Swedish minister raps Finland over refugees

Forewords to this post

If anyone of readers thinks that I am a racist he/she is wrong. At the moment I am a single but my latest girlfriend was a beautiful black woman. Our story ended because she didn’t want to leave her European homeland and I didn’t want to leave mine but the situation in Europe is absurd at the moment. It forced me to publish this post. European Union has messed up almost everything it could. It has signed agreements (Schengen Agreement) that make it possible to come here almost without any kind of control and at the same time it supports free trade which is the cause of great unemployment in Europe. The youth unemployment in Euro area was in 2014 23.8 percent and in Spain 53.2 percent. All the Mediterranean countries are under the heavy pressure of immigration. The policy of EU must be changed or this continent will sink down. I don’t believe that many of Euro area’s citizens are willing to do work cheaper than workers in the cheap labor Asian countries. In this situation it is the only chance to get rid of the unemployment, if EU doesn’t start to protect its own industry (protective duties) and at the same time pushing for the equal pay for equal job worldwide so that there is no need for migration.

The other reason aside from the statistics was that some European politicians make things worse and more obscure by adding all kind of sentimental crap to this situation. This is not the racial question and this situation can’t be solved out by referring to the historical events. Those references are nothing else but burying the heads into the sand. This situation is too much those people or they are afraid of losing their faces if they admit that they have made mistakes which have caused this hurl-burly where the right hand doesn’t know where the left hand is.

Swedish Minister Raps Finland over Regugees

Swedish minister Margot Wallström has sharply criticized Finland’s refugee policy, noting that Sweden took in more than 70,000 Finnish war children during the Second World War. The comment shows that she remembers the history very selectively. She doesn’t remember that Finland has been the bumper between Russian and Sweden beginning from the year 1150 and we are here even today. Every since till year 1809 that country has done nothing but took advantage of Finland soil and its citizens. Shortly Finland was Sweden’s colony. It also seems to me that some Swedes still take us like we were their subjects who should show endlessly respect to our masters.

During the Second World Sweden indeed took those 70000 Finnish children there but what we had been needed in 1939 against Red Army was their army even this once for almost 800 years when we did mostly all their fighting. (A great part of the soldiers in Swedish army has always been Finns. The famous of them are Hakkapelitans). The high and pure Sweden didn’t do that but stayed out of the war and in order to be in good terms with Nazis let them use Swedish metals (1939-40) for the German bombs. We can only imagine how many children died alone in London because of Swedish iron ore. After the Winter War when Finland tried to get back its soil in Karelia by allying with German some Swedish blamed Finns for Nazism. These kind of pompous words show again how every now and then some Swedes thinks that they are on the much higher level than Finns in a way which comes very close to racism. Still the truth is that if Sweden hadn’t avoided the responsibility during the Second World War all Scandinavian countries would have suffered less. The most important thing to them was to protect their own sweet country.

Against this historical background, it is very odd that Minister Wallström refers to the history. It looks like the emotion has placed the brains. I wonder could this unwise behavior rise up from the truth that Sweden is indecisive: it can’t admit that their uncontrolled immigration policy is a mistake because it might sound racist. In this dead end, some Swedish politicians and celebrities like Blondinbella doesn’t make up anything but accusing other countries. Now in their teeth is Finland, because they short sided thought that Finland owes them something. If Minister Margot Wallström were really concerned about refugees and not Sweden she would pick up her words more carefully.

After all this pulls, let’s come back to this day. The fact, at least in my opinion, is that Europe can’t take anymore immigrants without jeopardizing the decent life for its citizens. This statement has nothing racist because more crowds will jeopardize also those immigrants’ lives that already are in Europe. The controlled immigration policy means that we can unite families and accept only those people who really are in danger. On the other hand we must realize that there are countries where the living is so painful that people want to leave their homes. The immigration is a result not a reason. If we only deal with the result, the reason, inhumanity, flourishes freely. Of course, there are many reasons for people being on move but I think that the globalism is the worst of all. The globalism is a misleading term because the question is about the fewbalism. The handful of people transfers their factories into the cheap labor countries. Unfortunately some countries are ready for coercive means in order to make workers work almost without any wage.

