Say No to Should-be-Life

We All Are Ordinary Guys

We all are ordinary guys.
Is that the reason for us
To find so easily amazing features in others.
And still an extraordinary man is only the ordinary guy
Who can express the everyday life in a special way.
If we trusted a bit more ourselves,
respected more life without the embellishing
these so called extraordinary characters
could be more common like
and wouldn’t collapsed
on the road
too soon.
©Yelling Rosa


When I read bloggers’ introductions here on WordPress, I found often the sentence: I am just an ordinary guy (read: woman or man) who… It told me that we are not automatically interested in being something special, even though we are often advised to make something remarkable out of our lives. Unfortunately there are always some people who accept the challenge and try to become famous. The unhappiest of all are those knights who do this out of their humanity. They want to bring happiness around them. Perhaps they have adopted this role early in their childhood and can’t ever be among the audience. No matter how much they are worshipped in the end of the day they are just human beings who need love and who are best comforted when they can be their own little selves.

We could be their shoulder but we are so much confused with this Should-Be-Life that we don’t see the point. The enormous information torrent is coming to our lives from every hole and gap. That chaos is built up from the millions and millions of advices which tell us how we should act in order to be happy, decent, loved, good and so … We, who are the gregarious animals, believe in these advices because they seem to come from the reliable sources, and because the information are well-addressed just for you and me. This circle reinforces the situation where the leaders (the information makers) are keeping us on a lead. This is not only inhuman but very dangerous as the lemmings follow their leaders even in the ravine.

Those in charge are not evil persons. They believe that they are doing the right thing but the only right thing is to be an ordinary guy who realizes his/hers pros and cons. After that it is not a complicated thing to understand that the fellowmen are also ordinary guys who need same things as I do. This reality gives us those super powers we now see only in others. The weakness makes us strong, and most of all reasonable.

If we really think the famous celebrates we realize that we respect them when they are skilled but love them when they are human beings. Unfortunately their human like nature comes to our knowledge too late from their point of view. When they are left this planet we are able to read their weaknesses (drugs, alcohol) and we realize that they must have been lonely with all the expectations we have dumped onto their shoulders. It is not easy to say that I am only a common guy when you are idolized by millions. Perhaps these extraordinary human beings think that it would be arrogant because the fans have given them all they got.

In the eighties I wrote an aphorism:

The Question

The question
is not about coming
not about going
it is about
©Yelling Rosa

So that let’s be small and let others be even smaller when they need that and support them during the bad times as well when the good days are in their lives.


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Deep in the Heart of the Forest

Man: Who are you?
She: I’m the one you wrote about so beautifully some time ago.
Man: I have seen you before. You were beside my bed when I was a child. I remember your eyes.
She: You had a high fever.
Man: About that poem. I am not very pleased with it.
She: Don’t’ let it discourage you. It is something between the two of us. Only we can judge its appearance but do we have a need for that.
Man: I don’t know. I just made out that it was a high time to get lost in the virgin wood.
She: So that nobody thinks that you have killed yourself, particularly your sister, but just lost your way.
Man: Where’s Vera.
She: She is here and I take care of her. Your sister will need her in the very next future to come.
Man: She is so helpless without me that I feel myself as a villain.
She: Don’t worry your sister knows how to live with her.

Then the man smiled. Vera came to him and sat down on his lap. He couldn’t leave her alone because she looked at him so imploringly. He was aware that the cat couldn’t survive alone in the middle of nowhere and that’s why he was prepared to put her down even though he knew it wouldn’t be easy. She was so cute. He could not use any kind of weapon. The strangulation was the only option. Awful, anyway, because it would take at least some minutes before she would pass away.

Man: Can you guarantee that Vera will get back to home. It is a very, very long way there from this spot.
She: Yes I can, and also you can still change your mind and turn back.
Man: I don’t want to do that. I can’t consider anything worse than live without the memory in some nursing home. It is the most disgusting end I can image.
She: All right. Let’s not talk about it anymore.
Man: I see but how long must I wait here?
She: Not long. Soon the cold wind is going to trigger the process. After that it will snow and you fall in sleep.
Man: And Vera.
She: She will cuddle up to you but we must wait one day and night. Vera couldn’t survive after your death body is iced.
Man: I guess the rescue team will come in help.
Yes: They arrive in time if we wait awhile now.

