The Most Miserable Thing in the World

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Many things can be improved with understanding and care but the miserliness is almost an incurable disease. It progresses gradually with unfortunate incidents and is wrapped in many rational arguments. They sound very fair and rightful and sooner than we know we are demand payment from our fellowmen instead of giving them any settlements. All goes more than fine when some of our go citizens set about flattering our course of actions. They also want to get share of the new legitimate of rationalization. This goes on and on if anything doesn’t raise a question in our mind. Besides, this deal can work without ruin a soul. The problem comes forward if we start to be in conflict with the conscience or loves one.

In that case we have to take another course to get what we want or adjust our manners and values but it is not so easy after becoming accustomed to respect that arises from our incomes and our position in our neighborhood, moreover, we have worked hard to get our place in the sun. How anyone can expect something else from us. “They should make their own life better”, we easily can sniff. But for all those point of views we can feel our life is not complete. Often we think that we should work harder and get more things to give satisfaction to our needs. That’s how we have been raised.

It is out of question that we would act on the contrary: slow down and listen to what others are willing to say, what they are thinking. Probably, we don’t respect their opinion because they draw life near from the strange angle and waste their time by thinking useless things, things, that won’t maintain standard of living on but if we stop, thinking the world has always been a place of many lines and characters. It is the abundance that can’t be bought and it won’t come to an end with oil because the diversity has exited a long time before the first steam-engine was invented and will last long after all the gadgets have gone, assuming of course that sun keeps warming up the world and climate won’t grow hostile to us.

All in all, the money is after all the agreement. Its purpose was to make our living easier and prevent the misconceptions. Little by little, it has got features we have almost started to look the money upon as a living creature. It is supposed to be an answer to human relations or at least the ruler to measure out the right and wrong, to return a verdict on dispute. Unfortunately, the money hasn’t learnt to think and it doesn’t have a heart. It’s still our job to admit responsibility for dealing the prosperity of mind and body. It won’t come along with the hard work but understanding. When we take away from our fellowmen, we make us happy but when we give something from our own we make everyone happy. Shortage of the loving heart can’t be obtained with holding firm to sense but appealing to our heart. To make it rich will built up the bridge over the financial depressions. The heart won’t get poor when we are decrepit with age. The wealth of heart is asking forbearance because it is not the simplest thing to build up thinking from scratch. Believe me, I know what I have gone through and there is still much to do. I have put these reflections in a nutshell in the following way

The most miserable thing in the world

The most miserable thing in the world
Is the shortage of the loving heart.
It won’t become a generous one
Even with the million bucks.

Yelling Rosa

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