Now some of you might think that we are talking about socialism but democracy doesn’t mean that. Actually democracy is a thing that missed in socialist countries. The democracy is the only principle that can guarantee people’s happiness just where they are. This means that all over the world people must be paid decently for what they are doing. Against this background taking immigrants is a child’s play. When we want equal salary for equal work worldwide our opponent is the most powerful one. It might look overwhelming but in the long run also the richest people will gain from the human dignity. People’s happiness might cost more money but happy people are the most productive workers.

Minister Margot Wallström how about this instead of accusing others. I wouldn’t be surprised if you got a friend from Mr Bill Gates. Yes, I am in as well millions and millions other every day silent humans. By the way, I am a child of refugee’s by myself. While you took some of our children in Sweden Russia took my family’s home and fields. I have always felt that I don’t live in my homeland so much Karelia differs from the Actual Finland. Just thought about the situation where over 400.000 Karelians were leaving their homes, after lived there over a thousand years, having with them what they have gathered in only a few hours. Some of them had a cow and a cart, many even that. Even I wasn’t born in Karelia I always see this pain in my late mother, grandmother and uncles and other relatives’ eyes. The farm house which was their first stop in Finland they lived in a warehouse and the first served dinner was the frozen apples.

Finland under Swedish rule
Grand Duchy of Finland
Finnish Declaration of Independence
The Winter War
Swedish iron-ore mining during World War II
Battle of Tali-Ihantala
Evacuation of Finnish Karelia

PS As of 2010, 1.33 million people or 14.3% of the inhabitants in Sweden were foreign-born, source: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Immigration_to_Sweden. These people have children who are born in Sweden so that every fourth citizen most likely is not a Swede at the moment. Of course it is their own decision how many immigrants they take in but it doesn’t give them right to accuse any other country. If Swedes are in peace with their own policy they should keep on taking people in but if they are unhappy with their policy, they have to do what a man has to do instead of asking others keep on doing something they can’t do anymore, as it looks like now.

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  1. puzzleblume says:

    I think, to remember own family-history of lost homes ist the reason both for understanding and jealousy about “newcomer-refugees”, as it is notable in Germany these days.

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    • Yelling Rosa says:

      Dear Friend,
      Thanks for commenting. I am not jealous about ”newcomer-refugees”. I told about my family history because that Swedish minister let us know that Sweden is the only country in this world that has made sacrifices during the Second World War and how little it is to have those 70000 children there for a couple of years. Her unwise and unjustified words show at least for me all in all that Sweden is in trouble with all the immigrants it has taken in after the Second World War. As of 2010, 1.33 million people or 14.3% of the inhabitants in Sweden were foreign-born, source https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Immigration_to_Sweden. These people have children who are born in Sweden so that every fourth citizen is not a Swede at the moment. Of course it is their own decision how many immigrants they take in but it doesn’t give them right to accuse any other country. If they are in peace with their own policy they should keep on taking people in but if they are unhappy with their policy, they have to do what a man has to do instead of asking others keep on doing something they can’t do anymore.


  2. You are 100% right. Thank you for honest and truthful opinion. Unfortunately, most of the people hesitate to say the truth about immigration and refugeeisms. They are afraid to seem racists. It is a huge theme for discussion. However Europe cannot accept all of these people from around the World. As I understand most of them are not the real refugee. Another thing, most of these people even do not try to accept the laws and rules of the countries where they come for protection. They destroy these countries, culture and traditions. I’ve been to many places and noticed that people behave in their own countries absolutely different compare with their citizens who came to other countries for living.
    And you right about the numerous huge companies that make money on the poor people in the so called third world countries. These companies must pay for that and invest much more in improving quality of life in these countries to avoid the wars and escaping people..


