Anyone Who Says

Anyone who says
That injustice can’t be stopped
Signs its endless continuity.
© Yelling Rosa

I have closed the comments this time because I am too tired to hear explanations why everything is too complicated for common people to make better. Believe or not, but at the end it is us who makes this world going around. Past knows many examples where common men have forced politicians to change things. In the sixties Martin Luther King jr and his followers made the government of the USA stop the racial segregation in the southern states. This has never happened if people hadn’t believed themselves.

I see that all our troubles in this world are connected to the unfair income policy. No matter what is your political trend, you must admit that, as long as some people are so poorly paid that they must use extreme action, the world can’t be in balance. Equal pay for equal job worldwide makes every home land the best one and stops the heartbreaking migrations and prevents the birth of extreme movements.

Yes, we must really give a change to people all over the world instead of giving them refuge asylum. Equal pay for equal job is something which happens nonstop and which mankind must project. When we are ready to pay the same prices of products no matter where they are made dictators can’t brainwash people so easily as it is possible now. What these leaders do if not promise the better life to their followers now or in the future.

The majority of people want to live in peace in their home countries. Let’s make this possible by being really global and innovative. When products are made locally this planet suffers less.

Let’s pull together and justice will move on making better life for this planet.

This article is written in memory of all people of the world who suffer from injustice, specially for Paris because of last friday.

001 Surunauha

Equal pay for equal job worldwide makes every home land the best one and stops the heartbreaking migration. 
PS Please share this slogan if agree,

Sama palkka samasta työstä maailmanlaajuisesti tekee jokaisesta valtiosta maailman parhaan ja poistaa syyn ryhtyä maastamuuttajaksi.
JK Lähetä ystävillesi, jos koet samoin

Lika lön för lika arbete världen rund gör varje hemland bäst och stoppar den hjärtskärande migrationen.
PS Dela denna slogan om du godkänner.

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