Valentine’s Day in Finland

The celebration of Valentine’s Day in Finland differs from the Anglo-Saxon way of celebrating it. We call it as Ystävän päivä. When we translate those two words from Finnish to English we get Friend’s day. It tells us that the good friends are remembered on 2/14, not only our spouses to be. Another distinction is that everyone celebrates Valentine’s Day, not only the young people or lovers. As it is, it’s not rare to read in a newspaper about The Valentine’s Evening which is particularly arranged for old people. At the Old people’s homes they have The Valentine’s Day cakes and so on.

Our Valentine’s cards tell, of course, about the love of two people, but the friendship in particular. Knowing this you won’t be surprised at my new Valentine’s Day card I am going to introduce to you here on my Weblog today. I have extended the idea further and add the humor and fairytale on my card. It matches up to the concept of good friendship. A good friend is a joyful treasure that makes our life much more easier to live.

My latest Valentine’s Day card is the fairytale figure which came out this world just like nothing. I was absorbed in my thought and didn’t pay attention to my drawing hand. It worked in automatic mode. When I finally waked up from my thoughts, the orange feature was looking at me. Firstly it announced to me that she is the Orange WaterHorse. I said that it is impossible because you look just like Hippopotamus amphibius, shortly the hippo. She said that she couldn’t be that. “My mouth is full of teeth as well in my upper jaw as in my lower jaw.” I decided that I let her prattle on her own. Everything went fine till she got to her mind that she would be a proper Valentine ’s Day card. I answered immediately that it wouldn’t do. The Valentine’s Day is a day for lovers.

She didn’t give up but kept on putting pressure on me. The Orange Waterhorse repeated me over and over again that she would bring smile to everyone’s face. In one night she succeeded in getting to my dreams. Waterhorse told me that she must definitely be on the left side of the card and the Happy Valentine’s Day font must have a black outline and filled with orange color. “And don’t forget that card must be framed with orange frames which are two present larger that the card itself.” I must have been asleep when I walked at my desktop straight after I had awaked up. Waterhorse was happier than ever inside the frames with her horse-laugh. At least she was very eager to share the happiness to others. In spite of that, I said that I would send a rational flower card at the same time with you to my Free Postcards folder. We will see which one become popular. She didn’t give a start but immediately fired off her rejoinder: “Of course, add a lot of pink hearts there too. They really do tell everything about the human psyche.”

So that’s all about it and it’s a good time to wish you Happy Valentine’s Day on 2/14.Nukkuva puolikuu

PS. I know that this is already the second time, but at the last time, on 7/28 I didn’t have the Orange Waterhorse. She is a very determined customer.

Here are the reduced cards. You will find them on the real side here.



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