Forever a Man Alive

Last Wednesday I made a bicycle trip to the forest on the Swedish side of the border. When I was riding down the sand road about 2 miles, a young woman on the horse back comes across me. She gives a tempting smile to me even though there is a hint of after taste: what a cute old man with his old bicycle. It irritates me because I forget totally that she is some 40 years younger than me.

Nevertheless my mind was soon occupied by the beauty of nature and I was like a pony out on the spring pasture. My steps were light and I jumped over the ditches and tussocks like a brown hare. The bright red cranberries of the marsh were glinting in the sun. I ate them. They were pungent like they always are. Three hours elapsed without noticing, but I had to leave this temple of joy as I had a meeting in the evening.


After the meeting at home I looked at myself in the mirror. Suddenly I was 61 years old again. When I recalled my trip and that beautiful young lady on the saddle and my irritation, I couldn’t help myself but smile. I wrote on the paper Forever A Man Alive. Perhaps it is not a great piece of art, but it is a comfortable one. What a fortune it is that we don’t notice how we are degenerating every minute of our life. Perhaps others see us a bit like we feel, and that’s why nothing is impossible as long as we see the shining sun.

Yep, let us be young from here to eternity and accept only the best and the best will be engaged to us.

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12 Responses to Forever a Man Alive

  1. Wow, so close to Sweden – beautiful! My gosh, there’s nothing like a tempting lady on horseback 😉


    • Yelling Rosa says:

      Yes, that’s true. She most likely was aware of that too when she smilded to me in such way. It was our moment which wasn’t served to others. These moments happen in rare occasions but they warm us best and live long time in our minds even they speed up in a few seconds. A plainness in pure.

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  2. Tiberiu says:

    I’m 41 and already experiencing the “aftertaste”. Beautiful post!


  3. alexraphael says:

    Nicely reflective 🙂


  4. davidkitz says:

    I strongly identify with this post, and it’s not just because I’m 61. Your poem captures the essence of aging, while the story of how it came to be captures the essence of youth. Well said.


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