Are you Ready for Valentine’s Day

Are you ready for Valentine’s Day? It will be here sooner than you can imagine. This year I have a chance to introduce you two creatures which have lived on this planet from the very beginning of its existence. Some scientists are speaking about four milliard years and some of them say that it is too long a period of time. Anyway, it is an overwhelming spell for anyone and it has made our creatures wiser every day.

At the beginning of times they were enemies and fought for the authority of the earth. The Faun is the lord of the ice and the Dandelion Fairy rules the warmth. It took a long, long time before they realized that if one of them will be the single sovereign the other one will die. During the controversy they became attached to one another, even though they won’t ever say it aloud. In the world there weren’t any other living creatures first. Finally they decided to create two new seasons, that’s it spring and autumn. It made the growth of flora possible. And the degree of latitude they have always lived formed the northern conifer zone. There they keep in touch with each other. In spring time and in autumn but the winter is too cold for the Fairy and summer too hot for the Faun.

They have fun at cost of people. They don’t understand how the mythologies portray fauns and fairies. The Faun is not an animal and the Fairy is not a bird. Fairy has a weakness for sweet. She couldn’t fly even she wanted so. The Faun has made up the prefix dandelion. She has accepted the nick name because she really prefers dandelions to other flowers. They don’t utter the sort of one another without the definite article because they are one and only real things on earth and that’s the way it will be forever, or at least as long as there is the universe left. They are very proud spirits. By the way, the Fairy teases the Faun with the nickname icicle. Often she adds the letter t at the end of the word to emphasize the smallness of the Faun. Although the Faun is a tall fellow.

Nowadays they are uneasy about the carbon dioxide emissions. They really like to live twice as long as they have lived already, and much more. Life is so sweet without quarrels. Anyway, one thing they have adopted from people. They are accustomed to sending Valentine’s Day cards because they can’t meet in winter. This year they stand before their wonder wood. The Faun has the cool winter day whereas The Fairy spends her time in summer evening. The Dandelion Fairy hates clothes.

Because our creatures are aware of the importance of the public relations, they have dealt out their Valentine’s Day cards in the hope that people will forward them all over the world. They know that the moderation is the only durable solutions. Their example indicates it. You find their cards here.


Here they are the Faun on the left and the Fairy on the right.

Bye for now, and happy Valentine’s Day!
Remember to send a card to your friend(s).Nukkuva puolikuu


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