnish Esperanto Association when I wrote this post.


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I desing home pages. In my spare time I read, write, play the guitar and hike. I have published three verse books in Finnish and recorded my songs. You can listen to them on YouTube. I have translated some of my poems on Yelling Rosa's Weblog. I also like to watch movies. Olen kiinnostunut lukemisesta, kirjoittamisesta, kitaransoitosta ja luonnossa vaeltamisesta. Olen julkaissut kolme runokirjaa ja laulujani on äänitteillä. Voit lukea runojani Yelling Rosan kotisivuilta ja kuunnella laulujani YouTubessa. Olen elokuvafriikki.
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22 Responses to Reverse Side

  1. sheldonk2014 says:

    Love the words and the drawing

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  2. Niko says:

    Hello Rosa, that’s interesting! Have a nice day 🙂

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  3. I had almost forgotten language Esperanto

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  4. sherazade says:

    I deeply appreciate yr drawing and the question Is without answer. ..

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  5. newwhitebear says:

    The esperanto is a universal language, which should unite humanity.
    I liked the idea of translating your poem.

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  6. cindy knoke says:

    You are remarkable.

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    • Yelling Rosa says:

      Thank you very much. It is good that you think in that way as no man is a prophet in his own land. I consider your way to speak with birds through your camera lens as a remarkable skill. I guess you have always liked them.
      Take care and have a nice Sunday 🙂


  7. Love the drawing so evocative. It would be great if we did all speak a single language but at the same time there is magic and joy in learning other people’s languages and hearing them spoken. I speak Spanish and French as well as English and love hearing Spanish and French.


    • Yelling Rosa says:

      Thank you for commenting. One equal language for all the people of the world didn’t have to mean that the national languages are under a ban. At the moment English is the Lingua Franca but it leaves others than German and Romance languages speakers in the shadow. Esperanto is not much better choice because its vocabulary comes from German and Romance languages. The new artificial language is so far-fetched that it would be easier to make the digital translators better than they are today.
      Have a nice weekend 🙂


  8. BroadBlogs says:

    A good point – and beautifully put!


  9. sherazade says:

    Ha ve a very nice weekend my dear friend!
    Shera 😀


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