Man wondered would there be life after death but somehow he didn’t feel like asking it. He enjoyed being with her just like this. Perhaps she gets angry if he asked trade secrets. She was as small as a five year old child but her face was serious. Her big blue eyes were sad even when she smiled to him. The wind had disorganized her hair.

Her23E03c02b (200K)

She: Penny for your thoughts.
Man: Are you saying that you don’t know what I am musing.
She: Of course I know but I try to kill time.
Man: What’s the point to tell you then?
She: Let’s take it as a sign.
Man: All right, would there be afterlife?
She: I don’t know because I haven’t done anything but lived.
Man: It can’t be a happy destiny.
She: No, it is not good to live forever but the worst of all is to be misunderstood. Somebody has to do this job anyway.
Man: Do you see every human being from this world?
She: Normally, I don’t make myself visible because people are too afraid of seeing anything abnormal at the moment of death. I just try to be as quick as possible.
Man: But some people suffer years before they pass away.
She: That’s life. I come to the picture when the breathing is supposed to end.

Man was sure that she knew more than she said. Perhaps she didn’t want to upset me, he decided. Then he fell in deep and long sleep. He was weak after being many days in the forest. It wasn’t a miracle that he slept one night and a part of the next day a way. When he opened his eyes the wood was like a Christmas postcard with the snow everywhere.

Man: Do they come today?
She: Yes they will be here soon and you don’t have to wait any longer.
Man: Somehow I sensed it when I was a child who you are.
She: You have always been very sensitive and open for things. People like that don’t take fright at easily.

Man gave her a nod and stroked Vera’s fur. The cat looked like one who had caught a thousand mice in a week. Then Death put the back of his hands inside of her own palms. Her skin was colder than ice. The last thing the man saw in this world was a tear drop on Death’s cheek. The moon light has crystallized it. Then Death took his note book from his pocket. She didn’t want to share this poem with anyone:

Unhappiest of All

Unhappiest of all
is the personification of death.
She has no own will
but the words have put
into her mouth
unlike the other
good or evil creatures
who talk through their hats.
There where we
are forced to born
the death is obliged to kill
yet alone is blamed for
the consequences
of birth.
©Yelling Rosa
21/4 -14

She turned into invisible before the rescue team arrived and stayed in the neighborhood. She smiled when one of the team members found out: He’s dead but this cat is very much alive.
©Yelling Rosa
5-6/6 -14

PS More stories at:

PPS Google Chrome Browser has a built in translator. Read more about the issue here.


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Hiking on Summer Holiday


I will have a two months break from blogging. During that time I don’t publish posts here or on my Finnish blog. Even though I find your blog articles interesting I skip also those in order to charge my batteries and come back refreshed in September. I might publish new poems in English and/or in Finnish at addresses: and
To potential comments which come after 7/30-14 I will reply in autumn.

I want to thank all of you who have visited here this year and hope that we will meet again in September.

Have a nice and relaxing summer


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The Mental Discrimination

A couple of weeks ago I started to read again Edith Sodergran’s Poems. Her first collection is published in 1916. I found that she was concerned about her own place in the human society. It is no secret that she felt herself as an outsider. Perhaps in those days it was a bigger loss than it is today. At least she would have liked to be inside instead of being left outside of the common circles. That’s why her verses are often quite touching descriptions of mental discrimination. She differed from the main stream in many ways, and that’s something which is not looked with approval.

She was interested in the existentialism and applied these ideas in her poetry. Her Christianity has some mystic edge which was a strange in Finland where the Lutheran Church is the state church. Edith lived in Karelian where the Orthodox Church has a foothold. That denomination looks Christianity from their point of view having a rich spiritual iconolatry. Södergran went to school in St Petersburg which wasn’t exceptional in that time because Finland was a part of Russian. If she had written in Russian there wouldn’t have been so much astonishment but her mother tongue was Swedish. In 1917 Finland became an independent state and dissociated itself from Russian culture.

