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I have set up the Photo Gallery on my Kuvia page at All pictures I have published under the name of The Picture of the Month are collected there. Because I felt that the present pictures from last June to this January is not enough to make a collection, I added also next February and Mars to the Gallery. From the beginning of April I will start to update my gallery in real time. Kuvia page is written in Finnish but you will manage there. The Gallery interface is an English one and the bookmark leads you exactly to the right spot of the page. Kuvia means Pictures. Precisely it is the partitive case of Kuva (picture/image). It could be translated ‘some of the pictures’ or ‘some pictures’. Anyway it wouldn’t still be an exact equivalent. The nominative case of kuvia is kuva and the plural form of kuva is kuvat. The title Kuukauden kuvat 2011-2012 means The Pictures of the Month 2011 – 2012.

I hope you will take pleasure in browsing the Gallery. I look forward to update it in coming months. Because the slide show is in a Flash mode, you can’t copy picture from the Gallery. Above the Gallery interface you’ll find the picture of the month at a given time. You are allowed to copy it to a private use but the name of artist or copyright text can’t be covered up and the picture must remain unchanged. The distribution of any kind is not allowed.

Have you already take a look at the picture of the January. It’s called a metamorphosis. From the water, pass through the ear to the eternity we are moving as individuals and the human kind. Some people find it scary; some think it is an interesting development. In this case I won’t speak out. Let the picture speak for itself.

Please, glance at the gallery every now and then to see it’s growing on. Anyway, I hope it will. In order to go to the Gallery click this. The slideshow will start when you click the circular button with the triangle symbol at the lower left corner of the My Album interface. The apex of the symbol looks to the right.

Have it nice.

PS. The names of pictures are: Beast (Peto) June, Flaming Flowers down by the Riverside (Kipunoiva kukka) July, a Bird or a Stump (Lintu vai kanto) August, The Spirit of the Tree (Puunhenki) September, The Countenance at the Window (Kasvot ikkunassa) October, The Mysterious Forest (Mystinen metsä) November, At This Christmas Turn on the Light of Love (Sytyttäkää rakkauden valot jouluksi) December, Metamorphosis (Metamorfoosi) January, The Chums (Ystävät) February and Panic (Pakokauhu) March.


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