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It is high time to send digital Christmas card to relatives, friends and acquaintances. It is always better if they are something special and infrequent. That’s why it is a good idea to look for something that has been made special. I have followed my instincts and ideas without imitating the conventional Christmas cards at the risk of getting someone to dislike my cards. However, it wouldn’t be smart to stand at the same product line with everyone else. The Internet is already chock-full of freebies that don’t differ from one another.

I always design at least two versions of my cards. The first one should be used as it is and others are made of your own signature or signature and greetings. The caption of the card tells how you should deal with the card. In order to keep things simple I am recommending that you download a free photo editing software. PhotoScape is very easy to operate and you can assign outline and fill for the letter. It’s true that there are no layers on PhotoScape, but you can do a lot of things without them. If you have become accustomed to some other photo editing software, naturally, you choose that one. Here you can download Photoscape.

At the moment, there are three dissimilar Christmas cards in my Free Postcard folder. Below is an example of one of the card sets. The first card should be used as it is, the second one is an example how you should adjust your greetings on the card and the third one is the template you will use when you add your greetings and name. You are free to make up your own Season Greetings with the color and font you like but you are not allowed to change the layout otherwise. The card is free for a private use as long as the name of designer is not covered up.

Perhaps, you are content with the ready-made-choice. Being so, you can download the card to your computer and insert the card to your email text area. It can be done by placing the mouse cursor on the text area of your email and choosing the Insert menu from the bar and then clicking on the Picture command. This will open your Windows Explorer Dialog box from where you can pick a card. This guarantees that card is a part of the email message and not the attachment. When the card is on the text field, you can easily add your message and signature below the picture.

Here’s the one of the card sets:


You will find all my free postcards here on their actual size. The cards on this page are smaller than in my free Postcards folder.

Let’s have a Merry Christmas!


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