Is a Private Home Site on Its Dying Bed

The popularity of the social media and ready-to-use-services have led to the situation where people rarely build up their own home sites. The services like WordPress, Blogger, Facebook and YouTube give in to the bargain also free web space to customers. So there is no idea of pestering oneself with the hard to understand code and server techniques. The main reason is anyway the search engines that support the ready-to-use-services and business web sites. Private home pages are mostly minor powers and they don’t raise much business activities. Of course, the sites that belong to famous people are on the top of search results but these people wouldn’t need any promotion. Their fans would find the sites anyway.

The trend is not only positive. The possible total disappearance of private sites will cut down the personality and creativity on the Internet. Even the ready-to-use-services offer a lots of templates and plug ins, they can’t rebuild something own to every customer. The wholeness of the ideas won’t increase when content providers, common men, upload their brainchildren always on the same kind of bases. It’s like every poetry would write between the same covers. I am sure that the most of us still like to buy the personal book from the book store instead of having them, the detached stories, always on the same kind of covers or on the group of the same kind covers. The individual layout itself is a piece of art and can strengthen the influence of the story. Secondly, the shattering will make the Internet further confused thus it is hard to say which came first, the egg or the hen.

The way the Internet is built up is confused and hardly to take shape. That’s why many men is needed to carry out one task. It’s a team work where the whole picture is not always clear to all providers. Perhaps it is a fast way to operate but only to the team, the company. The rest of the Internet users are out of the process and don’t have the picture what’s it all about. The common men must lift up their hands and surrender. They start to do the things they understand. The ultimately result of this can be very depressed. It can’t be foretold for sure. Time will tell if the result of this development can destroy it what web is all about in the first place. The forum where everyone can show their creativity and ideas. If the will of users is totally failed to observed, the Internet is not the same anymore. It will come a place where the users are guided from the beginning to the end.

The situation can get better as well but it needs a different kind of thinking. It’s not sure if the owners of the services are ready for that. In the end it would be also their benefit because the endless replacement of the practice means the endless investment in labor and hardware meanwhile the concentration will suffer. In this kind of situation nobody has the control and flexibility is not of a high standard. The business providers just speak their own jargon and the common Internet language won’t be produced. In the future this can’t be a great shortage because there will be the moment when the whole technique is too complicated to control without the common language. Well, perhaps it will see the light of the day when it must see, but before that the users of the Internet are left to their own fate in many cases or they have to use what they are given.

In the end, I must say that progress is the two edges sword. A part of it tries to pay attention to the common needs honestly but its practice counteracts against that tendency. The sooner this is understood the sooner everyone is served better, even the owners. Do we have this at hand in the near future. It will remain to be seen. Along with the common practice we could see the rise of a Private site again.


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