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From the water I burst out
And in the air vanished
Between these dimensions
The culture of the man
Was my star plan.
© Yelling Rosa
1/11 -14

About Yelling Rosa

I desing home pages. In my spare time I read, write, play the guitar and hike. I have published three verse books in Finnish and recorded my songs. You can listen to them on YouTube. I have translated some of my poems on Yelling Rosa's Weblog. I also like to watch movies. Olen kiinnostunut lukemisesta, kirjoittamisesta, kitaransoitosta ja luonnossa vaeltamisesta. Olen julkaissut kolme runokirjaa ja laulujani on äänitteillä. Voit lukea runojani Yelling Rosan kotisivuilta ja kuunnella laulujani YouTubessa. Olen elokuvafriikki.
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28 Responses to Metamorphosis

  1. Tania Tome M de Castro says:

    I liked your paintings. They are diferente and beautiful.


  2. gageier says:

    Hallo Yelling einen schönen Start am Montag wünscht dir Klaus


  3. Aquileana says:

    Great verses and paintings Yellingrose ⭐
    All the best to you, Aquileana 😛


  4. Mike says:

    A gorgeously well-matched combination. Great work YR.


  5. Aliosa says:

    Thank you very much for your visit and like ! 🙂


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  6. jmsabbagh says:

    Stunning art.Cheers


  7. mudpilewood says:

    Love the flow of images and the colors but your words opened the world of debate in this house.


    • Yelling Rosa says:

      Thank you for the visit and comment. Nobody knows where we are going to but one time the mankind disappears like all other species. The most remarkable sign of our existence is our culture which made the center character of my thought happy. The thought doesn’t solve out the mystery of life but describes our destiny. That’s why it most likely provokes the debate.

      All the best for your debate club.

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  8. annapos says:

    Krásný víkend a hodně umělecké invence. Zdraví Anna


  9. Shelley says:

    Ohhh those paintings…


  10. Dalo 2013 says:

    These are fantastic, the first one inspires me the most because of the color & the uncertainty of juat what ‘metamorfoosi’ is taking place. Brilliant art…such talent!


  11. Thank you for visiting my blog!


  12. Amazing paintings perfectly illustrating the written thoughts!


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