At This Christmas Turn on the Light of Love

At the beginning of December 2011 Santa Claus received two presents from teenage girls. Both of them had woven a tapestry to Santa. Father Christmas was happy and taken by surprise because fabrics were like two peas in a pod even though girls live far apart from each other. The one lives in Greenland and the other in South Africa. When Santa showed fabrics to his wife, she turned into a mysterious way and said: ”If those fabrics weren’t like my present I wouldn’t let you see it before Christmas.” They were astonished at dedications as there were three times words: With Love to Santa.

Before Santa went to bed, he thought over that the colours of caring and brotherhood are all over the world the same. “I wish I could tell this to everybody”, he mumbled aloud. When Santa told about his desire to his inventive Brownie in chief, the assistant manager discovered to print a postcard where Santa would pose with tapestries on the background and reveal his wish to the whole world. Father Christmas agreed the proposal with pleasure. ”It’s a stroke of good fortune that the exertion of girls won’t get wasted. They must have worked around the clock all year long”, Christmas Father thought just before he went to sleep.

The Brownie in chief took over the designing of the card. Santa became so inspired by the idea that he decided to make himself smart. When he posed for an artist, the Brownie in chief, Santa has the cape and head-dress that he has got from Anne, Queen of Great Britain, in 1705, on. The clothing was the special delivery for Santa. The red cape has the ermine collar and head-dress is made from blue fox. When Father Christmas got the clothing he didn’t get enthusiastic about it. Now he felt that this is a right occasion to wear it. After all, it was an indication that he was trusted long ago by everyone in spite of classes.

During the centuries times have changed. When Santa got his royal outfit there were no pollution or nuclear weapons. Of course, there were problems like a poverty and famine. For all that they were of a temporary nature whereas the nuclear war and global warming are definitive issues. That’s why Santa thinks that we need the reciprocal understanding. If the inhabitants of the world only remembered how alike people are everywhere and that their biggest hope is to give and get love, the world would be a much better place to live. Then there would be no need to argue about or afraid of each other because our neighbours want the same things as we do.

Santa sent also to me the card, which the Brownie in chief has made and hoped that I would forward it. I believe that Father Christmas has sent his appeal and will send similar cards all over the world and hope us to deal them with one another. It shouldn’t be difficult when we recall that we are all the same like two berries. Santa is encouraging us with these words:

At this Christmas
Turn on the Light
of Love
and let them shine
ever after
and you will see
Colours of Brotherhood
are alike
all over the world.


You will find Santa’s card here. It is the picture of December 2011. Later on this December I will upload the digital postcard version of the Turn on the light of love -picture to the Free Postcards – folder. So give a glance to them.


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