Free Peace on Earth 2011 postcard

Peace on Earth postcard is the first of my free postcards which is not editable. This is due to its own story. The meaning of the picture would decrease if it were the template for every kind of messages. At the beginning I had only a vector based picture of a little Indian girl. This picture brought tranquillity for me and some of my friends. It was then when I got an idea of the postcard with text: Peace on Earth. The meaning of this sentence can be understood in two ways. It means a peace of mind and the state of world without any wars. I added a fractal braid on the left side of the card to balance the impression. Without it the face of a girl was too dominating. I hope that you accept my settlements. I am sure that these uneditable postcards will not be problem for visitors, because there are many editable postcards in my Free Postcards – album where you can get by clicking the next link:

If you wish to add your own greetings and signature, when you are sending a card forward to your friend, please, save the card onto your computer and print a Peace on Earth picture on the thin cardboard. You can add the same picture many times on the board by using a free PhotoScape –program. After clipping the cards, you can add your message and name on the reverse side of the card and send it by post. The other possibility is inserting the card to your email. It can be done by placing the mouse cursor on the text area of your email and choosing the Insert menu from the bar and then click on the Picture command. . This will open your Windows Explorer Dialog box from where you can pick a Peace on Earth postcard. This guarantees that card is a part of the email message and not the attachment. When the card is on the text field, you can easily add your message and signature below the picture. Everything is in order when the text area looks like the enclosed picture of the email program below. It will work out easily or with a little help of practicing.


You will get the card itself at the address:

The Finnish sentence “Rauhaa maailmaan” means Peace on Earth.


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