When the situation was like this it wasn’t a miracle that she felt being left outside this world but this wasn’t enough. Edith Södergran was stricken with tuberculosis. She spent last years of her life in Raivola with her mother having only few contacts outside her home. On the other hand her poetry wouldn’t be so exceptional if she wasn’t being isolated. Many art critics have said that it would be mistake to dramatize Edith’s life but I see that her loneliness hasn’t yet even discovered as it isn’t realized how cruel this world treats those not in common. In this connection I am not able to analyze the motives of mental discrimination as it would make this article too long and tangled but now speak those who suffer.

One of the poems where Edith told us how she lives in isolation is called Me, Jag, in Swedish. I will explain some lines in English to you. I can’t use the official translation because it is not 75 years old. You can also use the translator. Here’s the way the poem goes in Swedish:


Jag är främmande i detta land (1)
som ligger djupt under det tryckande havet, (2)
solen blickar in med ringlande strålar (3)
och luften flyter mellan mina händer. (4)
Man sade mig att jag är född i fångenskap – (5)
här är intet ansikte som vore mig bekant. (6)
Var jag en sten, den man kastat hit på bottnen? (7)
Var jag en frukt, som var för tung sin gren? (8)
Här ligger jag på lur vid det susande trädets fot, (9)
hur skall jag komma upp för de hala stammarna? (10)
Däruppe mötas de raglande kronorna, (11)
där vill jag sitta och speja ut (12)
efter röken ur mitt hemlands skorstenar … (13)

Edit Södergran

At the beginning of the poem she told that she doesn’t feel at home where she is isolated to (1-2) and she senses that life is going down the drain. (4) In brief she is in the middle of the huge pain. She asks if she was a good-for-nothing, like a stone, which was thrown into the bottom of the ocean (7) or was she too superior, a fruit which was too heavy for its own bough. (8) She doesn’t blame anyone but hopes that one day she could look out from the top of the tree how the pillars of smokes coming out of chimneys. (11-13)

Accidentally I wrote 9/5 -14 a poem which deals with this mental discrimination. There I found one motive for the discrimination. Human beings must be productive. When you come up to expectations in this sense you are allowed to even have some liberties.

Freedom there is anyhow

In the commercial forest
is no room for elm, no willow.
Freedom there is anyhow
to put a ring to your nose
and tear up new jeans
if you only happen to be
the fine pine tree.
©Yelling Rosa
9/5 -14


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Experienced in These Years

Too much, I have experienced in these years,
Too many are those who owe me tears.
I remember that gray platform
Where the rain carried a friend.

The refrain:

Then do not bloom
My dear apple trees,
Neither anyone whispered in my ear:
Darling, do not forget me.

Never have I been afraid
Yet on this trip until tomorrow.
Little boy has avoided the dangers
side by side the kind woman reflection.

The refrain:

I know the mothers weeping eyelids
Do not explain the words out loud,
They just give their boys love for guidance
and prayers for protection.

The final two times:

Now bloom my dear
Sacred apple trees.
They have the heavenly scent,
The fragrance that never go away.
©Yelling Rosa
in December 1982



I have written this song in December 1982 after reading Salvatore Quasimodo’s poem Letter to My Mother and while the rain gently fingered the face of my window. The plot of the poem and the raindrops brought some memories in my mind. I was forced to admit that I have been many places where I couldn’t manage without my positive childhood experiences just like Salvatore. I have stood alone on the platform of farewell like our poet.

The white apple tree blossom is the symbol of the purity in the Karelian folklore where my family is from. Somehow I always smell their scent when I return in my happy childhood. That’s why when the character of the song starts his journey there is no sign of the blossom. He is totally alone and depressed but when time goes on he grows stronger by remembering positive things. In the end he is even grateful for the life and praises the motherly love.

