Windows Malware Time Hole

It is a crazy how much we have to waste our time, attention and money on Windows Internet security. It is like a black hole that is draining us into its blasted world and this all happens while nobody is doing anything. Wouldn’t this be a risk even for the national security in the different countries and it goes without saying that this brings down the gain in the companies. The green parties all over the world are not worried at all about the waste of energy when it comes to the wasted time in the Internet and at the computers in general.

It is a high time to stop this policy and make it hard for hackers to write malwares. It can be done even though media and companies are claiming differently. It can be even done without narrowing liberty of speech. There must be only a new way to approach people’s computers. It can’t be as easy as it is now. One solution could be that every software must have an own identity number which is needed when the software is installed. I believe that many of you who are reading this are against me because you feel that this is impossible or you are afraid your own rights for free speech. That’s natural because the changes are always objected. However each car has a registration number and books have their ISBN. Of course, IDs can be always falsifying but with the password of the computer owner this is much more difficult than it is at the moment.

One argument is money, and that’s a good point. When the Internet security is rising the gains will also get higher. It might look like that it is not so big deal but when we think that one computer user must waste some hours to the security issue a month it makes years and years when we multiply by all the people of the world and losses can be immeasurable when the data bases are wide open in the banks and other trust companies. Job satisfaction will also rise when the stress factor, which computer troubles cause now, is getting low at work. It is a main key to higher productivity along with wages.

In the future the changes must be done anyway so why would we wait. I am talking about us because changes won’t come as long as the computer users reconcile their fate or before we have the real disaster at hand. We have not met up with the real chaos but it’s behind the corner. When the tidal wave strikes it is too late to build up the security walls. The better security takes lots of coding for granted and it doesn’t happen in a day or so.

There are some reasons for improving the Internet security at once. Perhaps you invent better ones so don’t put your candle under a bushel. Let’s keep on demanding the better Internet security wherever we contribute and we will get it sooner. Till the end also the antagonists will thank the pioneers. Have a nice and safe Internet surfing.

PS This issue can’t be only on the shoulder of Windows Company. It is a common challenge where the governments can’t put their heads in the pushes. The Windows Company has not invented all the code used in the world, so every man able must take the helm and navigate the ship to the safe harbor.


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