Does Linux People Live in This World

This question came to my mind after reading one scientific article on the Finnish computer magazine. The article quoted two respected professor who have written a book how the computer has changed the world and how it will change it in the future. They spoke about the diginative generation that will rule the world and gave advices to the company management how to cope with these young people. The article gave the picture that there’s nothing much to do about this development. Of course these professors had their own axes to grind. They were drawing a black and white picture in order to make their book interesting. It is always good to predict what will be behind the next corner.

Unfortunately, at least in this case, there is a grain of truth in here. The influence of the computer is highly overestimated. It might be true that some young people who are born in 1980 and 1990 centuries are diginatives but not the whole generation even in the industrial world without saying globally. It is forgotten that more than half of the people in this world doesn’t use Internet and less have some kind of tool to sign in to Internet. Moreover, not every young girl or boy who has a computer, even the capability to write computer codes, votes for the values that go with diginatives. Such being the case, the very strange trend is going on.

Every day people, the majority, is manipulated with the sophisticated words and theories. We are afraid of making a fool of ourselves if we are going to express our thoughts. The professors and digital gurus can not be wrong, but this development is a thin reflection of the real world. It can’t produce the equipments that serve the whole human kind. When it comes to other products every John Smith says their opinion which has made things more user-friendly. We are not allowed to forget that these professors and code gurus are just humans, and very often they have laboratory fever because they just speak with their colleagues in the studies. They are also led by the business world. It is not the bad thing itself but when this connection makes shortsighted it is the exertion to the whole world.

The income gap has increased but it is a bad mistake to think that production is just for the wealthy. One rich man might have more money than hundreds of every day men together, but his capability of consuming material things is limited. The super luxury things are expensive but nobody needs more than a couple of fridges or other commodity. A handful of men will satisfy those extra needs but it takes factories to produce to the whole world and not only in the countries where the labor is cheap. If computer world came closer to people, it will increase its attraction which means more consumers and everybody would be happy. And in terms of Linux supporters do they differ from the main stream of digital business. Their philosophy is to make the computing as free as possible but why it doesn’t draw more people to the Linux world. I dare to say that they have also forgotten the ordinary people and their possibilities. Every day people doesn’t have time and even interests to spend hours and hours to learning how to use the Linux terminal. They are in the want of user-friendly tools that help their lives.

I hope that every single person who reads this article will keep on talking on behalf of the user-friendly development that considers the real world. It might sound unreal but the opinion of majority is heard but it presumes that we open our mouths. Specially I invoke to young people who are able to write computer code but doesn’t sign the diginatives values that they would code for the people. We could call these youngsters digihumans as it is so uber cool to invent new expressions in the digiworld. Those who don’t see the cap between the development and people’s needs we call with the name digihumanoids.


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