The record Läpi näiden vuosien (Experienced in these years) is published early in 1983. Here I perform this song with the guitar accompaniment during the live concert in summer 1983. First you will see some information in Finnish on video but don’t worry performance will soon begin. In that time I used my real name Ilkka Pakarinen as I always do when I am not in the role of the poet.

This translation explains the story of the song but is not similar in appearance with the Finnish syllable amount. The verse lines are equal.

I hope you enjoy travelling with me in the spirit, that the sun will shine also on the heap of the brushwood (Finnish Proverb).

I apologize that the comments were off many hours after this Experienced in These Years post was published. Windows Live Writer caused this malfunction. It took a while that I got it right way and changed the settings in Live Writer. I hope that everyone will have a nice weekend.


P.S. Du kan finna denna lyrik på svenska här.


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Not So Young Couple

Husband: Darling, I saw the television commercial on the new antiperspirant which makes it possible to do more exercises than ever before and the protection won’t fail you. They promised exactly eight times more.
Wife: I, see.
Husband: Now we can make love like rabbits and you don’t have to suffer from my smell.
Wife: Darling, you have no erection, even with the blue pill.
Husband: Oh, you’re right, honey, as usual. It is just I get carried away with these new inventions and techniques. I hope that you are not very disappointed now.
Wife: No, my man. I haven’t been disappointed in the last ten years.
Husband: I feel shame now.
Wife: Don’t be; just keep on watching television but be careful, and if you don’t mind I would like to concentrate on knitting now.
Husband: Absolutely, that’s fair, my sweetheart.
Wife: Always.

©Yelling Rosa
12/2 -14

USB Memory Stick Organizer

Husband: I made you an USB Memory Stick Organizer. Now you can label all your sticks and know where your knitting forms are. You can place it anywhere you like because it can be fixed with Bostik Blu Tack.
Wife: That’s nice. I hope it wasn’t very expensive.
Husband: On the contrary, it was very cheap. The palette cost less than 2 euro and 3 stick-on hooks were 3, 50 euro in the local hardware store. And, I almost forgot, 3 key rings cost 3, 75 euro.
Wife: I see.
Husband: I can clue That Fish painting on the palette, if you like.
Wife: Be careful that you don’t spoil it.
Husband: Don’t worry. I will print the copy which I then attach and cover it with the plastic film.
Wife: Thank you, that’ll be more than 1000 rabbits and you know what hare I am talking about. I hardly can wait.
Husband: Mission understood.

Picture about the Organizer


That Fish


You can enlarge That Fish by clicking on it with the mouse cursor.

If you use That Fish on your USB Memory Stick Organizer, please don’t change the picture anyway. On the other hand I am sure that you have many own picture you can attach on the palette, if any. It doesn’t look bad even without the picture. And remember any thin plywood or veneer board will do.

That’s it and No More Bad Memory Stick Days!


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Hover, Hover Ladybug Video

Hover, Hover Ladybug Video

“Hover, Hover Ladybug” is a Finnish lullaby. It has been singing for ages. In my English version I have concentrated on beat instead of a word by word translation. I sing this song without the accompaniment because it is the way how lullabies have performed in Finland. You can listen to “Lennä, lennä leppäkerttu” (Hover, Hover Ladybug) here.



Finnish Music Sheet:

Lennä, lennä leppäkerttu

English Music Sheet:

hover, hover ladybug

I wish you enjoy listening to this song. My grandmother used to sing it for me when I was a child. I have tried to find the gentle atmosphere she was able to conjure.

Ps You can enlarge the sheets to the new tab by clicking them with your mouse cursor.


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Yellingrosa’s Weblog has 1000 followers

Yesterday I was informed by that Yellingrosa’s Weblog has 1000 followers. It really made my day not so that I haven’t been delighted every time when I have got a new follower. The followers are like the icing on the cake. Even though an artist has a need for creating things, he is on his own as long as he is without some support. This support makes things social and the artist feels that he is doing something which makes also others happy. That’s why I can’t thank you, my followers, too much.

