What about If the Hammer Was the Computer

My computer was infected by the malware last Sunday and it is still taunting me. I have looked for the help on the Internet. I’ve been on Microsoft site and got some instruction how to remove the malware from my computer, but without any success. On the Internet (not Microsoft) they said that my commercial antivirus program should remove the malware away from my hard disc, but that poor fellow wasn’t even capable of opening itself. It recommended me to use the malware scan of the same company. Well, it started and scanned the disc without finding anything wrong with it. I don’t want to reveal the name of the site and company because I believe that any of those antivirus programs around could have failed the same way in this. In fact, I have tried three different antivirus programs and their assistances and the situation hasn’t improved a bit.

While I’ve been slaving away with this dilemma, I have thought that this shouldn’t be this difficult. Anyway, we are talking about the tool, when we are talking about computer, and not the toy or amusement puzzle. Moreover, I am very surprised that people don’t protest against this extra work. What about if the hammer was the computer? It wouldn’t occur to anyone’s mind that the hammer should update time to time in order to make it work right. Perhaps, we should have a small hammer for routing out the hammer thieves, so called virus gang. Being so who is going to hold up the board of trade while we are using the anti thief hammer and protect the main hammer on the other hand. What about the new software we will call the board of trade holding system? I think there is too much monkey business going on.

I am very convinced that if computer users challenged the software companies, they should give us better working tools. As long as our hammers are allowed to be poor and unfinished, and their maintenance is shoved to us, nothing will happen. It is a very simple fact but the manufactures’ abstruse presentation has misled us. It is not the consumers’ obligation to work free for the companies. You don’t go to thresh seeds on the wheat field when you are hungry. In the world there are much more complicated things than personal computers but on those fields scientists finished their work and come out after that. They don’t need us to make weapons for example and there they really have the myriad lines of code to solve out every second and if they are not solved the disaster will knock on the home doors. Well, I must be angry with that Trojan Malware. Fortunately, it will shine also on a pile of waste wood as we are used to say in the situation like this. Yeah, let’s leave this tomorrow. It will be a brand new day.


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