Testing Blogilo Offline Blogeditor

I’m testing Blogilo offline blog editor here. It didn’t work fully when I tried to submit my article to Blogger a few days ago. Blogilo said that the last transaction wasn’t succesful. My submit to my Finnish WordPress blog passed but it was inferior. There were no spaces between many words and two different font style was used in the article.

Later on, I thought whether all these errors were made because of my using LibreOffice writer from where I pasted my text on Blogilo editor. Now, I will write this article in Blogilo’s Visual Editor from the beginning to the end in order to rule this opportunity out. Please, don’t mind the mistakes. They might be many because I don’t have a chance to proofread this text on LibreOffice Writer.

I have been stucked with Ubuntu operating system and free source applications. I ended up this solution after my Windows Vista was infected with virus a couple of weeks ago. I was forced to format the whole hard disc. Then it came to my mind that I am going to test Linux parallel with Vista on my disc, because it is not so prone to viruses than Windows. I use Linux when I am on the Internet every time it is possible and work with my Windows applications, being so, sometimes I must connect to the Internet from Windows as well.

It is a time-consuming job to get to know all the Linux secrets. The logic of the free source applications differ from Windows applications. Because there are so many actors on the free code field, the similarity of the user interfaces are not so obvious between different free source applications. I feel that this makes learning curve even steeper than it could be in the different circumstances. This special discomfort doesn’t encourage to move from Windows or Mac to Linux. On the other hand, I have found some handy Linux applications like LibreOffice, Xara Xtreme, Inkscape and Audacity to name few of them. This tells us that logical applications can be designed also on the free source side. And I don’t mean that the logical application is the same thing as a Microsoft application. It is my intention to say that there should always be the shortiest way from one thing to another.

Well, and now it is time to test if this scribble will it find it’s way on WordPress.

This is a second effort

I gave this second chance to Blogilo because I pasted two word from the Internet on its Visual Editor accidentally, in spite of that Blogilo made some extra HTML-code, not much but anyway. Now I have removed those marks away and I believe that this will do so far. This has come so close to the end that I might give it a try once more one day. Before that I will try ScribeFire. I’m telling you the rest of this story when I have more experienced with Blogilo or ScribeFire or both.


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