I hope this little postcard tells something about my appreciation for you. I didn’t add the numbers here if any of you likes to use it on their own blog. The card is free for private use as it is.


Please click on the picture in order to open the new tab where the picture will be on its real size. Here it is smaller than it is.

Finally I add here one little poem about the customer which is an opposite of you. This one is the dead of inspiration.

Annoying Customer

That person
doesn’t speak
like a pea pot
but it’s like
the knives
and forks
were raining
without a break
into the
empty sink.
how cleverly
he always
manages to
tip onto
the plain
©Yelling Rosa
13/2 -14
25/2 -14

All the best for you and many, many inspiring moments when you’re sailing between the WordPress Blog Islands or when you’re decorating your own Little Blog Island.


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Everything in the three verses

The Present of Human Being

I’m no good,
I’m no wicked one,
even though
I crucified
Jesus Christ,
I am a human
© Yelling Rosa
At Easter 1967
27/2 -14

The Future of Living One

I want to be myself,
and when I am that,
you find no category other,
than a living one.
Yeah, you’ll try to
dissect me into pieces
of knowledge certainty,
because the unpredictable
moves makes you restless,
but take them as signs,
out of the jungle,
less to be afraid.
Every day and night,
I’m heading
over you,
© Yelling Rosa
28/2 -14

The Future of Death

The individualism
icing with love
and tolerance
didn’t ache
the sweet tooth
of mankind.
© Yelling Rosa
1/3 -14

PS More of my poems at:


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Happy Valentine’s Day Card 2014

There is still some time left till Valentine’s Day, but I published my new card in good time in order to give you time to add your own text on my card. There are four versions of this card altogether. Two of them are editable, one is an example and one of them you should used as I have designed it. You find these four cards as well all my free postcards here. The caption tells you if the card is editable. Among my postcards you will find more Valentine’s Day Card than the one I introduce here.

This creation just came up on the paper. Afterwards I found that it is a gentle, warm and loving creature that can symbolize love in general. That’s why I thought that it could be the theme of my next Valentine’s Day Card. In my country Valentine’s Day is a day for a friendship and friends whereas in England and USA it is more of a day when a boy and a girl show their interests in one another. In both cases our creature is the proper choice. He/she looks like one in love and one who has warm feelings toward other beings.


You can copy the card above also from this page. Remember to enlarge it first to the new browser tab by clicking it with your mouse cursor. Here it is diminished. Please don’t change the layout of this card version anyway.

Gift animation below introduces you my new Valentine’s Day Card in four versions. The slide changes every eight seconds.


I wish all of you the Happiest Valentine’s Day ever

PS You can also print the card on the thin card-board and add your wishes manually. After that you can send a paper card by mail in the envelope. You’ll find the editable card version here. There are also my earlier Valentine’s Cards.


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Have a Happy Week

I had just bought BlogPad Pro offline editor for my iPad. I decided to give a try to this editor because of its spell checker. Before this I have used Blogsy offline blog editor for iPad. It worked fine but after the use of the WordPress own texture all the settings disappeared and I have to set them again online. Windows Live Writer instead is capable of doing the code that doesn’t loose its form when the WordPress texture is used. I hope that BlogPad will come up to Windows Live Writer. That is another reason for this purchase. On the prize tag was written 4’49 euros which is some 5’50 US dollars.

In order to make this blog post a little  funnier, I add one of my free English postcard for you to use privately. Please don’t make any changes on it. I believe your family members, friends and colleagues will be happy when they get Have a Happy Week wishes from you.


Yelling Rosa’s Postcard

I wish you also a happy week now and ever after.

The Last Part of this BlogPad Pro Test

Did I meet the success with adding more text on this blog post when I am using the WordPress texture online? Well, the cap between these two paragraphs, BlogPad Pro Icon and last headline, is a bit too big but the BlogPad Pro is able to hold its settings. The settings would be harmonized if I edited the code that BlogPad has generated but the deviation is almost next to nothing so that I don’t see it necessary. Shortly I can say that BlogPad Pro passed the test and dare to add the link where you can get further information about it.