    • Yelling Rosa says:

      Thank you for commenting and being honest. As you said when talking about the immigration we are in danger to get the racist stample on our forehead. I see this situation so that we were the worst racists if we didn’t see that home is the best place to live for anyone. We must invest in quality of life so that every soul can live at home. Politicians must make the laws which simply stop the use of cheap labor. If anything else doesn’t help governments should pay compensations to the companies. In the long run this would be more economical way than building the infrastructure for immigrants and creating them workplaces which is almost impossible because the factories are in the countries from where they are coming. The war zone is an own chapter but also political disturbances decreased when the wages were the same around the world. The dictatores couldn’t gain anything more than global rates. Of course they could force people to do work without pay but then the rest of the world can stop doing trade.

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  3. The Globalization is the problem here.


  4. charlypriest says:

    Tell me about this, I´m Spain. I can talk forever about the policies not only my country but the rest of the European Union countries have that has screwed up Europe but this comment would turn into a thesis paper if I did. But you´re right pretty much on all that you´ve said.


    • Yelling Rosa says:

      Thanks for commenting.
      It is a difficult task for people to see things clearly because the brainwash machinery (media) is enormous and cleverly contradictory. Today one Finnish evening paper wrote that the reputation of Finns is bedraggled because in my country have some 20 – 30 youngsters thrown stone against the refugee center windows in Lahti. This is the only illegal action since then the immigrations wave started here some weeks ago. Now, as the paper says, the economy is suffering and tourists won’t come here anymore.

      These masterminds are talking holes in their heads but manage to confuse common people because they hit under the belt. Finland hasn’t been independent just so long time and common men have always been accused of everything by rulers. The lack of self-confidence makes at least some Finns believe that they have done something bad when they have own opinion how things should organize in this difficult economical situation. Those who have not expressed their opinion for or against feel that they must run around the city to calm down those who jeopardize the existence of Finland in this world. In other countries they will find something else in order to make people confused.

      When I have discussed this situation with people most part of my acquaintances have said that it is unfair that at the same time when the Finnish Government tries to cut 5 percents of people’s salaries, it takes daily +- 500 immigrants in and is ready to pay their living for at least at the beginning. Government is going to cut down expenses also in education, health care and transport. Secondly it is ridiculous to claim that 20 – 30 youngsters could harm the economical connections. In Sweden, that regards itself as a home of humanity, has been racial riots where in stead of some stones have the bombs flied and knives shone but the business goes on.

      One of my friend said this situation is like taken from H.C. Andersen’s fairytale The Emperor’s New Clothes. A couple of masterminds have started to announce how wise it is to take immigrants even when many citizens have no job or money for the health care. Even some immigrants who have lived here for sometime have expressed that now Finland is on the wrong track but their words fall on deaf ears. The most people keep on repeating the mantra of those intellectuals so that nobody can say that they are stupid or evil.

      Take care and try to be happy. Perhaps one day politicians and masterminds understand that home is always the best place to live wherever it is, and for that everyone must concentrate on. 🙂

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  5. Resa says:

    Your statement “equal pay for equal job worldwide ” is very sound. Democracy is also good, keeping people happy where they are.
    I fear it is the greedy money marketeers, those who consider a company’s profits more important than individual well being. IE: For those who manufacture guns, war is good! The stock market exists as a casino for these people.
    In my life the concept of peace for all seems simple, but has proven elusive.

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  6. davidkitz says:

    There is so much suffering in the world. Answers do not come easy.

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  7. The refugee influxes are a direct, and unavoidable consequence of Europe’s illegal and outright aggressive wars in North Africa. The global politics involved in USA-EU led warfare cannot for a moment be ignored when talking about the refugee crisis. Illegitimate bombing and mass human rights violations, when committed by NATO for its strategic advantage, are justified merrily by concerned governments and big buissness-media interests, such as the Murdoch establishment. In other words, what is unfolding is the fruit of what the USA-EU have caused, and as Jeremy Corbyn affirms here in the UK, there is no point scapegoating ordinary people. The racial politics of this all cannot be avoided or denied for a second. If those crossing the Mediterranean waters on boats, risking their lives, happened to be all Caucasian, then this reaction (the one developed in this article, also shared by many political parties, and widely popularised by some media outlets across Europe) is highly unlikely to have been the same.


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