The C Major Song

I have edited a small harmonica songbook in Finnish. I mention this here on my Weblog because some of you live in Finland and it is probable that some of my visitors do understand Finnish. In addition to the songbook I published also the guide and video that deal with the basics of the diatonic harmonica. I hope this material helps the beginner to find out if the harmonica is the right instrument for her.

There are plenty of traditional children’s songs that are not protected by copyright laws but they don’t tell anything about notes. This is the reason why I composed C Major Song, I Am. I didn’t use the solmization system because the syllables do, re, mi, fa, sol, la, and ti can be used in any musical scale. They describe the degree of the scale. The first note of any major scale is do and so on. I wanted to introduce just C Major because the diatonic harmonicas are tied up the scales. Of course the experienced player can bend the notes but it won’t meet with success when we are talking about beginner.


In my songbook this song is in Finnish. It is called Minä olen. Numbers describe the harmonica holes. This song is written for the Diatonic C Major harmonica that has four holes. @ Means that you have to blow in given hole and when you see the sign £ it’s time to draw. You can listen to it at: The jukebox is at the end of the page.

I hope this information serves at least some of you.


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