Applcrawlr introduces 25 + Top iPad Apps for Multiple Blogs. Address is:


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those funny
little fellows
who play with
our consciousness,
can be tamed
only with silent
© Yelling Rosa
17/12 -13
3/1 -14

I saw the document on Finnish bird researcher and scientist Jouko Alhainen on television today. He has worked with birds over 40 years and specialized on cranes. He said that the most important aid between two species is the non verbal communication. It is the obvious conclusion because animals can’t speak with the words, but he assumed that the non verbal communication is a good aid among people as well. He said that words can be understood many ways and none of those interpretations are necessarily the one the speaker meant. The birds don’t have misleading gestures. When they spread their wings and move forward against someone, they don’t ask the opponent for a dance but challenge it. The opponent either accepts the challenge or takes the submissive posture.

Of course we can’t expect that humans behave like birds but this little example describe how independent words are and how easily they can mislead us. Anyway, I guess that words are irresolute only in the absolute silent of the mind. This isn’t a new invention but talked by gurus for centuries. Unfortunately they have not had patience to be content with the silent and its harmony but they have started to describe the absolute silent using the words. And in no time the silent is filled with the most queer creatures and ideas; like there could be many sorts of all mighty and matchless God. We all know the consequences when two divine doctrines have crashed.

My little poem, or should I say an observation, is a modest way to praise the silent. I am also happy that the scientifically thinking, like Jouko proved to us, is also aware of how independent words can be. I believe that the strength of poetry is concealed in its nature. The best verses are the children of the silent. It is why they are so comfortable and unifying. Under the hood we all have the same motor of love. This truth is often covered by too many words.

See how Jouko trains the healed crane for flying.

Jouko Alhainen and cranes


This happens on the video clip

Andy wrote to me on the comments that he would be happy if he could hear this video in English and here is what I replied to him:

Well, there are three cranes. The one who is running on the field is called Piippa (female). Later on she is going to get well and is able to fly her way back to nature. Thanks to GPS we know that she even finds the flock where she is accepted as a member. The crane that Jouko (Bird Researcher) is tapping is called Kookka (female) the leader of the flock of these three cranes. She is at least 20 years old as she has lived with Jouko that time. She can’t ever fly. Liisi (male), the third crane, is the last in the ranks. He can’t either fly ever again. He has lived 10 years with Jouko.

First Jouko is encouraging Piippa to fly and run after Piippa on the field. Then he taps Kookka on the back and cracks Piippa up because she was training so hard. Kookka agrees with Jouko and they nod the heads. On the clip we can’t see but they went after this episode to sleep. The cranes have own place near the house and Jouko leads them there every night and wishes them good night. At the same time he shuts the door he tells the birds that “See you tomorrow”. This clip is part of the Finnish television document which introduces us Jouko Alhainen’s work and philosophy.


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Blue Eyes Wish You Merry Christmas and Bright New Year

Blue Eyes Bright

The fear curves straight
If the top is hard to find
I pray the courage for
My heart to face these
Mountains unconquered
The real lookout point
For my blue eyes bright
To see all things right:
The specter of a man
Without losing
Any line.
©Yelling Rosa
20/11 -13


This Christmas card is free for private use. Please, don’t edit this card. If you want to write your own greetings look at my Xmas Card video.

Xmas Video with Duo Forelli Music on the background.

It shows you how to edit text on the empty version of this card. The needed hyperlinks addresses are Photoscape, free Photo Editing Software and the version of this card without text.

If you save the card from this blog post, please enlarge it by clicking it with your mouse cursor and it will be opened to the new tab page in its real size.

At the same time as I wish you Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, I like to thank you for visiting my blog and for giving me a chance to visit your blog(s). I hope to see you again next year.


Loser or Winner

It just came to my mind. Do you know the answer? Look at the picture below.

Loser or Winner01 by Yelling Rosa

Please, click the picture to enlarge it.

You find more of my picture here.


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