Solitude Created Us

Solitude Created

Solitude gave me birth
For her own consolation
But lost her cradle.
I without the parent
Cropped the damage
Into the myriads
Of human-ears.
© Yelling Rosa
30/1 –16

Am I old by Yelling Rosa


1) When the poem is written in first person singular it means the one who is speaking, is the same creature who carries out action the poem reveals. If the reader thinks that the author is the doer, when he/she isn’t, it most likely flattens the idea, atmosphere and story; the whole narration of poem under its real quantity. It also gives a wrong picture about the author’s personality. The first person singular has strong concrete influence on us and can lead us astray in spite of how sophisticated we are, but on the other hand it takes us straight into the eye of the storm or the serenity.

In this particularly occasion it is impossible that I, the small writer, create something that lives in the myriads of human-ears: in their mind of desire. It’s up to you to decide who is speaker of ‘Solitude Created Us’. I wrote about this because some comments here and elsewhere have told me that the reader thinks that I am the doer of ‘Solitude Created Us’. Of course I am, as well you are, partly involved like anyone before and after us. I apologize to you for this if it were too obvious.

2) The ears of a cereal plant such as wheat or barley are the parts at the top of the stem, which contain the seeds or grains, Collins Cobuild Advanced Learner’s English Dictionary, p. 444.


About Yelling Rosa

I desing home pages. In my spare time I read, write, play the guitar and hike. I have published three verse books in Finnish and recorded my songs. You can listen to them on YouTube. I have translated some of my poems on Yelling Rosa's Weblog. I also like to watch movies. Olen kiinnostunut lukemisesta, kirjoittamisesta, kitaransoitosta ja luonnossa vaeltamisesta. Olen julkaissut kolme runokirjaa ja laulujani on äänitteillä. Voit lukea runojani Yelling Rosan kotisivuilta ja kuunnella laulujani YouTubessa. Olen elokuvafriikki.
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19 Responses to Solitude Created Us

  1. newwhitebear says:

    Your words are nostalgic without melancholy. Solitude is not a good companion but you bear it with style.

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  2. Zarina says:

    you are also in sketching? I am into my second month doing urban sketching.

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  3. sherazade says:

    Nessun commento! Solo grande emozione .

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  4. voulaah says:

    thank you for sharing these kind words

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  5. Sometimes we do need the cradle of solitude for a bit but too much is not good for the soul. The sketch is a rather sad illustration.

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    • Yelling Rosa says:

      Thank you for commenting.
      None of us knows why life exists on our planet but we know that all living organs must keep on dividing in order to guarantee that life continues. Without the feel of solitude this wouldn’t work. Still all that doesn’t quite fill our soul and being, and we want something more. Nobody knows exactly what but everyone tries to put it into words of ideologies. My poems is picture about that paradoxical construction were we are, how it effects on us. Perhaps life must be as blue as it glad. If we were totally happy all the time we would come very lazy and avoid all the troubling work.
      I hope that this make any sense to you. Have a nice week.

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  6. I appreciated your thoughts about writing in first person. I tried to speak about that to someone but it sounds better how you said it. I will save this post for sure.

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