Do Our Brains Really Tell the Difference

This question might sound very odd, almost muddle-headed, but when we give it a try, there are many strange things in practice. Our intelligent is unable to explain some of the frequent problems and seems to be late for situations. It can’t predict the risk very good otherwise than instinct. This question is familiar to scientists even though it hasn’t made public, probably because there is a chance to get a stamp of a simpleton on a forehead, on the other hand, this area of the understanding hasn’t been researched for a long time. Brains have been superior for a long time and there are a plenty of scientists that won’t question the human intelligent predominant.

The creativity has been kept away from intelligence for a sometime. The Abstractionism operates with instincts, intuitions and impressions and don’t take intelligent analyses for granted. In many cases the analysis could only flatten out the experience and took away the liberty of having a own idea of a piece of art, it’s meaning and illustration, or even the liberty of thinking that there is no meaning but only a sense, a hunch of something which cannot be explained with words, an intelligent concept. The Abstractionism has no concept in advance. It will be produced by a receiver, or it might not. It is like it would be questioning all the way because the exact definition is not a normal way of looking the art surroundings and it can be asked whether it is a normal situation in everyday life. Words and concepts and definitions originated from the need of communication between people. They are agreements that have started to live their own life. In the course of time, they have lost their source because the society has changed. Their capacity for accompanying life has diminished but new agreements aren’t replaced them.

There is a very slight chance that agreements would be prospective in the same way as before. The society has differentiated so badly that even a use of word society is incompetent. There is not such a thing as society but scores of micro communities of which has their agreements and concepts. Object based thinking is possible only in micro environment but it loses the meaning out when it faces the next unit of second micro ambience. Only time will tell what kind of intelligent survives, but it will be something very different from how brains are trying to shape the world now. From the very beginning it might be an option that the object based thinking is just an intermediate form on our way to better understanding of us. It has guaranteed that we have survived in life and have something to eat, and some kind of peace with the neighbor village, but there are no villages any more in this sense, and in the future, the nations are also built with minorities. More in common might be found from the other nations’ corresponding group than from own nation.

We have just started the journey to the great unknown. It is alarming and the old habits die hard. They are secure and easy to understand, but what then if they don’t work anymore, or produce more misunderstandings than clarify them. There is no answer, only questions which are only recently pronounced aloud. The semantics has worked with this question for a while but they don’t own this dilemma. We all can give a though to this: Do Our Brains Really Tell the difference. Every one of us have stood on the hill and looked down the pictorial landscape but the words and concepts, the intelligent itself, hasn’t been enough to explain our sensations. Would this have been always the case and the object based specifications has just blocked it from us, and it’s time has come again, or do we have a brand new situation when words won’t tell anymore where we are going, or they are imperfect. For time being our brains have talked using the words, but what will be next.

These are my thoughts when I looked at the montage of mysterious forest, I composed some time ago. What more are tried to decode its power the less it grew. Then I decided that I just let it be my sensation without the object based words:

There is no interpretation

Every single soul
Is a mysterious forest.
Leafless twigs
Making shapes
Of which decoding
Are left without modes
Because of wind.
It changed the postures
Of boughs and branches.
A man is inflating
The flame without flames,
Trying setting a fire without ignitions.
The brains are to blame for this
As they are left behind.
It is an observation of liberty:
There is no interpretation.
That’s the convey itself.

Yelling Rosa,
In Tornio, 21/10-11

PS. The Mysterious Forest will be the Picture of Month here in a few months time.


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